Take off NATO pants!

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Author: Hat sister

Some people asked why NATO did not dare to enter the field and directly confront Russia in Ukraine? NATO’s military data is ten times that of Russia. Can’t admission directly guarantee Ukraine’s security?

The reason is very simple. NATO is a living fossil of the cold war that is more rigid than the Soviet Union. The whole NATO is a huge bureaucratic machine. Do you want it to end? No, I don’t have the ability, you know.

A fact that is often overlooked is that NATO is an old cold war zombie founded in 1949. It is a huge talking shop full of literature, meetings and bureaucracy. Every organizational reform of NATO is further building on the original foundation, making the whole organization more and more bloated. You can see from NATO that you are overstaffed Everything the bureaucrats can see.

People who don’t know NATO easily have the illusion that NATO is a super military and political group with experts like clouds, strong people like forests, advanced war concepts and excellent military technologies, cold and ruthless, serious and meticulous, watertight, capable and efficient, and pervasive. In short, what is the GDI (Global Defense organization) in the online game command and conquer, What UNSC (United Nations Space Command) in halo is like, what aegis is like, and what NATO is like.

However, it is not.

As a matter of fact, NATO once had more than 20 permanent military command organizations, and the railway police were in charge of each section, not to mention unified command. Even the organization sites were scattered throughout NATO. In fact, the NATO combat command, which nominally governs all NATO forces, is a virtual department that cannot get out of the office. The reason is very simple. If you give an order, you have to go through the procedures, However, the procedures of so many NATO member states and departments have to go through one by one. These organizations and departments are separated from each other. Without going through the procedures from beginning to end, those litigants can have 10000 ways to stop your entire organization. Therefore, NATO combat command basically does not participate in any substantive work, and its supreme command only exists on paper.

This situation is somewhat similar to that in the late Soviet Union, Gorbachev could theoretically replace anyone, but he could not do anything, because any administrative order would be dissipated layer by layer in the huge and bloated bureaucracy. In the end, it would either end up with nothing, or it would be overweight layer by layer. Either the implementation would be out of shape, or it would mean fighting between the East and the West. Anyway, it would be impossible to follow the leaders’ wishes.

NATO has been calling for reform for nearly 40 years. Since 2003, “downsizing” has been carried out. After nearly 20 years of painstaking downsizing, the number of downsizing has finally increased. At present, NATO combat command has:

NATO allied joint force command in brintham, the Netherlands,

Naples joint forces command (Naples, Italy),

Norfolk joint command (in Norfolk, USA),

Joint Air Force Command (Ramstein, Germany),

Joint army command (in Izmir, Turkey),

Joint naval command (Northwood, UK),

Ulm joint force command (Ulm, Germany)

NATO naval strike and support force command (in oelash, Lisbon, Portugal),

The joint command group of the maritime timely response force,

NATO air early warning and control force command,

NATO communications and information and surveillance group command (Mons, Belgium),

And a bunch of rapid deployment force headquarters (note that it is a pile, more than one).

However, the functions of these institutions overlap with each other, do not belong to each other, and are divided into sections. The well water does not invade the river, but the functions overlap with each other.

For example, the Naples joint forces command is theoretically responsible for the defense of southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, and its commander is the commander of the second fleet of the US Navy. However, the joint naval command at the same level as the Naples joint forces command is under the jurisdiction of the NATO surface fleet command, which is also theoretically entitled to mobilize all NATO’s major surface fleets in Europe. Even better, The joint naval command also has jurisdiction over a theater Maritime Warfare Center and has the right to take over command.

Suppose a war broke out in the Mediterranean, and the three organizations have the right to command the Mediterranean fleet, and they do not belong to each other. Then the question arises. Who should listen to?

Another example is the joint force command in brintham, which is responsible for the defense of the North Sea. However, the NATO air early warning and control force command is also responsible for the airspace monitoring and control of the North Sea. The Norfolk joint force command is also responsible for the maritime security of the North Atlantic, including the North Sea. The NATO surface force command and the theater Maritime Warfare Center under the joint naval command mentioned above should also take a lead.

At that time, Kowloon will be busy with the sea. You said it would be sunny, I said it would be rainy, and he said it would be cloudy with showers. Whose advice should I listen to?

In addition to these more or less powerful commands, NATO also has a large number of virtual organizations, such as the NATO transformation command, which is at the same level as the NATO combat command. The main function of this command is to develop new operational concepts and application verification.

To put it simply, I am responsible for drawing PPT, receiving funds, drinking tea, counting Mao, playing mobile phones, watching pornographic videos, and getting off work.

Moreover, their rank is higher than those of the above-mentioned headquarters, which are somewhat powerful.

There are a lot of such institutions in NATO.

In the early years, NATO claimed to reform, claiming to cut 5000 jobs. That’s enough. The combination of borers and military spending began to make trouble, so it stopped.

Understand why Wang forced European countries to increase military spending? Because NATO has nothing left to eat.

Why does macron say that NATO is brain dead? Because this is the heartfelt words of others after their own experience.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of overstaffed NATO internal institutions and disordered powers. The buck passing and procedures among NATO member states have not been taken into account. The internal structure of NATO is as complex as a maze, and it is constantly changing. Everyone has an official job, everyone is a general, and one stone can hit three commanders.

It’s funny to expect this big lump of mud monster to fight a hard battle.

The reason why NATO’s pancakes are getting bigger and bigger today is due to the overall peace of human society for decades, so that NATO can forcibly maintain the appearance of a fallen donkey without falling off the shelf without any test. In addition, NATO has worked hard in culture and publicity, and its uniforms are exquisite. Everyone is an official, and everyone is decent. Pretending to be a super military and political organization has really bluffed many people.

Thanks to NATO’s failure, it can still keep half of its dignity. If it really wants to end, that half of its dignity will be gone. As long as it doesn’t end, who is not a natural soldier? Who is not a grass-roots team as long as they leave the field?

For any authority that has existed for decades, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of defects. The decline of business ability and the grass-roots leadership of the organization is an objective law. This is not a problem of system design. It is the limitation of human beings. People have a life, and human creatures have a life. Authority is also a human creation. The so-called big company disease is nothing more than that.

And peace is the best environment to nourish the Caotai team, because in a peaceful environment, the clearing and feedback mechanism is not rigid, and the end of clearing is just to continue working in another office without survival pressure, and mixing can continue. The elimination mechanism cannot take effect normally, and the metabolism of new and old people cannot circulate normally. Naturally, bad money drives out good money, and then the Caotai team becomes more and more popular.

Many contradictions will not be exposed without the stimulation of war. For example, after the sinking of the Moscow, the United States immediately decided to retire all Ticonderoga class cruisers, which was stimulated.

For example, the epidemic prevention work in some areas is not caused by the outbreak. How high do you think the management level is? Once the outbreak is caused, good guy, this level is not as good as the neighborhood committee.

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