Take stock of the top ten sacred animals in the mountain and sea classics. Eating them can cure all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases

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The classic of mountains and seas is an encyclopedia of ancient social life, which records more than 400 gods, monsters and beasts. Next, the Xiaobian of China story network will bring you ten of them, hoping to help you.


? (l?) — eating it can cure carbuncle and swelling

There is a kind of fish, which is shaped like a cow, perches on the hillside, has a snake like tail and wings, and the wings grow on the flank bones. The sound of the fish is like that of a yak. Its name is Pang. It hibernates in winter and recovers in summer. Eating its meat can prevent people from carbuncle disease.

R ú – eating it can cure scabies

In the British water, there is a magical fish, called Chiyu. It looks like a fish, but it has a beautiful face and sounds like a mandarin duck. If you eat it, you can cure scabies.

Ray (Y á o) – eating it can cure madness

In today’s Gansu Province, there is a legend that there is a Taiqi mountain, where water viewing originates. In the water, there is a kind of flying fish that is half fish and half bird called Wen ray. It looks like a carp with white head and red mouth. The spring and Autumn Annals of Lu praised it as delicious. It is not only delicious, but also can cure madness.


Hu ? n) — eating it can cure jaundice

The beast in ancient mythology was produced in Jiwang mountain. It is shaped like a wild cat. It has three tails and one eye. It can make hundreds of kinds of calls. It was raised to ward off evil spirits. Eating its meat can cure jaundice.

Hola fish – eating it can cure carbuncle

Qiaoming water originates from Qiaoming mountain and flows westward into the Yellow River. There are many hola fishes in the water. They have one head but ten bodies. The sound they make is like the barking of a dog. People can cure carbuncle and swelling by eating its meat.

?? (x í) fish — eating it can cure tuberculosis

The roaring water originates from Zhuoguang mountain and flows westward into the Yellow River. There are many mangroves in the water, which are shaped like magpies and have ten wings. The fish scales are at the front of the wings. The sound of the fish is similar to that of magpies. People can use it to prevent fire and eat it to cure tuberculosis.

Ear rat – it is safe to eat

Ear rat is an exotic animal in Chinese mythology and legend, such as rat and rabbit head, which can fly with its tail. Its theory was first seen in the pre Qin Dynasty. According to the book of mountains and seas, the ear rat is an animal, which looks like a rat, and the dodder head is an elk, whose voice is like a dog. It can fly with its tail, eat it and resist hundreds of poisons.

? (Y ì) fish – eating it can cure convulsion

It is a kind of strange animal recorded in the Shanhaijing beishanjing. It is a strange fish that is neither dog nor fish. It has a fish body, fish tail, dog head and sounds like a baby. It is said that eating its meat can cure the convulsive mania.


á o – food can cure abdominal pain

Three hundred and fifty miles to the north of Beixiao mountain, there is a strange bird called Xiao. It looks like an ape called Kuafu. It has two pairs of wings and a dog’s tail. It has only one eye and grows in the middle of its face. Although it looks strange, it sounds good. Eating it can also cure abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Mermaid – eating it can cure dementia

Probably in the northeast of the Taihang Mountain, there was a Longhou mountain in ancient times. It was also a mountain rich in gold and jade without long grass. Who came from here? There were many mermaids in it. They looked like big catfish with four feet and cried like babies. Eating its meat can cure dementia.

This mermaid is actually today’s giant salamander (giant salamander). It is an ancient amphibian evolved from aquatic fish in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic 360million years ago. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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