Taking stock of the 2023 Hollywood new film, Nicholas Cage, is still making a bad film?

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With the increase of Marvel and DC series, and many big IPs are engaged in sequels and derivative films, the original power of Hollywood movies seems to have greatly weakened in recent years. However, like Oppenheimer, Rebel on the Moon, Mad Element City, Barbie and other new films, they still insist on original creation. Let’s take a look!

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1. Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan has become one of the top directors in Hollywood since he filmed the Batman trilogy and Inception! Unfortunately, his “creed” contained that he could only transfer to Globegroup to shoot the “father of nuclear bombs” biopic “Oppenheimer”! This original biographical film is also the most popular Hollywood original production this year!

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2. Rebels on the Moon

Zach Schneider, director of “300 Warriors” and “Superman: The Body of Steel”, has cooperated with Netflix to create original blockbusters since he left DC! “The Legion of the Living Dead” has a bad reputation but earned money, which makes “The Rebel on the Moon” start shooting smoothly. We have invited “female mummy” Sophia Bortra, “King Arthur” Charlie Hannam, “steel bone” Ray Fisher, and also known as the space version of “The Seven Warriors”. We will wait and see!

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3. Barbie

The most popular Barbie doll in the world will also be on the screen. “Ugly” Margot Robbie and Will Farrell join in. In the story, a doll living in Barbie Kingdom is expelled because of “not perfect” and takes risks in reality. Sony hopes to build Barbie into a series of films, which not only attracts little girls, but also enables adults who have played Barbie dolls to recall their childhood.

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4. Crazy Element City

Last year, Pixar, the world’s most powerful film, “Biography of the Light Year”, was not as good as expected, but they also launched the animated masterpiece “Crazy Element City”. In a wonderful city where the four elements of water, fire, earth and air live together, a pair of men and women who are “incompatible with fire and water” form a group adventure. Peter Sun, the director of the film “Violent Clouds and Sending Cranes” and “Dinosaur in Charge”, is at the helm, hoping to make it a classic masterpiece!

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5. Little Star City

Based on a fictional desert town in the United States and the Youth Star Watching Conference in 1955, students and parents from all over the country gathered together to perform comedy, drama, love stories, etc. The film “Budapest Hotel” was filmed by Weiss Anderson, the ghost director, and starred by Jason Schwarzman, Scarlett Johnson, and Tom Hanks. Such absurd comedy is expected.

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6. Flower and Moon Killer

Martin Scorsese, director of “Angry Bull” and “Infernal Traveler”, made another effort. The “Flower and Moon Killer”, starring Jesse Plamont, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, is adapted from the best-selling novel. This film tells about a series of mysterious murders in the Assange Indian tribe in Oklahoma, the United States, and is scheduled to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

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7. Escape from the Cretaceous

Sam Remy, the director of the Spider-Man series, acted as the producer, and Scott Baker and Brian Woods, the writers of the Silent Land, acted as the directors and writers of “Escape from the Cretaceous”. Adam Dreyfor was invited to take the lead. The space exploration unexpectedly broke into the prehistoric earth 65 million years ago. The modern human with the future technology met the brutal prehistoric earth hegemon. It was very exciting to think about it!

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8. Rainfield

In this modern version of Dracula’s story, Rainfield is the tortured assistant of Dracula, the most narcissistic boss in history. He tries to get rid of his master and makes many jokes. This horror comedy, with the stars of Nicholas Holt, Nicholas Cage and Okafena, should be very interesting.

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9. Set aside the world

Sam Ismail, director of “The Hacker Corps”, teamed up with Leah Roberts and Ethan Hawk to shoot the new film “Leave the World”. The ideal vacation of Amanda and Clay, the couple and their adolescent children, was interrupted by the owners of their rented vacation houses. It should be an ambitious masterpiece of thriller theme.

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10. Killer

Based on the adaptation of the series of novels of the same name by Alexis Knoll, director David Finch brought Andrew Kevin Walker, the writer of The Seven Deadly Sins, to take charge of the script, telling the story of a cold-blooded assassin trapped in a world without moral standards, and his psychological defense began to suffer. Michael Fassbinder and Tilda Swinton, two powerful actors, joined in. I hope this film can be as powerful as the Seven Deadly Sins and the Lost Lover!

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In addition, the Fanning sisters cooperated for the first time with the World War II film “Nightingale”, “The Fall of Kandahar” and “The Fall of the Night” starred by Badler, “Siso” directed by Jamali Hurand, director of “Ice Peak Game”, “The First Exorcist of the Holy See” starred by Russell Crowe, and “Flash Marriage” starred by Jennifer Lopez, and other original new films. At present, there are all black horse blockbusters. I hope that more and more Hollywood original masterpieces will be born, Let the global audience feast their eyes!

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