Talk about Buffett’s reduction in BYD!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s vision (ID: hooyar_380097485)

As for who Buffett is, I wrote an article a long time ago, “Buffett, who is a God, may be the most successful liar in modern times!”, Well, three years ago, the pattern may still be broken in Tucson, and I can’t understand that high-end players may not need to use scams to deceive people. They can reduce their holdings in a smart way, and they can also liquidate their holdings.

This year, the two parties in the United States have engaged in a big fight. Pelosi, the God of stocks on Capitol Hill, has obviously made hundreds of millions of dollars for her family in the past three years. There is also a plug-in investment consulting company. God knows how much she can earn by helping people consult when she retires from Congress?

Before, it was revealed that the God of twitter, President Sichuan, used twitter to control the capital market. After opening the futures trading order, he used twitter to release the policy of governing the country that was favorable to his trading direction. As soon as the capital market reacted, he immediately delivered the goods accurately. It was really a big profit.

Think of the leeks in my A. they are still thinking about how to follow the trend every day, but they don’t realize that the real market leader is the trend itself, so how can you compete with others? God’s head will be cut sooner or later.

This year, Buffett has made two extraordinary “value investments”.

Before Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it accurately discovered value and stepped on buying. Well, the founder of Microsoft happened to be a friend of Buffett for many years. Do you say there is no insider trading? But the CSRC firmly does not believe that there is something fishy here.

Before the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we accurately found the value of Western oil companies and increased our holdings on a large scale. So who is driving this Russian Ukrainian conflict? You know, American politicians live on political contributions. Why are so many financiers on Wall Street crying and crying to support politicians?

Why can Clinton and Obama get millions of dollars for speaking at institutions? Are you here to teach the art of immortality? It’s nothing more than working first and then collecting money. With this circle and this environment, can anyone who dares not to obey the rules live on Wall Street?

Who is the man who stands at the top of the capital market?

So is it really that simple for Buffett to reduce his holdings of BYD? Is it because you’ve earned so many times that you plan to leave?

You should know that for large funds, exit is a difficult problem, but it is more difficult to find a good target to hold for a long time.

Just ask Buffett how much he earned from coca cola? Why do you insist on not quitting for so many years?

For a sufficiently large target, a group of old friends of Wall Street have been building ladders and carrying sedan chairs for a long time. The funds are hidden in them and the collets are lying there. What a good thing to win without doing anything?

And you can observe the capital world. Over the years, how many enterprises have really been able to become big from a small age? Why did Buffett disdain to buy apple in the past? He had to wait until the market value of Apple had become very large before coming in?

The reason is very simple. Most technology companies are short-lived. A small apple looks beautiful, but it is not strong enough to form a monopoly power for large funds that can influence national policies, and it may die at any time. It’s not easy for large funds to get in and out, so there’s no need to take that risk.

The last stock that made Buffett a lot of money was PetroChina.

I still remember many stories about PetroChina in 2008. Some people bought PetroChina for 48 yuan, thinking that such excellent stocks could be passed on to future generations. Finally, they found that they could only be left to future generations.

This year, two barrels of oil made money and my hand cramped. But what’s the significance of this for investors who lie flat at the high level of 48 yuan? When can I get back with dividends?

It is said that Buffett invested in PetroChina after studying the value of PetroChina, but in fact, George W. Bush launched the Iraq war in 2003. This war against the Muslim world aimed at strengthening the United States’ control over oil will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in global oil prices, which is like accurately buying western oil before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It is especially insider trading.

It’s not that Buffett pays extra attention to PetroChina, but that this God has a lot of money and buys all major oil companies without discrimination. Isn’t the scale, size and importance of PetroChina enough to impress Buffett?

By 2007, Americans in the Middle East could not see any more tossing and turning. At that time, the president of Goldman Sachs had been sent to the US Treasury Department to be the minister to launch a subprime mortgage crisis. Of course, senior insiders such as Buffett would receive the news early and stop their positions in time. I’m sure that PetroChina is not the only oil company to be sold.

Many people who read my articles, as long as they have the opportunity to sit in that position, are not necessarily inferior to Buffett in grasping opportunities.

Let’s talk about BYD this time.

I recently saw someone say that Buffett bought BYD because of the global carbon tax. Ha ha, what kind of enterprise was BYD in 2008? At that time, who dares to say that BYD’s electric car will be successful? What was the evaluation of BYD electric cars in the industry at that time?

But as I said in the article I wrote three years ago, it doesn’t matter what kind of enterprise BYD is. What matters is that Buffett has a high-profile platform.

Buffett’s purchase of 8 yuan quickly increased more than ten times. Is BYD the most important thing in the capital market? Wrong, wrong, what people like is that Buffett, an old crocodile, likes BYD.

Some people say that Buffett has been holding his position for ten times and has not sold any shares.

Please, there are many financial derivatives in the HK market. Under the condition of unchanged positions, it is very simple to use derivatives to lock in part of the profits first. Wait until the stock price falls and then do the reverse operation. This is the secret of holding the same shares and putting a lot of money in your pocket.

Moreover, as we all know, the capital market is a market in which resources are traded in private. Capabilities are not important, but resources are the most important. Buffett has the ability to turn stones into gold. Are these skills really all dedicated to Berkshire’s shareholders?

The pattern Tucson is broken.

Of course, if BYD can achieve its current market position, Wang Chuanfu has to thank Buffett. Without the support of God of stocks, the capital market could not give BYD such face. Car building is a business that burns money intensively. In fact, it is not so easy to raise money one after another, but with Buffett’s golden brand, many things will become easy.

From quantitative change to qualitative change in more than a decade, BYD has become a leading enterprise in the global electric vehicle industry.

With the urination of Americans, they now regard China as a competitor. Before Huawei was fully sanctioned by the United States, it had long put on its face the brand of “not talking about martial ethics”. Why do you expect it to be lenient to other Chinese enterprises?

If BYD is suddenly added to the so-called sanctions list, how will the capital market go?

Can Buffett’s position still run away?

Don’t forget that BYD’s energy storage technology is used on the aircraft carrier 003. With the care of the automobile giants in Europe, America and Japan, won’t they unite to make some political contributions to instigate the White House to do something?

It’s not my alarmist talk. In the past, people always liked to think of the United States too well. They always thought that the White House was full of silly white sweets. People laughed at you and looked silly white sweets. That’s because you haven’t been able to threaten it.

After Huawei was sanctioned, didn’t Apple laugh and eat? With such a good example in front of us, I don’t believe those potential competitors can be indifferent.

Otherwise, how can you explain that when BYD is gradually becoming the world’s leader in electric vehicles, Buffett will suddenly jump out and reduce his holdings.

With so much money, it is sometimes very difficult to choose a good bid. Don’t think that big funds are like our small ones, building positions every second and shorting positions every second.

For many people, the driving pleasure brought by electric vehicles is far more than that of oil vehicles, just like the gradual replacement of functional machines by smart machines, which is a trend.

Do you know what this trend means for the traditional automobile industry? It means disaster!

Do you think that countries like Germany and Japan, whose entire national economy is highly dependent on cars, can really transform so easily? Japanese electric cars have now become a taboo in the whole car evaluation circle. In order to safeguard the workers’ job opportunities and the interests of the industrial chain, the German dismissed the CEO of Volkswagen who was bent on reforming the electric vehicle.

When capitalism usually has the upper hand, it will of course be polite and behave like a gentleman. When you really threaten others, look at that face!

Of course, China’s own automobile market is already so big, there is no pressure to feed a BYD, and BYD is excellent enough to withstand the twists and turns if it is really sanctioned by the United States. However, the way the capital market plays and the way the enterprise operates are actually two directions.

So ordinary investors should be cautious. Why take risks?

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