Talk about Henan new wealth event!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

On June 18, Henan finally issued an official announcement on the new wealth incident.

There are so many victims and so many baskets. If you want to cover the lid, you can’t cover it. Even if you use the red code, the big killer of epidemic prevention and control can only buy yourself some time to cover up the problem.

But paper can’t stop fire. If you use too much paper, the fire will burn even worse.

Up to now, many big V’s in the whole network have taken the lead in suspecting that their funds have been misappropriated by the local government.

In the early years, I had done a lot of financing projects for local governments. To be honest, if the money of village banks were used to fill the holes of local governments, this would not be the case today.

Because even if a serious deposit turns into a non-performing loan, it is just a business problem. Moreover, even if it is no longer reliable, there will be a statement in the end.

A friend of mine specializes in local urban investment bonds. In early years, urban investment bonds in some small places were all outcasts of the market. People said that as long as the bond issuance process was ok, there would be no accident with this bond. When the liquidity was good, my bond could be sold at a high price.

This year, he finally waited. The market encountered a shortage of assets, and these high-value urban investment bonds were looted.

Smart people don’t want to touch corporate bonds, especially some private enterprises with strong financing ability. They hide as far as they can. When a big company is still very strong, they boast that their high interest rate dollar bonds are good credit every day. When they boast that they have high dividends, our circles are speculating that brother Dai is ready to run away.

Of course, in the end, the hole was too big to run.

So where are the problems of these rural banks in Henan?

In my opinion, the approximate rate of money was not entered into the formal storage system, but into some premeditated personal accounts. From the beginning, there was a system, and it was manipulated and transferred on a large scale.

It is certainly impossible for the local government in Henan to use the money. If the government uses the money regularly, the parties are not guilty. Why should people take out so much energy to cover up the problem at the expense of making a red code?

Do you still remember the collective debt default of Yongmei in that year? Of course, Yongmei had financial problems. Henan Province filled the hole finally dug. Of course, later, the national coal price soared, and the coal enterprises became money printers, so there was nothing to worry about.

I remember that in 2020, when Yongcheng Coal defaulted, it was specifically mentioned that the coal price is likely to rise sharply.

In the world, the cycle can be adjusted. As long as the debt corresponds to the asset and the formal process is followed, the individuals involved are not guilty.

The problem is that both the village banks and the private enterprises behind the village banks did not plan to operate a formal Enterprise from the beginning, but regarded the village banks as a tool for fraud.

Of course, some deposits are sold through Internet tools, but since the ant financial service incident, the management department has banned the sale of non local deposits on the Internet.

From the prohibition to the east window incident, it took more than a year for them to transfer funds.

A news agency reported that the deposits that could not be withdrawn from the Internet of these village banks were not real deposits, but a small program made by new wealth group itself, which connected the funds of depositors. The deposits of these people were not real deposits.

The controller of the new wealth, which has done such a big thing, has already gone to the United States and obtained a foreign registered permanent residence.

Therefore, the fundamental problem in this matter is not that Henan rural banks collectively cheated depositors’ funds, but that new wealth collectively used rural banks as tools to implement an online fraud.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that after the village banks knew that something had happened, they also covered up new wealth. As for why they covered up swindlers? Is it just because he is a shareholder?

Behind the formal financial business, there are abnormal fund transfers. If there is no internal staff of the bank to participate in, and there is no intentional indulgence of the supervisors involved, can Lu easily transfer the money out?

After Lu ran away, who panicked? Of course, it was the local friends who thought they had nothing to do, collected some money and helped.

Small places are playing with nepotism networks. However, there are countless local political families behind a seemingly good post.

When the new wealth was found to be in trouble, this series of relationships began to panic.

At the beginning, we all tried to solve the problem. From the news, we can see that the offline business of rural banks involved was still normal.

When the storm gets bigger and bigger, it is not the problem of fraud, but the problem of bank runs. After normal deposits begin to fear, what do you think depositors will do at the first time? I will think about moving the money to a safe place.

This is no longer a matter of covering the lid, so some geniuses thought of using epidemic prevention red codes to solve the problem of runs.

This is why someone on the Internet broke the news that he had saved 20 cents in the village bank, which was unfortunately red.

The bank is short of money again. Is it short of these two dimes?

After the Henan incident, I immediately asked my mother to transfer the money stored in the rural credit bank to the four major banks, even if it was a penalty interest.

Rural banks, rural credit cooperatives and local urban commercial banks are all places with high incidence of financial corruption. Since a person chooses to make decisions with the highest safety factor, his risk tolerance must be very low. I am like this. Isn’t it others?

At that time, a rumor was refuted by a certain university. Up to now, various rumors are still flying in the market. Brother Dai’s words are worth distinguishing the true from the false.


What is the intention of private enterprises, which are already short of money, to chase after the banks every day and want to borrow loans, but to spend a lot of money to buy the equity of financial institutions?

Over the years, we have seen that in the name of financial openness, those people simply do not look down on the profits of normal operations, but on the principal brought by customers who trust the financial license.

Some people even think that as long as the hole is big enough, they will be safe, because as long as their thunder explodes, they will pull out the radish and pull out the mud. The good deeds that others have done by using this financial license will be exposed. Do you think anyone can play with finance casually?

I remember writing several articles about local urban commercial banks a long time ago. I also said that in the future, urban commercial banks and rural banks basically have no room for survival.

Finance is easy to give people the illusion that a large number of money transactions have been simplified into a number. However, without strict supervision, there will be countless people who want to use their brains.

Finally, those who play with finance think they are smart and have become financial toys, killing themselves.

There are too many local interests behind the local banks. Where there are interests, there will be exchanges. Therefore, when something goes wrong, it is not difficult to understand why local protectionism is so arrogant that it makes something out of line.

Now the Xuchang police define all the victims of the new wealth incident as financial consumers. What they can help is to recover stolen goods.

However, the leader involved in the case has long gone to the United States. The money that can be transferred and can be moved has long been rolled away. How much can be left in the end? God knows.

So what are the consequences of this case? The first is that the local financial institutions in Henan will suffer and lose the credibility of the market, which cannot be exchanged for any amount of money, and local small and medium-sized banks across the country are forced to be beaten.

Who cut off whose money? Who will be hated to death?

Often things in the world are not about God like opponents, but about pig teammates everywhere.

The provincial capital genius’s real estate bailout policy is afraid to be wrong again.

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