Talking about drug teaching materials again | the United States has never been the real terror!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Many people say that the drug teaching materials have been used for so many years, why no one complains? Is it because our aesthetic outlook has weakened? Is it true that there is no distinction between beauty and ugliness?

Hey, let’s talk about this

Has anyone complained about this textbook?

Let me put it this way. Chinese parents like to complain very much. Sheng Sheng has killed many Chinese cartoons.

In April, 2021, a survey report issued by Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission showed that 80.7% of parents thought that there was a problem with the scale of cartoons on the market.

Parents all believe that the scale of animation is too large and needs to be strictly checked.


Even in the presence of bears, a large number of parents complain that they are too violent. They think that maybe children will imitate them to get a chainsaw

Rainbow cat, blue rabbit, seven heroes, pleasant goat and grey wolf have been complained by a large number of parents.

The classic of our childhood, Sheriff black cat, is said to be too thrilling and bloody because of the mantis episode, which became the fuse for the suspension of broadcasting.

If the violation scale of these cartoons is 1, the violation scale of poison teaching materials is 8;

If the cartoon is slightly suspected of pornography, the drug teaching material is at least a grade III film;

Chinese parents can do their best to protect their children!

So if you say no one complains, the ghost doesn’t believe it.

Others say that our aesthetic standards have declined?

This is bullshit again. How can you pick a wife and find a husband without seeing a person’s aesthetic standards decline?

Maybe you don’t know that we were at the peak of art.

Wan Lanming, the Chinese animation master and the world animation master, produced the animated cartoon Princess Iron Fan in 1941, which was captured by Japan during the Anti Japanese War and played back. There were thousands of people in the streets, causing a huge sensation. Tezuka was deeply shocked to see this animated cartoon and decided to become a comic writer and eventually become the founder of Japanese comic books.

In 1988, Tezuka made a special trip to Shanghai to meet Wan Lanming, who frankly said that Wan Lanming was the first teacher to guide him to animation.


After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, under the blockade and containment of the world, Chinese artistic cartoons surged out. A large number of excellent cartoons, such as little tadpoles looking for their mother, making a scene in the sky, magic brush, swept the world, and won a lot of international honors.

I won’t list these honors. You can go to Baidu by yourself.

In the 1960s, the global cold war atmosphere was full of strong and hard opposition between the East and the West. However, as soon as the big bang came out, it entered the markets of 44 countries, won awards in London, Portugal and other film festivals, and was broadcast many times by American and western groups, not only in cinemas, but also on many national television stations, including the BBC.


What I want to tell you is that the works created by the older generation of artists can not be blocked by the western world, because what is a good work, everyone will vote with their own eyes.

Painters have national boundaries, but excellent art has no national boundaries.

Some school leaders go to kneel down as dogs to earn dog food, but we definitely have the strength to stand and earn money!

The associated press said: what the United States is most interested in is making havoc in heaven, because this film is lifelike and a bit like a Fantasia, but it is more wonderful than Disney’s work. It is impossible for the United States to make such an animation.

At that time, we moved Chinese painting. Little tadpole looked for ink cartoons like his mother to perfectly combine traditional art, that is, traditional Chinese painting, with modern art. Hayao Miyazaki thought it was a miracle of art, and Disney thought it was a treasure from the East. He won a lot of honors at Cannes International Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, etc.

In 1984, after Hayao Miyazaki completed the valley of the wind, the company rewarded him for traveling to China and communicating with Shanghai Film Studio. Hayao Miyazaki took this as a pilgrimage.

Of course, this trip disappointed Hayao Miyazaki, because we had begun to doubt ourselves at that time. We thought the United States was good at everything we saw The specific content is another story.

Why was our cartoon art so high at that time that it became a pile of shit today?

Because we used to be full of confidence, we have opened up a road that others can not surpass and imitate, and we can start real internationalization.

What is the so-called internationalization today?

Go and ask Mr. Yang He said that if you are international, you will be international. He likes squinting

I don’t like Fan Bingbing, but I like what Fan Bingbing said:

I will not marry a rich family, because I am a rich family!

Recently, the poison teaching material incident came out. The nationalists were worried: my father didn’t do it. It has nothing to do with the United States. Don’t always talk about foreign forces.

You mustn’t wrong my father!

Look at the wonderful work of the hate nationalist party. When you see this news, the first thing you worry about is our backyard, the future of our motherland, and our culture and education. The hate Nationalist Party has a strange brain, and the first thing you worry about is their spiritual motherland.

It’s better not to be born than to be born.

Well, maybe this time it has nothing to do with the United States. This time I agree with the Nationalist Party.

Just like the anti epidemic, people got 30 points and we got 100 points. As a result, some people had to copy 30 points of homework. They had to be cheap. What is it about the United States?

The United States said: I have said publicly in Congress that you are my biggest competitor and enemy, and you also want me to guide your art, culture and aesthetics I also spent money to come here to study, and let me help you set standards for the quality of your university.

The United States says you are stupid. It’s none of my business. You want me to teach you. Do I really want to teach you to defeat me? I am not Lei Feng.

I have written at least five articles on aesthetic standards and artistic standards. I have never scolded the United States because I have no face to scold the United States on this matter.

Essay | internationalization, never kneeling out

Essay | this is a war of culture and a struggle for the right to define oriental aesthetics!

Depth | is the work of an art institute a magic horse?

Feel free to commit crimes against the wind, one after another! The so-called pluralism and tolerance will only make them unscrupulous!

The terrible thing has never been America.

Now some nationalist parties are picking on a painter and saying that you are patriotic.

Let me put it this way. It’s easy to be patriotic and scold the United States, but it’s really difficult to fight against the black and evil forces.

For example, when I first started as we media, I scolded the United States every day. I said that I would soon pick up the American ancestral grave and write about American history, charity, society and hypocrisy from all angles

But even if I do pick up the American family’s ancestral grave, what can the United States do to me?

Ask the Ministry of foreign affairs for my extradition?

Find the CIA to assassinate me?

Bomb me?


It’s impossible. People are busy harvesting Europe. How can they manage me.

At most, the United States can sanction me. If so, I’d probably wake up with a laugh. Unfortunately, I’m not qualified.

So, it’s really nothing to scold the United States.

However, it is really difficult to dare to fight against unhealthy tendencies and evil forces.

That’s the real man, because being a hero has to pay a price!

It is OK to scold the United States. Dare you scold the village tyrants?

Across the party, they slander the country. Dare they scold the capital?

I admire Sima Nan, Zhang Jie, Mingde

Some people say that Sima Nan is one or another. I say that you are not qualified to evaluate Sima Nan. When Sima Nan was young, he risked his life to fight against the evil forces of pseudoscience. He was almost killed several times, which is much better than 99.99% of the people.

How many people can do it?

I asked myself I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even catch up.

If we have more Sima Nan, how dare those compradors who worship beauty and kneel down to beauty be so arrogant!

Unfortunately, there are too few simanan and too many universities pursuing internationalization.

Finally, why did some people complain about cartoons but no one complained about poison textbooks?

Hey, I don’t know Can’t it be that the school leaders and cultural compradors have become intertwined?

I can’t answer this question. Well, I also ask you a question. Why do public hospitals have medical trouble, while private hospitals have almost no?

I never figured it out

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