Tan Jianci everlasting longing for each other was injured, and Reuters was abused by Tan Jianci’s eyes

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Tan Jianci’s popularity has soared since he became popular with the crime of hunting. Naturally, everyone pays more attention to him. At present, Tan Jianci is filming the TV series everlasting longing for each other, so there are also many Reuters. Tan Jianci everlasting longing for each other was injured, and Reuters even went on a hot search. After watching it, many netizens said that they were abused by Tan Jianci’s eyes, and they were too distressed. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Tan Jianci everlasting longing for each other injured Reuters

The heroine of everlasting longing for each other is Yang Zi, and the three male protagonists are tan Jianci, Zhang Wanyi and Deng Wei. Tan Jianci played the role of Xiang Liu in the play. Xiang Liu finally died miserably, being pierced by thousands of arrows. Tan Jian’s injury to everlasting longing for each other Reuters should be the plot in which he was shot to death. Tan Jianci was wearing a white costume, but he was red with blood, and there was a lot of red blood on his face. The amount of bleeding was too terrible, and he was very distressed across the screen.

After reading Reuters, many netizens praised Tan Jianci’s war damaged makeup for having a sense of God of war atmosphere, and the sense of fragmentation is about to overflow the screen. Many XiangLiu fans and Tanjian fans said that they trembled in their hearts just by looking at photos and moving pictures. They couldn’t believe how they would cry when everlasting longing for each other broadcast this paragraph. They felt that the picture was too tragic.

Was abused by Tan Jianci’s eyes

Tan Jianci’s acting skills are really good. Just a look in the eyes of Lu Touzhao can make people feel distressed. And looking at the road transillumination, Tan Jianci should be very involved in the play. After shooting, the White Costumes outside have been taken off. When Tan Jianci left, his expression had not recovered, and he still felt trapped in sadness. At the beginning, when seeing Tan Jianci play XiangLiu, many original parties were still picky and felt that Tan Jianci was not suitable. However, after seeing this group of road photos, Xiang Liufen said that he recognized Tan Jianci’s Xiang Liu.

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