Tang monk has been collecting Scriptures for more than ten years. Has Emperor Taizong ever sent someone to find him?

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Tang monk has been collecting Scriptures for more than ten years. Has Emperor Taizong ever sent someone to find him? Come and have a look if you are interested.

When Tang Seng was preparing to leave Chang’an and go to the west to collect scriptures, Li Shimin once asked Tang Seng how long it would take to collect scriptures. Tang Seng said that three years would be enough, but he did not expect that it would be 14 years after he left. After 14 years, he finally returned to the Tang Dynasty and met Li Shimin again. This is 11 years more than the original plan of Tang monk. Why is Li Shimin not in a hurry? Didn’t Li Shimin send someone to find Tang monk?


As we all know, the Sutra collection in the Western Heaven of the Tang Dynasty took place in the Tang Dynasty. The emperor at that time was Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Why did Tang monks suddenly send them to Lingshan to collect scriptures?

The main reason is that the Tathagata thought that the killing in nanzhanbuzhou was too heavy, so he planned to move Buddhism eastward. But unfortunately, no one was willing to believe in Buddhism. What should he do? Therefore, a fortune teller yuan Shoucheng made a bet with the Dragon King of Jinghe. As expected, the Dragon King of Jinghe was in great trouble and was about to be beheaded by Wei Zheng. Therefore, the Dragon King of Jinghe begged Li Shimin in his dream, asking Li Shimin to use his status as a monarch to suppress Wei Zheng and spare the life of the Dragon King.

Unfortunately, Wei Zheng cut off the Dragon King’s head in his sleep. Therefore, the Dragon King of Jinghe River turned into a ghost and harassed Li Shimin all day. From then on, Li Shimin’s body seemed to be hollowed out. It was not long before he kicked his legs and entered the underworld.

In the underworld, Li Shimin met the people he had killed, including his brother and his father. Seeing that Li Shimin was about to cross the Naihe bridge, these people who were slaughtered by Li Shimin stretched out their hands in the water under the bridge and tried to drag Li Shimin into the water one after another. They only heard people shouting and shouting: “Li Shimin is coming, Li Shimin is coming!” The Emperor Taizong was frightened when he heard this. When they saw a group of ghosts dragging their backs and folding their arms, they stopped them and shouted, “give me back my life, give me back my life!” The emperor was so frightened that he hid

Finally, after bargaining with the underground government, Li Shimin finally added 20 years of yangshou, and Li Shimin promised that after returning to Yangjian, he would find a person to go to the west to collect scriptures and return to the Tang Dynasty to hold a water and land conference, so he had a plan for Tang monks to collect scriptures from the West.

However, when the Tang monk was leaving, Mingming and Li Shimin had an appointment for three years, but the Tang Monk disappeared for 5048 days, that is, 14 years. I haven’t heard from him for 14 years. Why didn’t Li Shimin send someone to look for him? You should know that Tang monk has sworn with Li Shimin and is Li Shimin’s Royal brother. Such a brother said that he would return within three years, but after 14 years, why did Li Shimin not move at all? Why is he not in a hurry?


He has made a promise with the underground government. He must let people learn from it and then come back to hold a super grand land and water conference. Isn’t he afraid of being seduced to report to the underworld again?

In fact, Li Shimin is also a very smart person. He came back from a three-day trip to the underworld to understand the mystery of the plan. He knew that the Sutra plan was secretly arranged by the Tathagata and Guanyin, and the Dragon King of Jinghe River was just a chess piece.

So Li Shimin discovered the mystery. As long as the Tang monk does not return, he can continue to be the king of the Tang Dynasty. The later the Tang Monk returns, the better for Li Shimin. So how can Li Shimin worry about Tang monk? It’s even more impossible to send someone to find Tang monk.

If the Tang monk is really unlucky and Guanyin is held accountable, Li Shimin can say this: I have sent your designated person to Lingshan to collect scriptures, but I don’t know why he hasn’t returned for a long time. It’s a big deal to find another suitable scholar.

There is such a scene in the journey to the west, which can be said to be the most moving scene in the journey to the west, that is, when Li Shimin sent Tang monk to get scriptures.

The Phoenix is rustling in Chang’an, and the cold is rustling in the Weihe River. Li Shimin holds Sanzang’s hand tightly and says, “my royal brother is going to the West. The mountains are high and the water is long. When can I return it?”

According to the total distance of 108000 Li and the normal speed, Sanzang gave a reply: “in only three years, I will go back to shangguo.”

Li Shimin knows that Tang Monk may encounter many temptations or opportunities on his way to study abroad or in the paradise of the West. Whether he can adhere to his faith and arrive or return after arrival is a variable, because there are too many examples of overseas students who do not return. What is more, he preaches that the air abroad is sweet.

What’s more, the ancients had no telephone and wechat, so it was inconvenient to write letters. Every parting could be the last meeting.

Li Shimin has a lot of reluctance to give up. Tang Xuanzang is a rare eminent monk in China in the Tang Dynasty. They are also very congenial. In order to express his feelings, Li Shimin gently grabbed a handful of soil on the ground, put it into a wine glass, and personally raised his glass to Sanzang. “As time goes by, the mountain is far away, and the Royal younger brother can enter this wine: he would rather love a handful of soil in his hometown than ten thousand taels of gold in another hometown.”.

Tang monk has been a monk since he was young. He never drank alcohol. But this time, he did not, and he could not refuse. He just picked up the glass and drank it. Everything was in the wine. This is a promise, this is an appointment, this is his love for his hometown, and his deep love for the land where he was born and raised.

However, to get back to the point, what we want to ask today is why it took 14 years for the Buddhist Scripture project that Tang Monk expected to complete in three years?

The master Guanyin, who can predict the future, also said this. Before leaving, Guanyin told the Jinding immortal, who was in charge of welcoming the scripture takers, “the scripture takers will probably be here in about two or three years.”. That is to say, Guanyin said that people who take scriptures can arrive in about two or three years. The dove of the Golden Top immortal was released. It was said that it would arrive in two or three years, but it did not arrive until 14 years. This matter has to be settled now.

Then, Tang Monk and Guanyin both thought that they could complete the task of collecting scriptures within three years. Why did they actually spend 14 years in the end?

Guanyin knows the past and knows the future, so why did he lie? According to non rigorous reasoning, there may be the following reasons:

I. Guanyin, as the responsible leader of the task of collecting scriptures, naturally has his own plan. If he wants to recruit an executor who is willing to complete the task of collecting scriptures, he must simplify the task. Otherwise, if we directly say that it will take 14 years, then probably no one will go.

Just like Party A’s outsourcing task, they definitely say that the project is simple and easy to do, and the pit is hidden. In this way, the construction period can be shortened and the price can be kept as low as possible.

It’s just like a task assigned by a leader. If we speak frankly about its arduousness. The team members were scared at once, and no one would dare to take it, because it was not good to take it. Most employees in the company tend to find good tasks that are simple and have a sense of existence. If it is a long-term project and it is not easy to get famous, no one is willing to jump into this pit.

II. Whether the project can be carried out smoothly depends on Li Shimin’s support.

In order to get Li Shimin’s support, Guanyin planned a whole story. First, Li Shimin went to the palace of the king of hell, and later gave him 20 years of Yang life. Let them build temples and transcend those souls through the Dharma. Transcending souls requires Mahayana Dharma.

This is the story of Li Shimin’s support for Tang Monk’s Buddhist scriptures. If Guanyin’s message is that it will take 14 years, Li Shimin estimates that it will take 28 years to go back and forth. Can he still hope for this day? In this case, Li Shimin will lose interest in the scripture collection project and may not support the Tang Monk’s Scripture collection.

3. In fact, Guanyin does not want to end the Sutra project so soon, because this is what he wants to explain to the Tathagata.


Tathagata has repeatedly stressed that sutras should not be taken lightly, because the longer it takes to learn sutras, the more hardships it will encounter and the greater the price it will pay. The more we can explain the importance of scriptures from the side, the more we will cherish them. Therefore, Guanyin finally found that it was not difficult enough to 81, so she had to make another one. He threw the Tang Monk’s master and apprentice into the river.

So Kuan Yin, who knows the future, knows that it will take more than ten years to learn the Scriptures, but it still needs two or three years.

But why did Tang Monk also assess that it would only take three years? Why does his estimate differ so much from the actual situation?

Tang monk was proficient in arithmetic since he was young. The total distance was 108000 kilometers, and the back and forth was 108000 kilometers. The horse’s speed was 100 kilometers per day, and it could walk 36500 kilometers in a year. In three years, he just played back and forth. Without a calculator, he got the result by mental arithmetic.

But it was not shoeless but naive that defeated him. He never thought:

I. when passing any country on the road, the customs clearance documents need to be sealed. Every time I go to the leaders to seal, they are not there! It took too much time just because of the seal.

When Baoxiang country returned, it was not only not stamped, but also turned into a tiger. Because there was no ID card, it was impossible to prove that it was not a tiger.

2. The obstruction of Taoist hostile forces. Tang monks go to get Buddhist scriptures and publicize Buddhism. As Taoists, they are unwilling to do so. They strongly oppose and block it. Therefore, many Taoists come out on the road to block it and even want to murder Tang monks.

The Tang Monk never thought that the enemy’s strength was so strong. The monkey king alone could not decide how many soldiers he had moved to save him. It also took a lot of time for the Taoist forces to block it.

3. Lack of cooperation from Buddhist colleagues. Tang Seng never thought that his colleagues would come out to openly block him. For example, the old monster with yellow eyebrows pretending to be the Buddha of the Buddha stopped the Tang Monk’s team at xiaoleiyin temple. He even said that he would go to the west to get scriptures. The Tang Monk could not escape after being caught.

It was not until Maitreya Buddha saw that Sun Wukong was not the opponent of the old monster with yellow eyebrows that he was relieved, and then came out laughing to save the scene. Because Maitreya Buddha, as the future Buddha, is waiting to take over, but Tang Monk’s power and status are getting higher and higher. At this time, it is normal for colleagues to come out to block him.

4. The emergence of unknown monsters and events can not keep up with changes. When assessing the time, Tang Monk did not consider that unknown events might delay the process of getting scriptures.

The appearance of some nameless monsters such as three dozen white bone spirits and tree spirits delayed the progress of Tang monk. It took a lot of time to appreciate the national treasures in the daughter’s country!

Therefore, Tang Monk estimated the wrong time, and it actually took 14 years to learn the Scriptures. However, he endured countless hardships and persevered to the end, and finally achieved the correct result. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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