Tang monk is the second disciple of the Tathagata. What kind of person is the first disciple of the Tathagata?

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What kind of person is the eldest disciple of the Tathagata brought to you by the Xiaobian of China story network today? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Journey to the west is a magical novel written by Wu Chengen, a novelist in the Ming Dynasty. Known as one of the four famous works in China, most people know the plot very well. Tang Monk led the three disciples to seek the Sutra from the west, in order to spend life.

Golden Cicada

Everyone knows that Tang Monk’s previous life was Jinchanzi, the second disciple of the Western Tathagata Buddha. In a lecture of the Tathagata, the golden cicada son dozed off, so the Tathagata demoted him to the mortal world and controlled the reincarnation of the golden cicada son. In the tenth life, that is, the Tang monk, under the Enlightenment of GuanShiYin, went to the west to ask for scriptures. Finally, the Tang monk was granted zhantan merit Buddha.


Tathagata disciple

Many people may have questions, Tang Monk’s previous life is Jinchanzi, the second disciple of the Tathagata, so who is the first disciple of the Tathagata? In fact, the journey to the west is a novel, so its authenticity is not so accurate. According to the Buddhist scriptures, there are ten disciples of Sakyamuni sitting down. One of them is mahakaya, the first of the head Buddha. Mahakaya was born in wealth and received a good education since childhood.

Young Da JIAYE

He showed his intelligence when he was a teenager. He was born in a Brahman family, and his parents made a private engagement for him when he became an adult. However, Da Kaya was bent on practicing Buddhism and resolutely did not sleep with his wife. It happened that his wife also wanted to practice, and the two agreed to become monks after their parents died. The first disciple of the Tathagata is mahakaya. Dakaya is incorruptible and persistent. He is deeply trusted by the Tathagata and has reached the realm of arhat three years after he became a Buddha. And after the Buddha exterminated the door, he gathered all his disciples.



In fact, the eldest disciple of the Tathagata has appeared both in the book journey to the West and in film and television works. In the seventh episode of journey to the West in the 86th edition, when the monkey king was making a big fuss in the heavenly palace, the heavenly court was disturbed. The Jade Emperor asked the Western Tathagata for help. When the Tathagata arrived, he was accompanied by two disciples, one was the eldest disciple, Kaya, and the other was the eighth disciple, Ananda. When the Tathagata pressed Wukong under the five elements mountain, Kaya and Ananda said that they would not turn over for 500 years. Therefore, it can be seen that the eldest disciple of the Tathagata appeared as a greedy and cunning figure in the journey to the West. In addition, at the 100th round, when the four Tang monks and disciples arrived at the great Leiyin temple, the Tathagata sent JIAYE. Ananda took them to get the Scriptures, but because Tang monks and others didn’t understand the rules and didn’t give them “kickbacks”, they gave Tang monks the wordless scriptures. The Tathagata says that it is difficult to be ninety-nine and eighty-one, and this is the last difficulty. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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