Tang Monk: Why are there no monsters in the Tang Dynasty? On the contrary, there are so many monsters when they leave the territory

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For readers who do not know why there are no monsters in the Tang Dynasty when the Tang Monk collected scriptures, the following small editor of China story network will give you a detailed introduction, and then read on~

After experiencing the difficulties of the ninth and eighty-one, Tang Monk’s teachers and disciples finally arrived at the West Tianling mountain to obtain the Scriptures. From then on, they brought the Scriptures to the east to help the world. However, in the process of getting scriptures from Tang monk, we found a big problem. The monsters that Tang monk met all appeared in groups, and one of the pure land was never set foot by monsters. Where is this pure land? Don’t worry, Xiao Bian, I’ll tell you the secret!


Tang monk is the reincarnation of the golden cicada, and is also a living elixir of immortality in the legend. For many monsters, Tang monk is definitely a treasure in the world. As long as you eat his meat, you can become an immortal. For monsters, the sooner they want to catch Tang monk, the better. After all, many competitors are thinking about Tang Monk meat in the process of getting scriptures. If they don’t start early, they may not get their share.


After being ordered by the king of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Monk set out from the eastern Tang Dynasty to the west to collect scriptures. Along the way, he collected Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Bai Longma and Sha monk. Only then did he gather all the members of the scripture collection team and start the difficult road of subduing demons. The first monster that Tang Monk and Sun Wukong met was “general Yin”, that is, a tiger spirit. At this time, Tang Monk had just left the territory of the Tang Dynasty. At this point, a question also arises. Why did the Tang Monk not encounter monsters in the Tang Dynasty, but immediately jump out of the territory of the Tang Dynasty to block his way?

In fact, we do not know that there is a great God silently guarding the territory of the Tang Dynasty. This God is the Zhenwu emperor of the north. Emperor Zhenwu is one of the four saints in the north pole of Taoism, also known as the “nine heaven Dang demon master” and “the God of subduing demons”. The image of emperor Zhenwu is very powerful. He is 100 feet long and has a hairy head. He wears gold armor and holds a sword. He is surrounded by two generals, tortoise and snake. He is the enemy of many monsters and demons, and is dedicated to sweeping away the world’s monsters.

Emperor Zhenwu has a short temper and is never soft on demons. Once he subdues demons, he will beat them to the core and frighten other demons with fierce means. For many demons, the image of emperor Zhenwu is very terrible, which makes them have a great sense of fear. All the monsters know that the territory guarded by Emperor Zhenwu is in the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, few monsters dare to set foot here. After all, the two generals of turtle and snake around emperor Zhenwu are also constantly patrolling all fields.


At this time, a question arises: Why are there more and more demons on the road to the west? This is related to the theory of Buddhism. As we all know, in the Shituo mountain disaster, the golden winged Mirs once ate 100000 people of the Shituo country, which can be said to be very sinful. However, the Tathagata’s punishment is only persuasion and surrender, and no extreme measures are taken, just because Buddhism has always focused on the degree. The monsters gathered near the western sky without much scruples. Even if they were subdued, they were only imprisoned for hundreds of years like Sun Wukong, and could not endanger their lives.

It can be seen that the monsters also know the weight and interests, which can be regarded as knowing the depth. Here, I would like to ask a question. If the golden winged ROC is planted in the hands of emperor Zhenwu, what will happen to him? Xiaobian really can’t imagine. I’d better give this question to the wise readers

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