Tang Shiyi is scolded. Xiao San is suspected of falling in love with a married husband

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Tang Shiyi gained a lot of fans in the third season with her sister who braved the wind and waves. However, many netizens analyzed that Tang Shiyi would definitely not be in a group, because the recent black material about Tang Shiyi on the Internet still attracted the attention of many gourd eaters. Tang Shiyi was scolded as a junior because someone broke the news that Tang Shiyi was in love with a married husband. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Tang Shiyi was scolded as Xiao San

Some time ago, the media caught the picture of Tang Shiyi and a man dating for dinner. During the meal, the two people fed each other and then left hand in hand. Then netizens picked out that the man was Chen Yang, the CEO of a company. Chen Yang has children, so everyone speculates that Chen Yang may be divorced.

However, Tang Shiyi soon replied to his fans in his microblog comment area, saying that he was not in love. Many netizens thought that Tang Shiyi broke up with Chen Yang quickly because of his career. After all, there is no way to explain the interaction between Tang Shiyi and Chen Yang with ordinary friends. Only couples will do the actions of hugging, feeding each other and clenching their fingers.

Tang poetry is suspicious of falling in love with a married man

I thought this matter would pass with Tang Shiyi’s denial, but I didn’t expect that suddenly a netizen who claimed to be Chen Yang’s wife friend broke the news, saying that Chen Yang didn’t divorce his wife at all, and Tang Shiyi belonged to the third child who stepped in and fell in love with a married husband. The netizen even said that Tang Shiyi knew three times and that Chen Yang’s original wife also knew the existence of Tang Shiyi. The netizen’s disclosure immediately exploded on the Internet, and Tang Shiyi’s name was directly on the hot search. As the boss of a well-known company, Chen Yang naturally has very strong financial resources. Netizens speculate that it is because of Chen Yang’s economic foundation that Tang Shiyi and his original wife can coexist peacefully.

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