Tangshan barbecue shop beating incident: on how human scum is made!

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Author: brother Mao, this article is reproduced under the authorization of the official account brother Mao’s vision (id:maogeshijue).

Yesterday, I brushed the video of beating people in Tangshan barbecue shop. At that time, I was very angry. Now there are people who beat women in groups for a long time in broad daylight. It is really intolerable and should be severely punished.


Then I kept thinking about it. Today, I suddenly thought of another hot public event – the 50 Bentleys incident in Shenzhen.

The two events seem to be different, but when they are connected, people can feel a lot of emotion – everyone is human, but the performance of the parties involved in the two events is very different from each other in terms of their understanding and understanding of the rules and the law.

The male owner of Bentley sister in Shenzhen can be called a human being, while the murderer of Tangshan barbecue shop is scum.

Let’s say it one by one.


Human spirit and scum

Why is the male owner of Bentley sister in Shenzhen a human spirit? Because his operation has refreshed my cognition.

The wedding ceremony between the man and the woman was also held, and the wedding banquet was also arranged. All social relations believe that the woman is the man’s wife, but the man and the woman did not pull the marriage certificate!

The state abolished the regulations on de facto marriage in 1994. Therefore, in the legal sense, the relationship between a woman and a man can only be that of a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Press: why should the state abolish the regulations on de facto marriage? The main reason is that there are a large number of abduction and trafficking of women in rural areas.

If the de facto marriage is established, the buyers of abduction and trafficking in women will have the basis to legalize this behavior, which will create legal obstacles to beating up and rescuing abducted women.

Such a legal act to protect vulnerable women was caught by the male leader of Bentley in Shenzhen! This man really knows the rules and laws.

Marriage law is essentially a law of property relations. As long as the marriage certificate is pulled, the law assumes that all family income is the common income of husband and wife. Therefore, as long as you do not pull the marriage certificate, even if you do the wedding, the law will not recognize that both parties are husband and wife.

Just because the male leader of the Bentley sister incident in Shenzhen set up such a moat for himself, even if the public opinion of the incident is very hot, the male leader can still walk away, which makes people sigh.

The corresponding perpetrators of Tangshan barbecue shop are a bunch of scum. Scum means that they are not only bad but also stupid.

In the incident of beating people at the barbecue shop, this scum made at least two stupid mistakes:

First, in public places where surveillance cameras are very popular and smart phones are very popular, I have stressed in my articles countless times in the past that now, let alone doing evil in public places, even if it is too much, the cost will be very high——

Because this is equivalent to doing evil under the watchful eyes of the people all over the country and the judicial organs.

But they were still unscrupulous, and even dragged the girl to the shop to beat her. For this reason, it is unprecedented. It is estimated that there will be no latecomers.

Second, after the accident, the incident quickly became a public money explosion event, which the scum could not have been unaware of. In this case, people who have a little knowledge of Chinese rules and laws will try to save themselves and strive for lenient treatment of the law. However, this scum did nothing and ran away overnight. This Law of death is very gratifying.

So, after seeing this incident, I was trying my best to brush the police notification, and I was always thinking “don’t surrender, don’t surrender”. Just because I didn’t sleep during the usual afternoon nap today, I waited until 2:50 p.m. and finally brushed the police notification, and all nine people were arrested,

Attention: no one turned himself in!


Well, at last, a big stone fell to the ground in their hearts. There is no so-called consideration for this group of people to be treated lightly in law. It is their firm destiny to be treated seriously and quickly.


Follow up views

What will happen in the future? I can also briefly talk about my views here.

First of all, the police will probably define this person as a rogue gang. According to this, four of these people actually did it, but the police arrested all nine people (including those who did not do it), so it is very possible to define this person as a rogue gang.

Now netizens have turned the bottom of this scum case upside down, and all of them have a lot of bad deeds. The principal criminal Chen mouzhi was involved in the case of illegal detention in december2015, the traffic accident and escape case in 2017. He was listed as a dishonest in 2018, involved in unjust enrichment in 2019, and was listed as a dishonest again in 2020;

The principal criminal, Liu Tao, was involved in the case of illegal detention in 2015. Later, he was arrested in march2018 and sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment for speeding without a license, resulting in 8 car collisions.

Most importantly, Tangshan destroyed an underworld group headed by Yang Guoquan in 2018, and Netizens found that Chen had countless ties with Yang Guoquan and others.

Now it depends on whether the Tangshan police can find relevant evidence. If they can, Chen and others are likely to be defined as gangsters involved in the underworld.

If it is a gangster gang involved in the underworld, the sentencing of the court will not only focus on this incident, but will be calculated one by one in the past, and the new and old accounts will be calculated together!

Then there are the charges involved in this incident, one is to provoke trouble, the other is intentional injury. This matter has aroused the public indignation of the people all over the country, so the probability of punishment is based on the upper limit stipulated by the law, and the probability of the principal offenders who start to commit crimes is more than 10 years. Accomplices, including a man who grabbed a stool and rushed in. Although he didn’t start at last, the sentence may not run away.


It’s not over yet!

Because this scum has aroused the public indignation of the whole country, the people of the whole country, of course, include the personnel of the judiciary, so after the sentence, this scum may also receive the “key attention” of the prison. For example, in terms of the allocation of detention rooms, the prison Department will carefully allocate appropriate rooms to this prisoner for their good transformation.

There is an unspoken rule in prisons all over the world, that is, rapists will be repaired by prison inmates. The influence of this scum is so great and its nature is very bad. It is estimated that a man can’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

Therefore, this scum will most likely be severely repaired by the same prison inmates after being put into prison. If they happen to encounter the most ferocious and despised criminals who bully women in their assigned rooms, what wonderful experience will this scum have?

It’s really worth looking forward to!

3 social security and self-protection

Finally, two more points.

First, after the beating incident at Tangshan barbecue, the circle of friends also brushed the screen. I saw many girls very excited and thought that this society had no sense of security.

In fact, I don’t think it is necessary to go to extremes.

This kind of extreme malignant event is a small probability event in China. The main reason is that China’s population base is too large. Any small probability event multiplied by the population base of 1.4 billion may occur. But for individuals, 99.99% of ordinary people will not encounter such extreme small probability events in their lifetime.

Here are two examples. After Didi’s murder, many girls were indignant and said that it was too unsafe to carry Didi, and they wanted to unload Didi.

As a whole, online taxi Hailing is much safer than taxis in the past. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate has a statistical report that in the era of no online taxi hailing, the number of vicious public security cases in taxis is more than 8 times that of online taxi Hailing.

The murder rate in China is 5 parts per million, one of the lowest in the world. However, when this 5 parts per million is multiplied by the population base of 1.4 billion, there are also 7000 murders every year, with an average of 20 every day.

If you think that murders (or vicious cases) are common, you will be suspicious. Everyone looks like a bad person, which may eventually lead to tragedy – the lesbian girl jumping off the bus some time ago was such a tragedy.

The public security environment in China is very good. In recent years, can we all find that there are fewer and fewer fights on the streets at night? Therefore, a few vicious cases are special cases. This scum will be severely punished by law. The consequences of severe punishment will greatly deter other potential scum through Internet communication.

Therefore, girls don’t need to drown their reason with extreme emotions. They can play as they like in the evening. It’s OK to play a string of barbecue karaoke.


The second point is that girls should learn to protect themselves in society.

How to protect yourself?

This is to control emotions. The basic level is to control your own emotions, and the advanced level is to control the emotions of others. Many tragic events nowadays are the result of not controlling your emotions well.

Let’s take the beating incident at Tangshan barbecue as an example.

Under normal circumstances, what should a girl do when she encounters a little drunk male provocation (including harassment)?

For ordinary people, it is best to avoid as much as possible, and the most taboo is to take drastic measures to upgrade each other’s emotions.

The reason is very simple. The other side’s provocation must be wrong, but if we take drastic measures to upgrade the other side’s mood, it is easy to get out of control. In the end, even if the other side is punished by the law, we also suffer immediate losses!

At that time, the victim of Tangshan barbecue shop was treated fiercely. After the girl pushed the man away, she slapped him, and the girl at the table grabbed a bottle to hit the man – these behaviors greatly stimulated the mood of the perpetrator (here is not to wash the floor for the perpetrator, to reduce the responsibility of the perpetrator, the perpetrator must be severely punished. Here, the focus is on how the girl can better protect herself).

Girls’ strength and physique are far inferior to men, so it is irrational and uneconomical for girls to choose to fight with men directly.

If a girl attacks a man, if she can’t beat him down, she will greatly irritate him, and finally she will be greatly hurt. Even if a girl knocks down the other party, whether it’s serious injury or death, she will also be affected in the judicial field.

Therefore, when girls face scum harassment, the most appropriate behavior is to avoid leaving, retain evidence, call the police after safety, and let the hammer of the law teach these scum how to behave.

If you can’t get away, try to stay where there are surveillance cameras, and clearly tell the other party that there are cameras here, and your every move has been recorded – this method can generally deter most harassers and make them return to their senses.

Finally, I believe that the Tangshan barbecue shop beating incident will soon see the judgment, and this piece of scum will be severely punished by the law!

This article is reproduced under the authorization of official account brother Mao’s vision (id:maogeshijue).

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