“Tangshan beating incident” Chen Jizhi’s retribution is coming? Daughter was dismissed from school and cried at home every day

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“The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked”, this sentence is very familiar to many parents and students, and many teachers will use this sentence to describe the parents’ behavior is not good, and the children’s literacy is not right. Now it seems that this is Although the sentence is a bit too one-sided and too exaggerated, it actually makes some sense.

After all, under the influence of family education, children will be affected for life. If you want to educate children who are excellent in both academics and academics, parents must become qualified and excellent parents. Parents are the first teachers of their children, and children are a mirror of their parents.

“Tangshan Incident” Chen Jizhi’s retribution is coming? Daughter was dismissed from school and cried at home every day

During the whole process of growing up, parents’ strict behavior and behavior will affect their children, so if parents indulge themselves, ignorance and ignorance will affect their children, it is really sad and hateful. It is normal for parents to have an influence on their students from an early age.

Speaking of Chen Jizhi, many people are not familiar with it, but when they heard about the “Tangshan Incident”, they might have known about it, and it also caused a national sensation. Many netizens paid attention to it, and everyone was still waiting for the conclusion of the Tangshan Incident. Chen Jizhi is one of the masterminds of the Tangshan incident. It is worth noting that Chen Jizhi is still under investigation at the police station, but his impact on his wife and children is very serious.

Chen Jizhi has a daughter at home. It seems that Chen Jizhi’s identity is not only a husband but also a father. As one of the masterminds of the Tangshan incident, he had a very serious impact on his daughter, and it was unimaginable that he would actually have a daughter?

After the incident, my daughter cried at home every day because her classmates in the school were estranged and looked at her differently. It seemed that life in school was not easy. And many parents asked Chen Jizhi’s daughter to drop out of school. The mood of these parents is completely understandable, after all, no one wants to stay at school with the daughter of the perpetrator.

To a large extent, it is out of the psychology of protection. After all, if students have all kinds of small quarrels while playing together, they will also be afraid of grades and even retaliate. However, Chen Jizhi’s daughter was criticized at school, and even the teacher was reluctant to say a few more words. It seems that because of her father’s influence, she already knew about her father’s incident.

Now it seems that Chen Jizhi is already a foreigner. It is impossible for his daughter to grow up and want to take the civil service exam. He is the first to fail the political examination. For other parents, what we thought was to hide if we couldn’t afford it. There was nothing the school could do. After all, many parents were very worried, and parents were also afraid of affecting the normal teaching and order. Therefore, Chen Jizhi’s daughter was dismissed by the school in desperation. .

In the future, whether my daughter goes to school normally or changes her name, she will be heartbroken because of her father’s affairs. In the future, it is impossible to apply for the military academy and civil servant exam in the college entrance examination, and other institutions to study well.

In the face of parents’ request for Chen Jizhi’s daughter to drop out of school, netizens have different opinions. Some people think that when Chen Jizhi’s daughter suffers retribution, it is her own responsibility. Only when the whole family suffers can Chen Jizhi realize that he was wrong.

Parents’ words and deeds are educational, and it is normal for the whole family to suffer. Some people also think that the family members are innocent. After all, it is not the wife and children who suffer the consequences. The criminal nature of the parents has been corrupted, so should the wife and children be affected? Has the character also deteriorated?

Although the opinions of netizens are different, most of them still support the former. The wrong education method will lead children astray, and they will learn all kinds of bad behaviors. The road ahead is very long, and it will definitely be abused by all kinds of people in society.

Many parents say that they do not evaluate whether their children are innocent, but as parents in the class, they will never let their children play with her. It’s not that I’m afraid of being taught badly, but that in the event of a quarrel or a quarrel, it will lead to unnecessary trouble.

There are also parents who think that the affairs of adults should not involve children. Children are innocent and should be treated with kindness. Otherwise, when his father appears, it will actually be another kind of cyber violence. Some people persuaded that his daughter should be spared, but when Chen Jizhi was beating someone, did he ever think that his daughter would one day be attacked by the Internet? Have you ever thought about the girls who were beaten?

After this incident, it also woke up the alarm for other parents. Some things are unacceptable and must not be done. Parents should not be too selfish, otherwise it will be too late to regret. What Chen Jizhi did is something that makes people angry. At present, the victim is still in the hospital. Many people don’t know the specific injury. Therefore, I hope that the country and the law can return the girls a correct morality and punish them severely. Punish the perpetrator.

We must believe in justice, the law, and view this matter in a correct way. We also hope that the daughter of the perpetrator can hear the justice results, and be rational and responsible for their own words, deeds, and speeches. Otherwise, their children will not be affected by inappropriate remarks.

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