Tangshan event is the second wave of climax of textbook event!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Now we can preliminarily define the character of the barbecue shop beating incident in Tangshan. Just looking at the incident itself, it is a small scum of a gang of black and evil forces, who escaped the severe crackdown in 1996, the crackdown in 02, and the crackdown in 17.

People around 80 years ago were mixing with the society in about 96. However, those who had some skills were shot in 96.

The rest of the trash is incompetent garbage. In 2002, we shot a batch of garbage, which is a little better. What’s left is the garbage in the garbage, which can’t be regarded as a big head. In 1996, they had to carry bags and shoes.

I have seen a lot of these people. Before the crackdown, they were at most the younger brothers in the gang. After the crackdown, a group of big brothers lost their heads, and a group of small leaders were locked in. They went out to brag and scare people under the name.

After the crackdown on the underworld, a group of people who were really involved in the underworld and evil were shot. These people were honest, but they were not honest for several years. They fought and killed all day. They no longer had the ability to do the old things. They could only make a living by bullying the market.

When it comes to eliminating the underworld and evil, those who bully the market have also gone in. There are only so many sundries left. Even the rule of not beating women has disappeared. At more than 2:40 a.m., I went to harass the women at the next table.

No matter who pushed the matter, the two sides slapped, slapped, and beer bottles. In short, the matter escalated gradually, to the point that a group of people ran to the street to beat one person.

The key to these scumbags’ being so confident is that one of their gang members gave them the illusion that they had a backer.

In Yinchengpu Town, Fengrun District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, there is a man named caoxiohua, who is a member of their gang. This caoxiohua runs a construction company, a transportation company and an agricultural products company. This caoxiohua may not hit people in person, but this caoxiohua appears in the gang.

The industry operated by caoxiohua looks like it needs background to operate. It also sounds a little underworld related. I don’t mean that we can directly solve the case. I don’t mean anything. Seeing that caoxiohua’s industry is civil engineering and transportation, it must be underworld related.

I mean, most of the people, including the scum who beat people, will think that this is triad related. You will feel that this caoxiuhua has great energy. It was the emergence of this caoxiohua and the brotherhood between this caoxiohua and these people that made these scum feel that they had a backer.

Even shouted out 110 random reports.

Can you open the sky?

If you can talk to his grandmother, caojianhua is most likely to be caojianhua, one of the successive directors of the village committee of dongmazhuang village, Yinchengpu Town, Fengrun District, Tangshan city. He doesn’t know any relatives, but the most likely one is himself.

In the 2012 general election of the village, it is said that someone on the Internet broke the news that caojianhua was involved in the underworld and intervened in the election by illegal means. I don’t know whether it is true or not. It needs to be verified by the comrades of the procuratorial organ of Hebei Province. I mean, these scum are likely to believe it is true.

It was this caojianhua who gave these people the confidence to act recklessly.

Some time ago, there was a TV play called “anti Mafia storm”, in which there was a village party secretary, also named Cao Peng, who was played by the teacher who played Li Kui in the old water margin. When Cao Peng was the Secretary of the branch of Yihe village, he didn’t have much of an official position, but because he was involved in the project of Yihe village, he had a relationship with the district and the city.

Construction, corruption and underworld organizations have committed earth shaking crimes in a small village Party branch post.

Although the village is small, I think there are no bad people here. A small temple can’t affect the evil wind. Chi qian can’t solve Wang Baduo. The village is small, and there may be a lot of evil forces in the village.

To cover up such a black and evil power, it is not necessary to use many officials. A police station director, at most, can cover up a criminal gang.

The principal criminal was at large in the case of illegal detention in 2015, escaped from a traffic accident in 2017, was the executor of dishonesty in 2018, unjustly benefited in 2019, and became the executee again in 2020 because of dishonesty. I can’t help thinking about it.

No matter how bad the enemy agents of the United States are, they will not cause panic or anger in the whole society. They will not challenge the people’s sense of security or their bottom line.

Only an endogenous villain can cause such great damage. If he was not sentenced for illegal detention in 2015, he will continue to go unpunished. The election of grass-roots organizations has led to the blackening of village directors, so he will commit crimes.

Finally, the two forces converged, and there was a beating incident in the early morning of June 10. It may be intentional injury if it is light, or attempted murder if it is heavy.

The corruption of the political atmosphere at the grass-roots level will inevitably lead to the lack of law enforcement at the grass-roots level, and may even be covered up. A good performance of the “anti Mafia storm” will surely lead to the laxity of a grass-roots organization and the deterioration of grass-roots staff behind the rampant of any Mafia and evil forces.

The drug teaching material case is that there are bad people in the organs, and the Tangshan beating case is that there are bad people at the grass-roots level. These two cases are not isolated.

I don’t mean that the two cases are related. I mean that the essence of the two cases is the same, that is, bad people are mixed in our team.

We should take these two cases as an opportunity to catch all the bad guys who have sneaked into our ranks. We should take this vicious incident as an opportunity to normalize the anti Mafia work. Every once in a while, we should strike at sports and at the first sign of exposure. We should be strict and severe.

Only in this way can we give the masses peace of mind, and only in this way can we give China a clear and bright world.

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