Tangshan incident: don’t point a gun at a good man!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

Many people asked me to talk about Tangshan

In fact, this matter is too simple. There is no “black curtain” to expose, and there is no complex logic to study. This is a criminal case. A group of evil forces and thugs committed violence against the weak, waiting for their legal sanctions. Arrest, sentence, let the underworld sit through the prison, and give an account to the people.

According to my “theory of violence”, there may be a genetic problem with such kind of henpecked scum and scum. There is no need to give them a chance to reform. They are not qualified to live in a normal human society. Even if they are not shot, they should be allowed to stay in prison for a lifetime as Bing Dwen Dwen.


I don’t care why they commit violence or harm people. I don’t want to know what they think. Those who kill, injure or harm society should “die socially”.

When people choose pet dogs, companion dogs and working dogs, they will eliminate all those dogs that are grumpy, biting and hurting people from generation to generation and physically eliminate them. What remains is a good dog that is gentle, sensible and kind to others. The truth is the same.

Of course, if I say so, some people will scold me for not talking about “human rights” and not respecting “freedom”.

However, it is so simple.

Just because this matter is too simple, it is enough to condemn evil forces, thugs and anti humanity. There is no need to expand this matter infinitely to reflect on men and women, systems, culture and nationality. Some people can’t just talk about things. They have to stir up muddy waters, expand and point guns at good people.



Some people denounced on the Internet: “men are potential thugs”.

I would like to ask you the question: the policemen who risked their lives to hunt down criminals, the firefighters who went deep into the fire to save people, and the soldiers who defended the country. Most of the policemen who hunted down criminals and arrested 9 thugs in this incident were men, right? What’s wrong with them? Why should we be blamed?


Some people denounced the customers and onlookers of this barbecue shop in Tangshan: “weak women are resisting. There are so many diners in the house that none of them is a man?”?

I would like to ask you a question again. Now you are strong and fierce on the Internet. If you were at the scene, your husband and your boyfriend would be indignant and unable to restrain themselves. How would you choose? Normal women will hold their husbands for the first time and stay away from the scene of conflict Because you know, if your husband and boyfriend rush up, they may be disabled or even life-threatening. This is a fatal blow to a family. In the city where I live, there is a hero who, regardless of the danger of his life, stopped the murderer who injured people with a knife. Finally, he was wounded with several knives. Although he was rescued, his organs were seriously damaged and he was disabled for life. He needs his family to take care of him

Most people worship heroes who have acted bravely for good. Most people also have a sense of righteous indignation, but they are also rational people. If they are injured, disabled or dead, what should their parents, wives and children do?

In fact, most people are just ordinary people. Ordinary people who are unprepared and have no intention of harming others have no way to confront the 9 prepared thugs who deliberately harm others. If they choose to call the police, they will already be just and kind-hearted people. You can’t criticize such people.

In fact, for a long time, our society has treated men with double standards. On the one hand, feminists who gradually control the right to speak want men to be “gentle”, “considerate”, “virtuous”, “don’t be rude”, “don’t be macho” and “don’t fight”. We have cultivated generation after generation of boys who are gentle and courteous, behave “virtuously” and “feminized”, and only know how to make money and please women, Generations of male teenagers do not fight, do not fight, do not advocate force, and are more like girls than girls; On the other hand, feminists criticized today’s men for not taking on responsibilities, not being brave, not being “full of martial virtues” and not being able to protect women I really can’t imagine what the perfect man looks like in your mind? Good looking, tender and considerate, respect women, and have unparalleled martial arts skills? I have seen too many idol dramas.

As a matter of fact, abundant military ethics and heroic spirit are inseparable from “rude”, “overbearing” and “male chauvinism” most of the time. If a person does not grow up fighting in a dangerous, rude and violent environment, it is difficult for him to grow into a “hero” who can protect himself and others.

Heroes and chivalrous people will only be lutiha and Wu Erlang, who are “straight women thieves”, rather than Bao Erye, who accompanies you to admire flowers and recite poems.


Some people have raised this issue to “system”, “culture” and “nationality”, and forced all Chinese to “reflect”.

I want to say, is such a thing rare? China has a population of 1.4 billion and the world has a population of 7billion. Are there few violent incidents in night barbecue shops, hot pot shops, Malatang and various nightlife places? Before the Tangshan incident was fermented, I could casually cite 100 vicious incidents of beating people at night places, including men and women, both at home and abroad, with fists and feet, knives, guns, and casualties everywhere – what can I prove? Can you prove which country is unsafe at night? Can you prove which country’s legal system is not perfect? Which country can prove men’s “inferiority”? Can you prove which civilization has not had “gentlemanly demeanor” since ancient times?



I understand your routine too well. It’s boring.

Finally, there is nothing to say. I hope the victims will recover as soon as possible and receive compensation; It is hoped that the perpetrators of violence will be subject to the most severe legal sanctions. It is also hoped that Tangshan will eliminate all evils, carry out the eradication of criminal gangs to the end, and return a safe fireworks world to the people.

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