Tangshan incident: public opinion and the society, psychology and ethics behind it (II)

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Author: Chairman rabbit source: tuzhuxi (id:chairman rabbit)

From the perspective of public opinion, this Tangshan beating incident.

This incident was a screen swiping event in the circle of friends on that day, which once grabbed huge public attention.

What are the characteristics of such public opinion events and how should they be treated?

8. generally, after a period of time, there will be a pop event in the circle of friends; The explosive point of the event has both contingency and inevitability


The contingency lies in that the occurrence and exposure of the event itself may have contingency and contingency;


The inevitability lies in:

a) It may be a part of a certain kind of systematic event that “surfaced” (“the tip of the iceberg”); b) It is generally considered to reflect some deep-seated and systematic problems and / or contradictions in society; c) It is the carrier and / or outlet to help release and express people’s views, emotions, attitudes and positions

9. unless there is a very significant turning point or development or continuation (such as the “iron chain woman” incident, which lasts for a relatively long time), the continuous attention of the explosive point incident will not be too long, usually oneortwo days or several days, and then it will be covered by new events.

10. when swiping the screen in the circle of friends, most participants are just expressing their views, attitudes, emotions and positions, and think that they need to participate in some way – even if they are only expressing emotions and spreading information – these are all ways of participation; Participation itself has meaning, and even if it is expressed, it is “involved”, but this does not mean that people will continue to track events. Therefore, it is inevitable that the event will fade in public opinion.

11. a very small number of people will continue to pay attention to this event after the public attention subsides. Among these people, there are often several types. One is the followers of specific issues, such as feminists and general women’s rights activists in the “Tangshan” and “Tielian women” events; The second is actually the critics of the system, who believe that such things not only have bad customs and evil phenomena, but also reflect the problems of the system. They do not think that China’s contemporary system is actually helping social progress and solving many old and completely solidified vulgar customs. On the contrary, it is the reason for the vulgar customs themselves. They also hope to use such things to express their dissatisfaction and criticism of the system. It should be noted that these two types of people tend to “transform” each other, that is, the first type of people who pay attention to specific issues gradually transform into the second type of Pan system critics, looking for answers from the criticism system; The second type of Pan system critics will also begin to pay more attention to specific issues and connect different things to sublimate their criticism of the system.

12. there is a phenomenon in China that once an issue becomes a public opinion hot spot, it will soon get the attention of higher and even the highest level leaders (“escalate”). In digital contemporary China, this speed is very fast, almost synchronized with the public. At this time, the handling of events is often different. It will be more efficient, more thorough / rigorous and more rigorous. It will better stand the scrutiny of public opinion and the test of time, show the government’s ability and attitude, and ultimately enhance rather than weaken the government’s credibility. If the government at the first level fails to handle it well, the government at the next higher level will intervene and handle it better until the central government stops. Finally, a good “account” should be given to the public, and the handling of events should also have a positive demonstration effect. In fact, this is not “Chinese characteristics” or “Chinese exceptionalism”. It is the same everywhere in the world. Events concerned by public opinion have special political significance and must be treated differently. Even in the United States, which pays the most attention to the “separation of powers”, public opinion will be considered and echoed in the attitude of politicians, prosecutors, judges and juries in power or opposition elections towards a case, whether to accept or prosecute, how to try, how to judge and how to appeal. So the world is the same. For the injured party in the case, to safeguard and strive for interests, it is always necessary to “make things bigger” and increase its own “chips” as much as possible. This is a common situation in human society.

13. for those who know the system better, once a matter becomes a public opinion explosion point, it is a “public case” that the highest level will intervene. The final solution must be fair. This is the basic confidence in the system. This kind of confidence is not only faith, but also often based on understanding. However, some people, such as the “Pan system critics” mentioned above, will not believe the final result presented by the government. They will be skeptical of all the statements put forward by the government and believe that there must be greater corruption and conspiracy behind them. In fact, it is impossible to persuade such people, but the key point is that it is not necessary or necessary to persuade them one by one.

First, the more you try to persuade them, the stronger they become. The challenge is always on the way. Conspiracy theories can never be falsified. They are always right. This persuasion effort, in the end, seems to be a waste of time;

Second, we should see that such people exist everywhere. Existence is normal, and non existence is abnormal. I often write that the worst critics of the government are in the United States. The most popular place for anti-government conspiracy theory is the United States. The only difference between the United States and China is that they criticize specific political parties and governments, but do not criticize the system; Different from us, we are all pan system critics, aiming at the system, which must be generalized and metaphysical (“in the final analysis, it is still a system problem”).

Third, it is not necessarily a “bad thing” for such people to exist: there is no need to be afraid of criticism. Correct your attitude and face criticism directly. Finally, we should seek truth from facts and stand the test of the people and history. “Without criticism, there is no point in praising”. I also fully agree with this sentence: criticism can also promote the generation of positive energy; Criticism can also lead to institutional and social progress.

The above is not only applicable to the Tangshan beating incident, not only to all public opinion incidents, but also to the policies implemented by the central government (such as the “dynamic clearing” policy that is always under discussion and dispute).

14. conclusion.

First of all, we all deeply sympathize with the victims of the Tangshan incident, but such incidents can usually awaken and unblock some of the social repression and hidden consciousness, and become a positive force to improve governance and promote progress. Therefore, they are of positive significance. It should be noted that every problem has two sides. Any event is the same; The reaction to any problem or event also causes two sides. Moreover, the “two sides” are simple, and they are multifaceted. The real world is very complicated. It can be seen by chance; Dynamic can be seen in static, white can be seen in black, and black can be seen in white. Good things can be seen in bad things, and bad things can become good things. This is the real universe we live in.

Many years later, can the Tangshan beating incident be remembered? Actually, I doubt it. It is more likely that it only exists in the memory and experience of our generation as a history and an experience, and becomes a part of us – at least a part of the “mental representation”. But I also hope that in such an event, justice can be upheld and Chinese society can make continuous progress.

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