Tangshan old story!

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Original: guziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019

Today, I will tell you a strange and true story. All the contents are derived from the judgments and documents of state public institutions.

According to (2018) Ji 0203 Xing Chu No. 286 and (2019) Ji 02 Xing Zhong No. 216, on December 12, 2015, four people, including Tangshan Liu Tao, led people to beat Shang on the grounds of debt recovery, resulting in comminuted fracture of frontal depression, brain tissue contusion and laceration, and comminuted fracture of ulna, and detained him in chenjizhi’s factory yard (in the trunk of the car).

After Mr. Shang escaped, he called the police, Tangshan public security filed a case, and began to be wanted online. Finally, it took more than two years. On march21,2018, Liu Tao was arrested for illegal detention and detained in Tangshan No. 1 detention center, while chenjizhi was still at large.

On March 31, 2019, Tangshan intermediate people’s court made a judgment. Liu Tao voluntarily pleaded guilty in court and was given a lighter punishment. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and another two years’ imprisonment

Month, that is to say, you can get out of prison after serving another year at most.

Moreover, with Liu Tao as the culprit, the other three persons who were detained and intentionally injured were not punished, including Chen Jizhi, who was still at large.

It is reasonable to say that as fugitives wanted on the Internet, life will not be very easy. However, during the more than two years of “absconding” from December 12, 2015 to March 21, 2018, Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi still dominated Tangshan.

According to (2018) Ji 02 min Zhong No. 2056, on February 4, 2017, Liu Tao drove Chen Jizhi’s car, creating a record of one car colliding with eight cars in Tangshan City, and abandoned the car after the accident.

According to Tang Gong Tu Zi [2017] No. 00000027, at this time, Chen Jizhi, who was still on the run, swaggered in the traffic control team and Tangshan intermediate court under the “wanted” to deal with traffic accidents!!!

Moreover, with the operation of chenjizhi, those who are still at large

Liu Tao, the suspected drunken driving escape is over. Even the insurance company pays for the accident escape


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

At this point in the story, I believe everyone will know that Liu Tao and chenjizhi are the two leading men in the Tangshan beating incident.


They dare to trample the girl’s head under their feet in broad daylight, because they have already trampled on public rights. In the process of trampling on public and civil rights, they have also brought them rich rewards. The four accomplices arrested today were driving the Mercedes Benz Maybach s480 with the tail number of 7777.


If there is no video, maybe Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi will copy the routine of seven years ago, ride a crane to Yangzhou, sit in Maybach and go out to avoid the limelight and find a younger brother to take the blame; Maybe it will copy the routine of five years ago, let the law enforcement department adjust, and give the victim a small amount of money to compensate and then shut up.

No matter how hard they try, they don’t have to worry. Under the protection of the umbrella, even if they make a mistake, they can still be domineering in Tangshan. After all, they gave more than one Maybach to the umbrella of both prosperity and loss

As for yesterday’s Tangshan beating incident, I don’t want to export my emotions. I just share two views based on my familiar fields. I hope I can do my best.

1? Liu Tao and chenjizhi, who beat people, must not be prosecuted only for intentional wounding. They are gangs of underworld. Countless times of underworld and evil actions have created their skilled beating skills. As long as they continue to investigate, the excavated black material can certainly make them sit in prison.

2? Gangs and evil forces will never be without an umbrella. Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi are just their gloves, and they are just one of them. If they do not seize the umbrella and interest chain behind them, new gloves will replace them and continue to trample the people under their feet.

Finally, I hope that the Tangshan beating incident can become a milestone like the Kunshan Longge incident in those years. The reports about the local black and evil forces can directly reach the Ministry of public security, and the central government’s sharp sword can kill these shameless demons.

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