Tangshan underworld opened Maybach. Why are they so rich?

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Source: wechat official account: Jiubian has been authorized to reprint

In the Tangshan beating incident, all the 9 suspects were involved shortly after the incident.

There is no doubt that serious incidents must be severely punished. I believe that the case handling department will soon have a fair result. In addition to beating people, there is a noticeable situation: four of them were not local people, but came to Tangshan from Jiangsu for thousands of kilometers during the epidemic prevention period.

After the incident, the four people were obviously more alert than the other three. He ran away decisively and quickly back to Jiangsu before being stopped by the local police. After feeling bad, they threw their cars out of the car at the gas station and ran away. All kinds of signs showed that they were very alert.

Moreover, the four people drive a Maybach with a “7777” license plate, which makes people suspicious. The so-called “birds of a feather flock together”, people speculate that most of the four “have something to do with themselves”. Their identity and the purpose of coming to Tangshan have aroused a lot of speculation.

The case was quickly disclosed, the police said in a notice. The eldest of the four, Chen, who is also the owner of Maybach, was once the leader of online gambling. During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Chen started gambling. As a result, he was arrested by the police and sentenced to three years in prison. Because of his good performance in prison, his sentence was commuted for half a year, and he was just released in early 2021.

In this way, we can guess the general situation.

About after they were released from prison, they were expected to “go back to business” together. At the beginning of June, the European National League began to play. Now all kinds of betting are very hot, and it is a good time to make money. When the Qatar world Cup kicks off in November this year, how can we not participate in this quadrennial feast?

As for the purpose of coming to Tangshan. It may be that they plan to develop their business in the local area and make their business bigger, so they come to “partners” or to collect money, because many online gambling companies lend usury at the same time. The so-called “it is easy to lend money but difficult to ask for money”. Tangshan beaters are “professional counterparts”, and have been dealt with for hurting people by asking for accounts.

Just wait for the result of the case. Today, I will focus on gambling and why gambling can lead to Maybach.


The operation of football gambling is simple to say.

It’s easy to say that there are only so many things you can bet on in a two team game. In addition to the most common wins and losses, there are also many ways to play. For example, some people guess the score, some guess the total number of goals scored by both sides, some guess the results of the two halves separately, some guess which team can score first, some guess whether the total number of goals is single or double, and even guess who has more corner shots and free throws

However, the vast majority of participants are guessing the final result, that is, the “win or lose” three kinds. Because the scores in overtime and penalty shootout are not included in the results. Whichever team you like to win, buy it.

People who gamble think that if they win, they will make money from the gambling company. In fact, it is not. The company adjusts the odds and allows customers who buy different results to “bet” on each other. How can the gambling company make some money.

In fact, no matter how you do it, the gambling companies all go through a very complicated calculation and play the “theorem of large numbers”, that is, there are losses and profits in a single customer, but they are sure to win if they take the customer as a whole. If the same customer keeps playing, he will probably lose money sooner or later.

In addition, there is a 5% Commission, that is, “pumping”, which is also the profit of the gambling company. The gambling company lies down to earn this part of the money. This is what we often call the “negative sum game”, which is a bit similar to our A-share, but it still can not dampen our enthusiasm for speculation, because although most people lost in the end, some people did make money, and their deeds will encourage other gamblers to fight one after another.

There is a problem here. It is said in the Jianghu that gambling companies manipulate ball games. It is said that there are eyes and noses at home and abroad. Every time there is a big surprise, I have the same feeling. My first reaction is that someone is manipulating.

I have checked a lot of information in this regard. It is true that players have been bribed in small-scale events, and there are no proven cases in large-scale events. The mainstream view generally believes that gambling companies do not need to do so, because the gambling industry itself is a licensing industry (in the United States, it also needs franchises, not just doing it if they want), and they have the ability to monopolize profits and make money, so there is no need to take risks.

Moreover, if manipulation is carried out, it will be exposed sooner or later after a long time. After all, fraud in the U.S. presidential election can be exposed. If the reputation of gambling companies is lost, they will not be able to make good money in the future. In other words, the manipulation of large-scale events by gambling companies belongs to conspiracy theory as a whole, so I won’t talk more about it.

Since gambling for a long time must be lost, why do so many people go to play?

Psychologically, it is believed that gamblers do not participate in gambling for money, just as some people like to play games, like beautiful women, like food, and even like addictive drugs. These are not for money. Gamblers gamble simply for the sake of gambling itself. Gambling makes them happy. Gambling is their adrenaline surge. Gambling makes them have the passion and pleasure of living. Finally, it turns in sooner or later.

According to Guodegang, “in order to quit gambling, I cut off both hands. A few days later, I saw him tie a spoon to his broken hand and squat there to throw dice.”. Pornography, gambling, drugs and fishing are all “addictions”, but they need to be screened. That is to say, some people are naturally indifferent to these things, but some people regard them as more important than life and cannot understand each other.


Back to the topic of this article, gambling has a new special situation in China.

As we all know, domestic gambling is an illegal and criminal act. Not only as an organizer, you are also illegal even if your pants are gone. Seize not only the gambling money, but also the fine + detention and even the sentence package.

However, the so-called “beheading business is done, while losing money business is not done”. Pumping water at the opening is really a business of sitting on the ground to make money, so it has been prohibited repeatedly.

Foreign gambling companies cannot operate directly in China. They can only issue network interfaces and account passwords to their own agents. Agents look for gamblers and are responsible for collecting and distributing money. After getting the agency right, you only need to hire a few programmers in China to build an app and find ways to connect the app to overseas servers.

But how does the app advertise? It’s not complicated. It’s usually multiple agents, that is, find a group of people to develop offline. They will share the money they earn in the future, and make as much money as they can. As for how these agents develop customers, they have to find their own ways. Some people have Internet thinking, go online to find movies, put their own QQ number watermark, and others can see the movies when they download them. Some people can’t play the Internet, so they go to the building to post flyers and so on.

After checking several news, in 2021, Chongqing Banan police also destroyed an underground gambling gang. Finally, from 2017 to 2021, the total number of cases involved reached 5.6 billion.

The Xinhua news agency also reported that, according to the Ministry of public security, after the last World Cup, more than 300 criminal cases of gambling were detected and more than 100 gambling gangs were killed, involving more than 1billion yuan.

After reading these data, are those Tangshan people still hard to understand?

Moreover, it is a bit like pyramid selling and underground fraud. The real backbones and senior managers stay abroad. Therefore, every time the police clean up, they destroy peripheral organizations, which will not hurt their vitality. They can find a bunch of thugs to reopen.

The problem is, despite the crackdown of domestic law enforcement agencies, who would dare to do this? We can imagine that these people are often old timers in the Bureau. They have nothing to do after being shut in once. They just drift away in the gray area. After a long time, they even miss the regular life in the Bureau. That’s why I often go in once.

This group of people who are organized to run illegal businesses for profit highly overlaps with the underworld in China.

It is reasonable to say that there is no underworld in China. The socialist iron fist can ensure that any large-scale illegal organization will be severely attacked. However, considering the cost of law enforcement, if the scale is small and no one reports the case, the people who wander in the black zone on the edge of the law are always there and can not be eradicated, such as fraud, pyramid schemes, loan sharking, underground casinos, k-powder suppliers in nightclubs, etc.

These non mainstream underworld societies are basically parallel to our normal people. Generally speaking, they know that there is a problem with their business. They usually live with their tails in their hands for fear of being noticed. It is like someone who drives on the road without a driver’s license. If they have a normal mind, they generally don’t run into each other. It would be bad if they were noticed by the police. This time, the kind in Tangshan belongs to the non mainstream.

In addition, there is a very common risk in domestic gambling: to be a black village.

The way is very simple: disconnect from the gambling company and make direct gambling with gamblers, that is, make your own bookmakers. Gamblers win or lose in their own hands, but it seems that they still use the name and odds of overseas gambling companies.

What is the problem? It’s very simple. People in heizhuang can run away. If gamblers make more mistakes than they are right, and some make money in the end, heizhuang will give money without saying a word. If a large number of gamblers have guessed the result, or a large number of gamblers have been upset. After calculation, if money is paid according to the odds, heizhuang will lose money seriously. So I just put oil on the soles of my feet.

Anyway, these people are not good people at all. They just run away and open another place.

Of course, it is not safe to act as an agent to get water steadily. In addition to the police uncle looking for you, after the superior agent ran away, the following agents and gamblers were arrested.


Taking part in gambling is not as simple as losing money. Many times it’s just the beginning.

Like other gambling, you win and lose, and then what? If you win, you want to win more. If you lose, you want to double your profits. So it is inevitable that the more you fall into, the more you bet, the more you lose. Not to mention ordinary people, how many millions of people gambled and finally lost their wealth.

The so-called “money is gone, addiction is still there”. The more such people are, the more iron they are, so they ask someone to borrow them. However, you can borrow any money. Basically, there is only one kind of person who will lend you the gambling capital – loan sharks, so “gambling and loan are not divided”. This is why gamblers often owe a lot of money, mainly to the casino loan sharks.

Generally, gamblers are eager to turn over their profits when they lose, so many who set up gambling openings will provide “considerate” supporting services. When the time comes, the money doesn’t have to pass through the gamblers. It turns around directly to the opening hand. The interest rate of this kind of usury is very high, even higher than the “714 anti-aircraft gun” which was in its heyday. Generally, the interest is calculated by year, month and week, and the worst is calculated by day. However, many gambling games are calculated according to the “field”.

A gambler in the previous legal program described his experience of gambling with usury.

He is a die hard fan. He doesn’t remember when he started gambling, and then he bet more and more. During that time, I had bad luck and was short of money. It was two Premier League games that day, and he lost the first. In the second game, he felt that the weak team could beat the strong team by relying on the home advantage. According to what he said, “I didn’t have so much confidence when I lost my red eye. But I kept leading in the first game, and was suddenly tied in more than 80 minutes. I can’t do it at once.”

So he borrowed money from the opening and bet heavily on the weak team. The other party simply said that it was OK to borrow it, but the interest should be calculated according to 20%, whether it was OK or not. At that time, he had already started to borrow 100000 yuan without thinking about it. Two hours later, he owed 120000 yuan.

“The interest of 20% in two hours will be paid off in two days, otherwise it will be doubled directly.” He said with a wry smile, “I never thought of such a high interest rate in my life.” He really couldn’t afford it, so he had to risk misappropriating public funds to settle his account. Then it was revealed that although the company did not let him go to prison, he was directly unemployed and could not get along in the industry.

What about not paying back the money? If you don’t pay back, there are ways. For example, drag it to a place without monitoring, take a bottle of 80 degree hot water and pour it directly into your hand. If you don’t give it, pour it in your face. If you don’t give it, pour it in your mouth. If you strip it all and put it in the dog cage, flush it with cold water. Anyway, there are 10000 ways to cure you. In the end, there are no obvious scars or criminal evidence. You may not be convicted if you go to the police.

In fact, those engaged in underground usury business care about the law most. They know the conviction process very well. Even during the prison period, they often discuss legal issues with their peers, study legal news, and go to station B to see Luo Xiang, because they are the real version of Zhang San. This is why the loan sharks seem to be unable to catch up. On the one hand, the market demand is always there. On the other hand, they know the law very well and can exploit loopholes.

But it will have to be released sooner or later. In order to reduce the management cost, there is a practice of commutation in prison, that is to say, you can step on the sewing machine well (really, the prison is also a factory, and everyone has a quota every day. I have asked the readers who work in the prison). If you don’t make trouble, you can generally get out of prison ahead of time. This time, the principal criminal in Tangshan was released from prison ahead of schedule.


In fact, in 2018, the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for gambling really surprised the world.

After the world cup that year, the media made statistics through various data. It is estimated that the Chinese spent at least 30 billion yuan on gambling during the world cup. This is a conservative calculation. Many people estimate that the total amount is more than 50billion yuan.

As for the amount of domestic gambling funds each year, God knows. But all parties have used the “100 billion” as the unit.

At that time, the gambling atmosphere was unbelievable, and the circle of friends was full of public discussions.

Moreover, the 2018 World Cup is a special pit, which has been popular since the group stage. For example, Germany, the defending champion, lost the first game of the group to Mexico, and countless people lost. The famous police account “Jiangning public security” sent a microblog to “comfort” everyone in the early morning, which made many fans very “moved”.


I still remember that in the circle of friends at that time, the people who guessed the game a few days ago were all crazy. As a result, several unexpected results came down, not only did the front win all the money, but also lost all the capital.

At that time, the “balcony stem” was popular. They all said that they were going to jump off the building after losing all their money, but there were too many people. The balcony was full and they couldn’t squeeze up.

Because there are so many unpopular people, there is a saying that the villa depends on the sea! But on the whole, almost all gamblers have lost and won in a single game, but on the whole, they have lost, without exception.

So it’s best not to try. It’s hard to win anyway. Most of the time, you can make money by speculation.

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