Tangshan woman reported that the deputy chief hired a triad to beat her son to death, and hoped that the police would actively intervene in the investigation

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On June 13, a woman in Qian’an, Tangshan, Hebei reported with her real name that in 2016, Yang, the vice president of the Rolling Iron and Steel Group in Qian’an, Tangshan, hired five local thugs to beat her son to death. But over the years, she has not received a statement of her son’s death, because the police told her that “the son was not injured” and could not file a case. (According to the upstream news on June 13)

Recently, a beating case in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei has attracted national attention. Several men beat and kicked female customers, “kicking” the hearts of the public. Subsequently, there have been a series of real-name reports of gang-related incidents by citizens in the local area, and many of them have also been searched.

Announcement on the reporting method of the special rectification action of Tangshan’s summer social security “Thunderstorm”

That is, on June 12, Tangshan launched a special rectification action for the summer social security “Thunderstorm” in Tangshan, expressing that it would target the criminal activities with strong reactions from the masses and bad social impact, and use heavy blows and heavy punishments. Punish evil and do everything, never be soft-handed, go out to battle with the might of thunder, and win decisive battles.

On June 13, Tangshan City issued an announcement on the reporting methods for the special rectification action of the “Thunder Storm” in the summer social security, focusing on collecting clues about illegal and criminal behaviors in six aspects from the whole society.

Reporters believe that the local is really moving. Because as long as a city takes the public’s expectations seriously, there is no problem that cannot be solved. It should also be noted that eradicating gangsterism and evil, and doing everything to eliminate evil is also a key step for Tangshan City to restore public confidence.

Tangshan woman reported that a company’s deputy chief hired a triad to beat her son to death (picture source video screenshot)

Now, “Tangshan woman reported that the deputy chief hired a triad to kill her son” is on the hot search again. The local area must have also paid attention to this information, and will definitely intervene actively to give the old mother an explanation and a response to the public.

If what the whistleblower says is true, it is indeed distressing and confusing. She said that her son was beaten to death, and the police said that “there was no injury to his body” was unscientific. As long as he was beaten to death, the forensic doctor could not identify it. The police refused to file a case because of “no injuries”, which should not be the case! It is normal for a mother to ask for a statement, and it is normal for her to be in love with reason and law. Can you imagine how many sleepless nights she has experienced six years later?

Of course, we must also see that this is only the whistleblower’s statement, whether it is true or not, and what is the truth, it is difficult for us to draw a conclusion at present. But now that the incident has attracted public attention, the local people have shown great confidence and determination. I believe that the police will handle it impartially. The information provided by the whistleblower is still very detailed, and it is not difficult to find out.

The case of beating people at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei has attracted the attention of the whole people, which has brought a certain negative impact to the city of Tangshan, but from another perspective, this is also an opportunity to solve historical problems. Taking advantage of this upsurge in public opinion, some citizens have the courage to report the injustice they have encountered, and they also believe that the problem can be resolved justly, which is also a manifestation of their confidence in the local area.

This expectation is a burden. The local people must uphold the mentality of not being afraid of too many things, not afraid of trouble, not afraid of complexity, calm down, calm down, and take every case seriously and meticulously. Regardless of whether these cases are reported online with real names, or reported by telephone, letter, etc., whether they are on the hot search or not, we must investigate the case clearly and do a solid job.

The city gives citizens a sense of security, which is a major premise for urban development. Only in this way can citizens live and work in peace and contentment and live a happy life. I’m not afraid that some cases will pop up suddenly, but I’m afraid that some cases will be choked in the throats of the masses, but they dare not say it or don’t want to say it, because they are afraid that no one will listen or care if they say it.

Carry out the cases one by one, implement them in a real way, and turn them into iron cases. With the response, the confidence of the citizens will naturally rise. When justice prevails, there is no room for evil to be arrogant, and the satisfaction of the city will naturally increase.

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