Tanjianzira Yizhou fans tear open tanjianzira Yizhou what’s wrong

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Tan Jianci made a small explosion with the book of hunting, but Luo Yizhou is estimated that many people don’t know it, but people in the fan circle, if they know Tan Jianci, they should all know Luo Yizhou. Tan Jianci Luo Yizhou fans tear open, what’s the matter between Tan Jianci and Luo Yizhou? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Tanjianziluo Yizhou fans tear open

Tan Jianci and Luo Yizhou are not a top-notch artist at all, but now search Luo Yizhou, and there will be a lot of news related to tan Jianci, many of which are still playing on Tan Jianci. The relationship between Luo Yizhou and Tan Jianci. Luo Yizhou is the artist of Yaoke, and Tan Jianci signed his film and television contract to Yaoke. As a result, Luo Yizhou’s fans have all kinds of pull and step on Tan Jianci, thinking that Luo Yizhou’s own conditions are much better than Tan Jianci, and he has been complaining about roast Jianci’s figure.

In the eyes of Luo Yizhou’s fans, Luo Yizhou dances better than Tan Jianci, and his height has a great advantage over Tan Jianci, and he is still young. Yaoke will definitely hold Luo Yizhou in his arms, and Luo Yizhou will definitely become Yaoke’s brother in the future. Luo Yizhou’s fans even trampled on Tan Jianci’s black material everywhere on the Internet. This behavior of Luo Yizhou’s fans also attracted the dissatisfaction of Tan Jianci’s fans, so the two sides tore it up on the Internet. The result is naturally that Tan Jianci’s fans won. After all, Luo Yizhou’s fans are far smaller than Tan Jianci.

What happened to tanjianzira Yizhou

Luo Yizhou successfully entered the entertainment industry through his youth with you 3, and officially made his debut as the center of ixform in this competition. But this program itself is confused, so Luo Yizhou’s popularity is far from enough. Now Luo Yizhou has signed a contract with Yaoke, focusing on acting, and the road of acting has just begun. Xiaobian thinks that fans should keep a low profile. At least wait until Luo Yizhou has a big hit, and then go to step on the company’s predecessors. The person in charge wants to improve the popularity and topic popularity through stepping on the predecessors. It’s really disappointing.

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