“ Ten halls of hell ” It is a unique folk belief in ancient times. What are their respective responsibilities?

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“Ten halls of hell” is a unique folk belief in ancient China. The so-called “ten halls of hell” means that there are ten kings in charge of hell, who live above the ten halls of hell, so they are called “ten halls of hell”. King Guang of Qin, king of Chu River, Emperor song, king of five senses, King Yan Luo, King Biancheng, King Taishan, King metropolis, King equality, and King runner. These ten kings are above the ten halls of hell, so they are called the ten halls of hell. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Hall 1: Qin Guang, Wang Jiang

The main duty of King Qin Guang is to be in charge of life and death in the world. Youming has good or bad luck! When a good man dies, he will be led by the Yin difference, or ascend to heaven, or be reborn into a rich family. If the people who have done more than half of the world’s work are sent to the ten halls of hell after death, they will still join the world and become ordinary mortals. As there are many evils and few good things, you must go to the evil mirror platform after death. On the right side of the evil mirror platform hall, the platform is about a foot high, the mirror is ten large, hanging to the East, and there is a horizontal plaque with seven characters: there are no good people in front of the evil mirror platform, especially the ghosts who commit many evils in the Yang world. You can see all the evils in the Yang world by yourself, like a silent film on the screen, and then take them to the hell of the second hall to be punished according to their sins, At that time, I knew that ten thousand liang of gold could not be brought with me. I was guilty all my life. It was too late to regret.


Such evil doers have a very wide range, such as: profiteering at the expense of others, bullying the weak, harming the good, being ungrateful, being unfilial, being a murderer by nature, abusing livestock, murdering for money, stirring up trouble, creating bloodshed, and all acts of heartlessness and harm. They should be taken to the second hall according to the actual information and receive the due punishment.

On the first day of the second month of the lunar calendar every year, if the world kneels down to the West sincerely and advocates the Buddha Dharma from the heart, so as to help all living beings, be merciful and relieve the poor, it will surely be able to prolong life and enjoy eternal bliss.

The second Hall: the calendar of the king of Chu River

At the bottom of the sea. Living in hell under the fertile stone in the south. This weight has a longitudinal width of 500 days, and the following 16 small hell are set up: 1. Black cloud sand small hell; 2? Dung and urine mud small hell; 3? Five forked little hell; 4? Hungry little hell; 5? Thirsty little hell; 6? Little hell with pus and blood; 7? Copper axe little hell; 8? Little hell with many copper axes; 9? Iron armored little hell; 10? A small hell; 11? Chicken little hell; 12? Grey River little hell; 13? Cut off the little hell; 14? Sword leaf little hell; 15? Wolf little hell; 16? Cold little hell.

The third Hall: Emperor Yu of Song Dynasty

The world is a man. Don’t think of your virtue. People’s lives are paramount. He who holds a position and enjoys a salary. Not Jianchen Festival. Regardless of the lives of the people. Scholars and commoners forget their righteousness when they see profit. The husband is unjust. A bad wife. Should love the successor and be the heir. Once received a favor. And property. Those who return to their families and branches with a negative conscience. A servant is the master of the house. The book serviceman is subordinate to the chief of the official. Partner negative financial owner. Or criminal escape and military escape. For custody, the applicant shall be guaranteed. Those who are responsible for the relatives of officials and other matters. Long journey without repentance. Though we do good. It is inevitable to suffer from all kinds of hardships, such as paying attention to geomantic omen, preventing funeral, building graves and digging coffins. I will stop digging and change my cave. It will damage the bones and bones, and the Lun will lose money and food. Lost ancestral tombs. Tempting to break the law. Instigate a lawsuit. Write an anonymous letter of withdrawal. Fabricate letters of agreement. Cash withdrawal bond. A set of monograms without notes or restrictions. Add and correct accounts. If there is an incident of victimization of posterity, check the seriousness of the crime. Make Dali ghost servant enter the big prison, and send him to the small prison to suffer. He was transferred from Manchu to the fourth gang. Increase the sentence and return to prison.

The fourth Hall: Wang Lu, the five sense organs

At the bottom of the sea. In the East, there is a great hell under the fertile stone. This weight is also wide by fivehundred days, and there are also sixteen small hells: one, pool small hell; 2? Cantharidin chain bamboo stick little hell; 3? Boiling soup poured into a little hell; 4? Little hell with liquid on the palm; 5? Small hell with broken tendons and bones; 6? Weir shoulder brush skin small hell; 7? Lock skin little hell; 8? Squatting peak small hell; 9? Iron clad little hell; 10? Wood, stone, earth and tile press the small hell; 11? Sword eye little hell; 12? Fly ash plug mouth small hell; 13? Medicine filled little hell; 14? Greasy little hell; 15? Prick mouth little hell; 16? Rubble buried in a small hell.

The fifth Hall: Yama Wang Bao

I used to live in the first hall, but I succumbed to death because of pity. The sun shines again and again. Lowering the tune is in charge of the bottom of the sea and under the fertile stone in the northeast. Call the great hell. And 16 small hell. All the evil criminals who came to this temple have suffered in various prisons for many years, that is, they have been in the first four temples, and they have checked that there is no serious offense. Every seven days on schedule. To the temple; Also check and do no evil. On May 7, the corpse was still alive, and no one was incorruptible. The ghost criminals all said that there were still unfulfilled good wishes in the world, or building bridges and streets in temples. Open a river and dig a well. Or the book of persuasion has not been completed. Or the number of animals released is not full. Or the parents have not prepared for the funeral of their parents. Or receive a favor without repaying it. And so on. I beg you to release the sun. All vows. I must be a good man, as I heard. You and so on. In the past, evil deeds were evident. God knows you. It is too late for the ship to make up for the leak in the river. It can be seen that there is no evil spirit in Yin division. The sun seldom blames others. A true man of virtue.


Sixth Hall: King Bi of six cities

At the bottom of the sea. Under the fertile stone in the due north. Cry out for hell. The vast fivehundred days. There are sixteen other small hells around: first, always kneeling in the iron sand small hell; 2? Drenched in excrement and mud; 3? Grind and destroy the bloody little hell; 4? Tongs with small hell; 5? Kidney cutting rats bite little hell; 6? The thorn net locust drills the small hell; 7? Small hell of pounding meat pulp; 8? Split skin and challenge small hell; 9? Small hell with fire and throat closed; 10? A little hell baked by mulberry fire; 11? A little dung hell; 12? The ox carves the horse to be impatient small hell; 13? Fei Qiao little hell; 14? Head shelling little hell; 15? Cut a small hell; 16? A little hell of skinning grass.

Seventh Hall: Taishan Wangdong

Under the fertile stone in the northwest, there is a great hell of heat. The surrounding area is 500 days wide, and there are 16 other small hells: 1. Swallow the small hell; 2? Lie chest small hell; 3? Flute leg fire force pit small hell; 4? Power resists the small hell; 5? Dog bite tibia small hell; 6? Cry bitterly at the little hell of dog pier; 7? Then open a small hell; 8? The top stone crouches in a small hell; 9? The bustard pecks up and down and bites the little hell; 10? Wupi pig drags a small hell; 11? Hanging armour foot small hell; 12? Pull out the tongue and pierce the cheeks in a small hell; 13? Small hell with intestines; 14? A mule treads a cat and chews a little hell; 15? Scorch finger little hell; 16? The oil kettle is boiling in a small hell.

The eighth Hall: Urban Wang Huang

He is in charge of the bottom of the sea and under the west fertile stone. He is very hot and angry about the great hell. This prison is 500 years wide. There are also 16 small hells: first, a small hell of car collapse; 2? A little hell in a pot; 3? A little hell; 4? Kong xiaohell; 5? Jian Zhu small hell; 6? Constant little hell; 7? Little hell with broken limbs; 8? Fried dirty little hell; 9? A small Inferno; 10? Crawling small hell; 11? Burn a little hell; 12? Open a little hell; 13? A little hell of chest cutting; 14? Breaking the top and prying the teeth of a small hell; 15? Cut a little hell; 16? Steel fork little hell.

Ninth Hall: King Lu of equality

At the bottom of the sea. Under the fertile stone in the southwest, a nose hell. Round and round, it is eight hundred to ten days wide. Closely set in the iron mesh. In addition, there are 16 small hells: 1. A small hell where the bones are knocked and the body is burned; 2? Cramps beat the bones of a small hell; 3? Crows eat heart and liver in a small hell; 4? Dogs eat intestines and lungs in a small hell; 5? A little hell splashed with hot oil; 6? Brain hoop pulling tongue pulling tooth pulling little hell; 7? Take brain to fill little hell; 8? Steaming head and scraping brain in a small hell; 9? Sheep twitch into a little salt hell; 10? A little hell with a wooden top; 11? Grinding heart little hell; 12? Boiling soup drenched in a small hell; 13? Wasp little hell; 14? Scorpion hook little hell; 15? Ants gnaw at the small hell; 16? Purple red Viper drills a little hell.

The tenth Hall: runner Wang Xue

The hall is located outside the fertile stone in the nether world, facing the five turbid places in the East. There are six bridges including gold, silver, jade, wood, etc. Specialized in solving ghosts in various halls. It is approved separately, and where to send it to the four continents, it should be the reincarnation of men and women who live young, rich and poor. Load in detail one by one. Every month, the first hall will be informed, and the registration will be presented to Fengdu. The Yin Law will make the foetus wet. No foot, two feet, four feet, many feet and so on, death is; The wheel turns. Or years and seasons. Or live and die. Flip transform. To kill for uncertainty. For sure. May be ordered to be transferred to the robbery center. Investigate and compare crimes. It is distributed to all parties and reported to Fengdu at the end of the year.

All Yangshi read the Confucian scholars of Yi. Chant Buddhist scriptures, hook to Yin division. Recite the Bible mantra. All prisons cannot be punished. Make the sufferer repay. To this hall. Name by name. And draw the true colors. It’s called the fallen book. Deliver them to Meng Po zunshen (forgetting the platform in Youqu District). Drink misty soup. Send for human fetus. Reincarnation dies in the abdomen, or one or two days, or onehundredandten days. Or one or two years. Let us forget the truth of the three religions. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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