Ten thousand layoffs? Musk’s wild view!

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On the Dragon Boat Festival, musk, the world’s richest man, made a big news and sent an e-mail to internal executives to “suspend all global recruitment”, saying that he felt that the economy would be super bad and asked Tesla to cut 10% of its employees.

At present, Tesla has about 100000 employees around the world, and there are also 5000 global jobs on LinkedIn. The layoff of the world’s richest man will not only bring tens of thousands of unemployment, but also have a great impact on the U.S. capital market because it is second only to trump.


In my opinion, musk is likely to “slap his face” in the near future. Under the background of global recruitment suspension, musk will soon carry out a round of large-scale recruitment in China.

Of course, the face beating of the richest man will not be in vain. I expect that a municipality directly under the central government will also give it a large discount to support the rapid expansion of Tesla’s Chinese factory.

The result of the final display is that when major Internet companies, international investment leaders and white horse manufacturing leaders are deeply involved in the “layoff scandal”, musk, the world’s richest man, goes retrograde and cuts his employees in the United States, Japan and Germany on a large scale. Instead, he firmly bet on China.

Driven by the richest man effect, industrial capital that hesitates to withdraw after unsealing is likely to decide to wait and see, and then watch Musk’s massive transfer of production capacity to China, and gradually settle down.


Therefore, I speculate that Musk’s large-scale recruitment in China will be released soon.

In the trump era, musk bravely became the Golden Horse bone, and became the richest man in the world by virtue of the Chinese factory. In the Biden era, Ma’s richest man chose to be the Golden Horse bone again, which is a big picture.

I’ll open another brain hole. This time, a municipality directly under the central government not only provides land, industrial chain supporting facilities and 996 double shift workers, but also increases efforts in new energy subsidies. In the future, it will give some platform green lights in the fields of financial derivative services.


For example, Tesla China may get a license from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission to sell Tesla’s exclusive auto insurance, quickly reduce sales costs and improve competitiveness, and even rely on the license to create more consumer financial derivative services in the future.

This big ocean horse may be able to handle things that the other two horses couldn’t handle.

So, back to the point in time, it may be able to explain why musk has just announced the full recovery of a municipality directly under the central government. He has been sending e-mails to senior executives, from ordering them to return to work to 10% layoffs worldwide.

Perhaps these emails and actions were already planned and waiting for an order.

Although the dress is worn on the body, the old rabbit next door said that Tesla is also our own son who wants to celebrate children’s day

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