Teras’ fear!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Look at a picture first. We may not be familiar with the image of this woman, but we must have heard of his name. This person is British Foreign Minister trass, who is currently competing for the post of British Prime Minister. What is shown in this video is a gag of trass’ participation in the election debate.

It seemed that she was somewhat frightened. It is said that this shock came from a sudden burst of abnormal noise in the field, which was caused by the sound made by Kate, the debate host, who suddenly fainted and fell down and hit the chair.

First of all, to be clear, trass didn’t have this panic expression because he saw Kate fall to the ground, but because he heard the sound of impact. It is reasonable to say that even as a woman, the sudden boom and click would not be so frightened, not to mention the British Foreign Minister trass, who has been fighting and killing for months to turn Russia into ashes. It is said that a ‘Heroine’ who is persistent in life and battle can never be scared by a voice, and the weak woman’s form is exposed. But why is this guy so afraid? I thought of an answer, that is, startled birds.

The bird that can be scared out of its wits by the sound of bows and arrows is because it has felt or experienced the terrible things of bows and arrows. The reason why trass was so afraid must be that she once saw a bird named Shinzo Abe shot down after a loud noise. It is likely that she also knew who shot down the bird named Abe and why. After all, as hardcore minions in the United States, they still know a little about each other’s secrets, and the rabbit death and fox sorrow mentality caused by the common secrets is also a little bit. Therefore, when she heard this abnormal noise, she thought about it at the first time, is it me? Why me? Did I do something wrong? Godfather, spare your life, and a series of strange ideas, and then this idea is also reflected in her actions and expressions.

After Johnson’s resignation, there are currently two competitors with similar strength in Britain, one is former chancellor of the exchequer sunak, and the other is incumbent foreign minister trass. Sunak is of Indian descent. His parents are both of Indian descent. He is a professional economist. He was once one of Johnson’s King Kong. It is precisely because of his resignation that the Johnson administration is difficult to sustain. And trass is also one of the King Kong of Johnson administration. But judging from a series of performances after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, trass is more like Johnson’s comrade in arms than his men. Because in terms of policy towards Russia and arms assistance to Ukraine, trass showed more enthusiasm than Johnson. The relationship between them is not like a unified diplomatic posture of a government, but more like a competing position between two people. The essence of this statement is to see who follows the United States more closely.

Yes, in my opinion, the performance of trass and Johnson in the war against Russia and Ukraine is more like showing who follows the pace of the United States more closely. Johnson did not dare to say that he supported the British to become mercenaries in Ukraine, while trass said that as long as Russia could be killed, Britain and European countries could pay any price for it. In the pro american Road, trass and Johnson are not the most pro, only more pro.

As a result, Johnson, who was no better than trass, finally had to announce his resignation, while trass, who had no bottom line for being pro american, became the spokesman of the pro american faction in Britain and got the opportunity to run for British Prime Minister.

I have said before that Johnson’s resignation is actually a reflection of the domestic line dispute in Britain. Within Britain, there is also a force that does not advocate full pro american and follows the American line. Moreover, this force is not weak, and the Royal chamber is likely to be one of its strengths. [this is also the reason why sunak, an elite of Indian descent, betrayed Johnson and became the most likely next prime minister of Britain at present. In his view, or he did not betray Johnson, but he has been loyal to Britain and the royal family] this force advocates that Britain should try to have its own interests and European policies, rather than taking the interests of the United States as its own responsibility.

If this idea is put in peacetime, Americans will not say anything. After all, it is also a good thing for their dogs to go out hunting by themselves. In this way, others can’t gossip about themselves, and they can get some benefits from the dog. But now the war between Russia and Ukraine is starting, and the United States needs to concentrate all European firepower against Russia. Britain must keep pace with the United States at all times, otherwise, it is difficult for the United States to make a comprehensive binding on Europe. At the very least, the United States also needs Britain as a counterweight to contain the choice of the European Union. If Britain shows signs of compromise with Russia, the EU’s tough stance towards Russia will be more relaxed.

In fact, Europe’s lax stance has now emerged. Recently, former German Chancellor Schroeder visited Moscow. This is the first visit to Russia by a German heavyweight politician after the war between Russia and Ukraine. Although Putin said he had no plan to meet Schroder, he did not rule out the possibility of communication.

Putin’s expression is not to neglect Schroder, but to protect Schroder. We should remember that after the Crimea was invested in Russia in March 2014, European and American countries began to impose comprehensive sanctions on Russia. In October of the same year, mazherui, President of total of France, went to Moscow to meet with Putin to discuss energy cooperation. As a result, his private plane was destroyed at Moscow airport, and all the people on board were killed. Obviously, this time, if there is a European politician or industrial tycoon who wants to show his friendship with Putin straight away, he will not be far away from running fast with Ma zherui. Therefore, Putin is not ready to host Schroeder with great fanfare.

Schroeder once served as the CEO of the Russian national energy company after retiring as prime minister. He is an active leader of Beixi No. 2 and German Russian energy cooperation. She is also the spokesperson of Merkel in Russia. After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, Beixi No. 2 oil pipeline was terminated, and Beixi No. 1 was almost shut down. On the surface, these are only a great blow to Germany’s energy economy. But in fact, it is a blow to Germany’s European autonomy policy. What Merkel seeks is not only cooperation and peace between Russia and Europe, but also to promote the independence of Europe through the cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with Russia. With the encouragement of the United States and the foolish ideas of some European politicians, Ukraine has become a sharp blade to split Russia and Europe. This makes the relationship between Russia and Europe regress. Now Merkel and Schroeder probably don’t hope that the relationship between Russia and Europe can be changed, but hope that the energy cooperation between Russia and Germany can survive. This should be the main purpose of Schroeder’s visit.

The reason why Schroeder came out rather than Merkel, a higher status, was that Merkel’s goal was too obvious and symbolic, and she had been seriously warned before. Schroeder himself is a frequent visitor to Moscow, and it is much easier to do things than Merkel. If it’s Merkel, it’s estimated that she can’t get out of Berlin, and Schroeder, the big deal is that she can’t come back to Germany in the end, and she can always go one step further than Merkel. In view of Abe’s murder, who among politicians in western countries is not nervous and everyone is in danger? Otherwise, trass would not be scared out of color by a strange noise.

The change in Germany and the compromise that European countries want to make to Russia because of energy have prompted trass to become British Prime Minister. This is the task assigned by the United States and the goal that the United States must achieve. Johnson, who is pro american, must step down and take over as a pro american. The so-called British loyal sunak, even if he can finally be elected prime minister, may not escape the control of the United States. [the United States I am talking about here refers not only to the U.S. government, but a powerful capital force entrenched in the United States] against Russia, this force has been nearly crazy. If Britain suddenly changes its attitude towards Russia at this time, how can Europe, which is not firm in will, work hard with the United States? Therefore, the election of British Prime Minister should still have a lot of excitement to watch.

But can a tough but weak woman like trass become a qualified British Prime Minister? For the British, or not. But for Americans, it should be just right. Because a woman who likes to show off so much, but is so timid and afraid of death, isn’t it the kind of template that Americans like?

As long as we don’t see this prime minister competition from the standpoint of the British, we should all hope to see trass become the next British Prime Minister. Because this kind of woman will only send Britain into a deeper abyss, not only will she not struggle, but also increase her speed. But if sunak is elected, he will definitely struggle a few times in the end. Even if he can’t escape the control of the United States, this struggle will also prolong the painful time of the world.

A country like Britain, which made its fortune by windfall, should be sent to the abyss as soon as possible. Otherwise, the road to peace in the world will be somewhat more obstructed and troublesome. Trass’ fear may also be the abyss of Britain.

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