Thai corrupt male owner miles’ house collapsed and miles’ girlfriend was picked out

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If you have friends who pay attention to Thai entertainment circles or like watching tanmei dramas, you should be familiar with mile. This year, mile’s Danmei TV series “gangster young master loves me” also triggered fierce discussion on the Chinese Internet and was loved by everyone. Thai corrupt male owner mile collapsed because his girlfriend was picked out by netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Thai corrupt male leader mile collapses his house

As the most popular Thai corrupt man recently, mile also worked very hard outside the play to do business with CP in the play. Everyone hopes that the two people can make a real play and feel that they are really together. Unexpectedly, mile was exposed to have a girlfriend who had been dating for many years. This girlfriend lives in Melbourne all the year round, and mile often flies to Melbourne to reunite with his girlfriend. Mile is not crooked at all. In reality, mile is a straight man.

Netizens also picked up many single photos of mile and his girlfriend that were suspected to have been taken at the same place. From these photos, we can see that the relationship between mile and his girlfriend is still very sweet. Even mile once left a message on his girlfriend’s INS, praising her for being so cute. Although mile is a star, they still can’t help showing their love on INS. However, the more love between mile and his girlfriend, the more netizens can’t accept it. After all, mile is crooked in the play, and everyone likes his male CP.

Mile’s girlfriend was picked out

Mile has also been attacked by many Thai netizens because of his girlfriend incident. Netizens believe that mile cheated them and even let mile get out of the entertainment circle. Xiaobian really thinks that some audiences are too involved in the drama. Many Thai corrupt men are straight men in their lives. Everyone plays this kind of drama to become famous. They regard it as a kind of work. They don’t really like men. I don’t know if he was scolded too badly. Now, mile has to send a document to respond to this matter, to the effect that he broke up with the woman and.

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