Thai drama actor push upgrades when the father basks in the baby’s B-ultrasound photos and kisses his wife’s pregnant belly

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When it comes to foreign TV dramas, many people think of Korean TV dramas, but in fact, Thai TV dramas are also very popular in China, and mainland TV stations have always broadcast Thai TV dramas for several years. Push is not only a famous actor in Thailand, but also has many fans in China. Thai drama actor push upgraded to be a father. Push also took B-ultrasound photos of the baby and photos of kissing his wife’s pregnant belly. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Thai drama actor push is promoted to be a father

Push married Ju in 2018. After marriage, the two have always shown that they want children very much. It was also reported that juipush was actively preparing for pregnancy, but it was unexpected that Jui was pregnant so soon. Push was also very happy to post on his social platform, showing the B-ultrasound photos of the baby and the photos of kissing his wife, Ju, on her pregnant belly.

Pushjui in the photo is still dressed up as a couple. Both of them wear very light makeup, and then wear white T-shirts, light jeans and small white shoes. The picture is very warm. Fans also sent their blessings, congratulating pushjui on becoming a father and mother. Push is very well known in China. Many people know Jui because of push, but in fact, Jui is also a very famous artist in Thailand.

Push kisses wife

Ju is not only an actor, but also a host. He and push are fellow townsmen, both from ratpi Prefecture. Jui has previously acted in such works as the golden maid, the river magic love, buang Wu Wan’s past and present lives, and you are the sun in my heart. Push and Ju met in 2014 when they were working together in dreamland. After that, they began to associate. After four years of association, they married Guan Xuan in 2018. It is also a coincidence that they have been married for four years and have children. Xiaobian also wishes pushjui again that their baby can grow up healthily and happily!

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