The 28-year-old woman lost her virtue after drinking on a blind date and took the initiative to hug the 45-year-old uncle and fled

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As the saying goes, wine is character, and Chinese wine table culture has a long history. Why is there a saying that wine is character?

Wine is not only a person’s performance after drinking, but also a person’s quality and etiquette. You need to drink in moderation, and you need to drink on different occasions. If you know that you are not good at drinking, you must stay sober all the time, and don’t drink too much.

Event review: The woman lost a good marriage because of drinking and losing her temper. The woman is 28 years old and has not talked about her boyfriend yet. She has been urging her at home for several years. She said that she was not in a hurry, but in fact she was already very anxious.

I have dated more than 10 times, but I still haven’t found a suitable partner. Either the other party dislikes my age, or I despise the other party’s salary.

This day, the marriage agency called her again, saying that there was a 45-year-old uncle who was excellent in family, work, and, to put it bluntly, because he had money, and asked her if she would like to go on a blind date.

The woman thought for a while, what happened to 45 years old, mature men will hurt people, people of this age will not dislike her for being old, and she agreed to this matter with a stomping of her teeth.

On the day of the blind date, the woman wore white short-sleeved brown cropped trousers, paired with a pair of white sneakers, and pulled her hair into a ball shape, showing her youthful attitude.

At the meeting place, she finally saw her blind date. Although this uncle is 45 years old, if you just look at his face, you can’t tell his age. He has a blue polo shirt and neat short hair. It is also radiant, and the speech is also gentle.

The woman secretly rejoiced, she was quite satisfied with the appearance of this uncle.

She began to briefly introduce her work and family to her uncle, who also expressed great appreciation for this smiling woman. He also told her about his own situation. It turned out that the uncle’s wife died of illness more than 10 years ago.

He took care of his son by himself, and had to earn money to support his family at the same time. After several years of hard work, the uncle finally opened a small company of his own in this city, and also recruited many employees.

My son has just graduated from college and has found a good job. The uncle can finally breathe a sigh of relief and think about his own affairs. The son rarely goes home after work, and the uncle feels that the house is getting more and more empty.

The life of a person is really lonely, so I want to find a wife who can talk to and spend the future together.

The woman was more satisfied with him after hearing the introduction of the uncle. Uncle was simply the partner she was looking for in her dreams. The two hit it off, the woman was very happy, and she finally had the hope of getting married!

Unexpectedly, this woman has a disadvantage, that is, the amount of alcohol is not good, and if she drinks too much, she will lose her temper.

Because she was so happy, the woman forgot her shortcoming for a while. After eating two bottles of beer, she began to feel unwell, her hands and feet were not obeying orders, and she looked like a double image of people.

The more the woman looked at the uncle, the more she liked it. She even wanted to sit on someone’s lap while talking to the uncle. Seeing this, the uncle got up in a hurry, but was pressed by the woman step by step, until he was forced to the corner of the wall.

The woman took the initiative to hug her many times, and the uncle raised his hands and stepped back again and again

The woman was not satisfied, she stretched out her hand and wrapped her arms around the neck of the uncle.

It was the first time the uncle had seen such a situation in his 45-year-old life. He wanted to push the woman away nervously, but the drunk woman’s strength was surprisingly amazing, and he couldn’t break free from the woman for a while.

The uncle had to tell her in a low voice, asking her to let go of himself and sit back at the table, which didn’t work, and made the woman even more excited.

The woman cried and shouted, telling that her blind date had never been successful. Why those people disliked her because she was old, and she never found a match, because her parents did not allow her to fall in love while she was in school.

Even when she was in college, she was not allowed to fall in love casually. At the age of 28, she didn’t know how to get along with others, or how to manage love, let alone marriage.

The woman’s loud cry attracted a lot of other people who were eating at the restaurant. Everyone stood at the door to watch the fun, which made the uncle feel ashamed, and his face was red because of the wine or the onlookers.

Seeing that the woman has not stopped, the uncle helplessly asked the onlookers for help. Finally, with the help of everyone, the uncle was able to “escape”.

The marriage, which was supposed to be the best of both worlds, broke up because of this incident.

author’s opinion;

In “The Solution of Guanzi Situation”, it is said: The sage chooses what can be said and then speaks, and chooses what is feasible and then acts.

Although there are not many true saints nowadays, if you know that your alcohol intake is low, you can talk without thinking after drinking, do whatever you want, and don’t care about the impact after the event, you can only bear it yourself. consequences.

Here, the author would also like to persuade everyone that although wine meets a confidant, a thousand cups are few, but sometimes speaking too much will lead to misfortune. Everyone must take this story as a warning. On some important occasions, you must learn to be a smart person. It is not important to drink more or less, but to be sober and self-disciplined.

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