The 40-year-old uncle confessed to the female technician that he would never forget her tenderness

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Late marriage has become an increasingly common social phenomenon. In this era of increasing pressure, many friends have reversed the order of starting a family and starting a business. They choose to start a family first and then start a family.

The reason for such a choice is also forced by the situation. Starting a family means immediately taking on the burden of the family. Having children is also a huge expense, and there is no time or capital to start a business.

Moreover, modern girls are becoming more and more discerning in choosing a mate, and no one will see them on a blind date in a poor and white state.

Wash your feet and wash your feelings
As a result, some people had to become “leftover” older bachelors. Uncle Wang, 40, was one of them. Fortunately, his years of hard work were not in vain.

It’s not a big wealth, but it can be regarded as a well-off, and the clothing business is booming, but it’s a pity that I missed the best opportunity to start a family.

In his spare time, the uncle would go to the feet to relax with his friends. By chance, he met 23-year-old Wang Mouli. The technique and considerate attitude of this female technician made the uncle feel like a spring breeze. Over time, the two became friends. Friends who talk about nothing.

40-year-old uncle confessed to female technician
It would be a lie to say that the uncle is unmoved. After all, after being single for so many years, who doesn’t want to find someone who knows the cold and the hot to spend the rest of his life together?

But the uncle was concerned about the 17-year-old age gap between the two. This question made him entangled, and after thinking for a long time, he asked his good brother who grew up to ask for advice.

“What age is this? What’s the problem with age? If you like it, go after it. If you’re afraid of being ugly, I’ll give you courage!” Seeing the disdainful expression on his brother’s face, the uncle had an unprecedented hope in his heart.

So, two middle-aged men found a female technician, and without any nonsense, took out a rose and confessed directly!

forget her tenderness
The female technician was a little overwhelmed by the uncle’s sudden confession. Looking at this pious middle-aged man, she didn’t know how to deal with it for a while. From a guest to a boyfriend, this curve was indeed a bit difficult to turn.

Seeing that the female technician was silent, the uncle was also a little anxious. He rambled about the past that the two met and got along with each other. He was not good at words. of.

Those trivial things really hit the female technician. She covered her mouth with her hands and stood there in a daze, and finally accepted the rose a little shyly.

Netizen: If you want free service, just say it
If the two go hand in hand from now on, it will undoubtedly be another good story, but some netizens are not very optimistic about this relationship. “Uncle is a businessman, and his brain is definitely not something that a female technician can compete with. Maybe he is looking for free services.”

This argument has won a lot of supportive voices “Yes, yes, if you want free services, just say it! It’s too shrewd!”

Regardless of whether the uncle has this idea for the time being, it is reasonable to let his wife wash her feet after marriage. It is not free or not.

According to this argument, if you marry a cook, you can eat for free, and if you marry a cleaner, you can sweep the floor for free, which is completely nonsense.

Don’t care about worldly eyes
Moreover, foot bath is also a formal health care program. There are not only female technicians, but also male technicians. It is not necessary to look at this profession with tinted glasses.

To make an inappropriate analogy, a kitchen knife is a tool for cutting vegetables in the hands of a chef, but it is a device for cutting people in the hands of a gangster.

The reason why technicians give people a bad impression is that when this profession first appeared, they were hiding in filth and filth, but they did not know that some people were doing other things under the guise of technicians.

To give another example, “shampooing” used to be an obscure synonym, but now shampooing is really shampooing. The times are developing, so we should look at problems from the perspective of development, and is it not good to have more sunshine in our hearts?

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