The 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne, does the British royal family have a future?

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In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, Britain has held a four-day “platinum Jubilee” celebration since June 2.


The biggest suspense of this celebration is whether the 96 year old Elizabeth II can attend in person? After all, she was absent from the opening ceremony of Parliament and the royal garden party in the summer. In February, she also confirmed COVID-19. Fortunately, thousands of British subjects finally saw her waving to the crowd on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Later, she presided over the lighting ceremony of the “platinum Jubilee” lighthouse at her home in Windsor Castle.

The queen set out from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to return to Windsor Castle on May 31, but the old man has gone, and the old lady in solitary single shadow is a little sad.

Elizabeth II was crowned on February 6th, 1952. She is the oldest and longest reigning monarch in Britain and the first monarch in Britain to celebrate the platinum Jubilee.

However, many British media have long been analyzing the fate of the royal family once the queen died. Of course, the issue of the Queen’s death can not be directly discussed, but the media will reveal from time to time that the British cabinet has rehearsed for the funeral.

The royal family and aristocracy are the remnants of the collision between the feudal system and the Republican Revolution. The reason why the British royal family can exist for a long time is not because of how noble its blood is, but because of political needs.

Online publics like to talk about “servility”. In fact, they are full of servility and often schizophrenic.

Washington should not be the king of the United States. The public is crying out: the progress of human civilization! A model of democracy and freedom!

The British royal family stands tall and well-known cries: the continuation of the noble spirit, the symbol of the civilized world!

These two things are opposite. The United States used to scold the British royal family not too hard. Without a certain degree of refinement, it is impossible to praise the two Anglo Saxon countries at the same time.

British royal family

The royal family is the oldest political institution in Britain, and Elizabeth II is the leader of many institutions:


Civil service group


Forbidden guards

For hundreds of years, enterprises will go bankrupt, companies will go bankrupt, the cabinet will collapse, the parliament will be dissolved, and the Royal Navy will leak… Only the royal family is safe and sound. It continues to pass on in accordance with its own rhythm and style, wandering in the deep palace mansions and pastoral songs. It can be seen how strong its survival skills are?

The traditional British people think that the royal family is the totem of the British Empire and represents cohesion;

Other British people believe that the royal family is a parasite and should be banned.

However, no matter how people evaluate the British royal family, all countries will respect this institution, but respect and flattery are two different things.

Elizabeth II’s private sphere was closed. Only when the left-wing wave started in Europe in 1969 did the queen allow the BBC to film the documentary “the royal family”. Then the palace gate was closed to the outside world.

While other European royal families are committed to the people-friendly line, the British royal family still strictly maintains its mystery.

People could only stand on tiptoe and try to see and cheer the queen from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.


However, they also saw Princess Margaret’s debauchery, Princess Diana’s misfortune, Prince Charles’ infidelity, Prince Andrew’s sex scandal, and Prince Harry led by Megan’s nose.

Not everyone is willing to pay for the huge expenses of the royal family. In 1971, the British Parliament established a special committee to investigate the royal family’s expenses in response to public opinion.

The result of the survey was to double the Royal expenditure, not counting the maintenance of the Royal Palace, the yacht Great Britain and the Queen’s special plane, as well as other royal service facilities. At that time, the total was at least more than 20million pounds.

In recent years, the budget for the maintenance of Buckingham Palace alone has reached 360million pounds, while the Royal Navy’s funds have been shrinking.

The Queen’s income is completely tax-free, which is different from all British people because they are subjects.

The Queen’s wealth and shares are top secret, and the British cabinet’s request to increase the royal family’s spending is to hope that the royal family will make more public appearances. It sounds like a deal.

The royal family is a theater. The queen is always the protagonist and the spiritual sustenance of the audience. The existence of the royal family is related to philosophy, religion, psychology, politics, astrology, Economics

However, do not analyze the royal family from a class standpoint. If the people are awakened, it will lead to revolution.

The greatest significance of the existence of the British royal family is that it can become a social stabilizer.


Another suspense for the British royal family is: when will Prince Charles succeed to the throne? Is there a prince for seventy years in the world?

But the queen cannot easily hand over the throne to Prince Charles.

The queen is not a power lover. The royal family has no actual power, but the importance of the queen is that she can deprive others of their power.

In addition, she is also the head of the Commonwealth. The throne can be inherited by descent, but the head of the Commonwealth cannot. This is related to Britain’s international political influence.

As early as the 1980s, some Commonwealth countries threatened that if Prince Charles took over, they would withdraw from the Commonwealth. This is politics.

In other words, if Charles succeeds to the throne, there will be uncertainty in the Commonwealth.

Charles’ reputation has been greatly damaged by the tragic death of Princess Diana. If the third generation can produce a highly favorable successor, the queen is more willing to pass on the throne from generation to generation.

Prince Charles is not optimistic about his succession. He once said: “I think the royal family may also be an electoral body. In the final analysis, if people don’t want the royal family, they can abandon it.”

To put it bluntly, the royal family is against democracy. Of course, his mother certainly doesn’t like to hear such words.

The conflict between mother and son did not arise after Diana was married, but before the prince was married.


On july29,1981, the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Diana was supposed to be held in Westminster Abbey, but they insisted on holding it in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Finally, the queen gave in.

Later, Princess Diana also held a ceremony at Westminster Abbey — her funeral.

There are many reasons why Prince Charles can’t take over the shift. The lack of prestige is the main reason. The queen would rather let him wait a little longer.

The Commonwealth can be seen as a trade area, with Britain as the dominant player.

The Commonwealth Heads of state are lifelong, and the design scheme is jointly completed by Mountbatten and Nehru. Although India is independent, it still wants to recognize British hegemony.

The queen has her own Commonwealth Affairs Secretariat (malbala Palace). If she is not old, she will usually personally intervene in the affairs of Commonwealth member states.


The British Prime Minister changed again and again like a lantern, but Elizabeth II stood still.

Now it is Bao Zhongtang who is struggling to survive the crisis. After brexit, those guys in Scotland are fighting for independence. If Su independence succeeds, will this British foundation be destroyed?

Originally, Ka Zhongtang and Mei Zhongtang invited foreigners to build railways, build nuclear power, and connect 5g to Britain… It may also prolong Britain’s life, but Bao Zhongtang was subject to the United States and destroyed his family business.


There are also those ministers in the cabinet who are like three-year-old children. They don’t know geography, and history doesn’t know history. It’s really stupid to say anything about defending Taiwan.

The British seems to have run out of time. What is the use of the royal family? We can’t do without reform and reform.

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