The abacus of the British Empire crackled!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

Britain and Poland were the two hardest players in the Ukrainian war, and the most ruthless against Russia.

If EU member states want to send troops to Ukraine, Britain and Poland must be the two leading countries. I wrote an article about Poland’s hard line. Today I will talk about Britain.

As we all know, the former British Empire has vanished. In terms of size, Britain today is at most a small British Empire; However, many forms and styles still come down in one continuous line with the British Empire, such as brexit and the role played in the Ukrainian war.

To put it simply, Britain is now carrying out the grand plans of the British Empire with the delicate body of the British Empire.

01 poison move

The thing is this: on May 27, the Italian Evening Post declassified that British Prime Minister Johnson had suggested Ukrainian President Zelensky to establish a new “anti Russian alliance”.

The leader of the alliance was Britain;

The founding members of the alliance are composed of 8 countries: Britain, Sweden, Iceland, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia;

In the later stage, it is planned to bring Turkey into the partnership.

According to Johnson’s description, the business scope of the new anti Russian alliance involves military, political and economic fields. The main purpose is to actively defend national sovereignty and advocate free economy, and prepare to take the strongest stand against Russia’s military threat.

How tough? Specifically, it is to completely reject the transit of Russian personnel, goods, communication cables, oil and gas pipelines, and is intended to completely disconnect Russia from Europe by sea, land and air!

The old railroads may wonder whether a so-called “anti Russian alliance” can block Russia’s road to the west?

Look at the map first.


In addition to Britain, the other seven countries are equivalent to Ukraine from northern Europe to the Baltic Sea and then to the Black Sea, which is equivalent to building a wall in Russia and Europe.

Considering that Romania and Bulgaria on the West Bank of the Black Sea are loyal fans of the United States, if the alliance is established, it will be equivalent to blocking more than half of the road from Russia to Europe.

If Turkey is brought into the partnership again, it is theoretically equivalent to completely blocking the road from Russia to Europe.

If this set falls to the ground,

France and Germany will also be coerced, and the EU will become semi disabled;

France, Germany and Russia will all become victims;

Britain is once again the shoulder of Europe.

Therefore, the evening post called the so-called “anti Russian alliance” a “small EU”.

There is no doubt that this is a poison trick.

Of course, some people suspect that this plan may only be fabricated by the media for traffic, and may not exist at all. Of course, this possibility exists. But this strategy is not out of thin air, but there are traces to follow.

02 trace

As early as April 9, Johnson visited Kiev and met with Zelensky. At that time, they acted as if they were brothers of different surnames.


It is said that at that time, Johnson put forward the “anti Russian alliance” initiative to Zelensky. So how true is this story?

On April 13, four days later, it was reported that the presidents of Poland (Duda), Lithuania (nowseda), Latvia (leviz) and Estonia (karis) organized a group to clock in Kiev and take a group photo with Zelensky.

After that, they issued a “Kiev announcement”:

We agree with the proposal put forward by British Prime Minister Johnson to establish a small non military NATO – namely, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Finland, and to establish a rapid response force in Kiev, which is the so-called “small NATO”.

——They say that they are not military organizations, but in fact they are naked military quasi alliances!

The information disclosed in the announcement:

1. Johnson suggested.

2. The establishment of the so-called rapid response force is actually a joint campaign against Russia. Among the six Member States, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are members of NATO. Finland and Ukraine all want to join NATO.

At that time, I wrote an article and analyzed that Johnson’s move was equivalent to binding NATO member states and Ukraine, lowering an iron curtain in Eastern Europe and blocking the land links between Russia and the western world.

According to this information, it is entirely possible for Johnson to establish an “anti Russian alliance” among the eight countries.

Because Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, the five neighboring countries of Russia, are the most determined anti Russian, and Britain is the six countries. Now Sweden and Finland in northern Europe will join NATO and stand on the opposite side of Russia.

So judging from these clues, Johnson’s attempt to build an eight nation “anti Russian alliance” is definitely not groundless, and there is a certain probability of success.

History has repeatedly told the world that Britain is an extremely pragmatic country and cannot get up early without profit.

The British officer must have something in mind.

So what does Britain want?

03 three benefits

Interest 1. European status.

After the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, anti Russia became the political correctness of the West.

However, France and Germany, as the shoulders of the European Union, cannot shake off their arms against Russia because of the huge interest fetters.

On the one hand, Europe is inseparable from Russian energy.

On the other hand, Germany and France need to maintain the stability of the European continent.

So from 2014 to now, France and Germany have been very counselled. In fact, the reason is very simple. They neither want to completely turn against Russia, nor dare to violate the increasingly extreme political correctness of the West.

However, the UK has no such worries. It would like to see chaos in Europe and fish in troubled waters. Therefore, the current situation in Europe is an excellent historical opportunity for Britain.

The tougher Britain acts, the more it can win the support of Eastern European countries. It can also be understood that Johnson said in mid May that if the Russian army dared to bomb the people of Kiev, Ukraine again, Britain would bypass NATO and declare war on Russia alone.


Once Britain pulls up a new alliance against Russia, it will greatly enhance Britain’s position in Europe.

Interest 2. Big business.

War itself is a huge business.

Looking back at World War II, most of the US assistance to Eurasia was given to Britain. It is for this reason that the post-war days in Britain were relatively easier.

Now the United States once again claims that Ukraine applies the “lease act” and opens arms supplies to Ukraine, which is essentially a large business. Plus the assistance from other countries in the world to Ukraine, it is definitely a huge wealth.

If Britain became the leader of the anti Russian alliance, it would have indirect control over the anti Russian materials and funds. Eastern European countries may not know this account, but Britain must know it very well.

Interest 3. Capital cake

The capital cake here has two meanings.

On the one hand, with the turmoil in Europe, capital will go out to avoid risks. In addition to the United States, Britain has a share.

On the other hand, the war will stop one day, and the reconstruction of Ukraine also needs a huge amount of funds. At that time, American and British capital can go in and show their talents.

If the anti Russian alliance turns Ukraine into its own little brother. Britain can at least eat more of the big cake of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.

It can be said that Johnson’s wishful thinking was absolutely popping.

But can he succeed?

04 success probability

The first is Ukraine. Zelenski has not yet responded to this proposal. Because he is waiting for the EU summit at the end of June, and expects Ukraine to obtain the qualification of EU candidate, and strive to lead Ukraine to directly join the EU.

ZELINSKY himself is also a human being. Why should he recognize Britain as the big brother? To recognize big brother is to recognize America. Britain is no longer the British Empire in the past. Although it seems tough against Russia, it is only a small British Empire after all.

The second is the identity of ZELINSKY, the Jew.

There must be Jewish capital behind the game of Ukraine. The cake they made will not be easily given to Johnson. So Johnson had a hard time picking peaches.

Third, it is not easy for Eastern European countries to do so.

Although the Eastern European countries are very enthusiastic about anti Russia. But in addition to anti Russia, it is difficult for Britain to come up with many chips. The key is that they are all within the EU, and they are doing well. It seems not easy for them to leave the EU and follow Britain.

In the final analysis, it is the body of the British Empire that cannot support the ambitions of the British Empire.

Of course, if Britain can be ruthless and really declare war for Ukraine and Russia, it is another matter. It is also possible to establish an anti Russian alliance. But the cost may not be affordable to Britain.

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