The agent responded that Yu Xiuhua had broken up, and netizens shouted that the agent would call the police for Yu Xiuhua

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It is often said that show love dies quickly. Yu Xiuhua and her boyfriend Yang zhuce showed their love wantonly just after they were together. Later, their marriage was also very high-profile. But less than three months after their marriage, the relationship became contradictory. The agent responded that Yu Xiuhua had broken up, and netizens shouted that the agent would call the police for Yu Xiuhua. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

The agent responded that Yu Xiuhua had broken up

During the live broadcast, Yu Xiuhua had a fierce quarrel with Yang zhuce, and also revealed that he had been beaten by Yang zhuce before, and was almost killed by Yang zhuce. Yang zhuce didn’t deny it in the live broadcast, which shows that he really abused Yu Xiuhua. Many netizens shouted that Yu Xiuhua, a man of domestic violence, should not, and persuaded Yu Xiuhua to divorce Yang zhuce quickly.

Later, Yu Xiuhua sent an article in response to the live broadcast event. Yu Xiuhua said that Yang zhuce was very good to himself, that is, he was grumpy. But then he accused Yang zhuce of cheating on him and having sex with other women, and accused Yang zhuce of repeatedly being domestic violence against him. He explained that he scolded Yang zhuce’s daughter because Yang zhuce scolded her son first. Finally, Yu Xiuhua mocked herself that she was not good enough for Yang zhuce. She thanked Yang zhuce for his company and wished him to find a better person.

Netizens shouted that the agent called the police for yuxiuhua

Netizens angrily scolded Yang zhuce for being a soft rice man. As a result, he had to eat soft rice hard. He cheated Yu Xiuhua’s feelings for money, fame and wealth, and humiliated Yu Xiuhua by domestic violence after marriage. It was really shameless. This kind of scum man was ridiculed and despised by the whole society. Everyone also likes Yu Xiuhua’s relatives and friends, which can help Yu Xiuhua get out of trouble. And Yu Xiuhua’s agent, now also came out and said that Yu Xiuhua and Yang zhuce had broken up. However, netizens still hope that the agent will call the police for Yu Xiuhua and don’t let go of the domestic violence man. Yang zhuce will pay for his return to domestic violence.

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