The American incident has completely changed history, and the struggle and tragedy have just begun!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


When I woke up, America experienced a sad day that changed history.

That’s not what I said. It’s what Biden said.

On the TV screen, Biden looked sad and sighed: the Supreme Court brought the United States back 150 years ago. I think this is a sad day for the court and the country.

Because in its judgment on June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the “Roe v. Wade case” in 1973, ending 50 years of constitutional protection of women’s right to abortion.

The plaintiff in the “Luo v. Wade case” was Jane roe, whose real name was McCorvey. She was unmarried and pregnant at that time, but she could not have a legal abortion in Texas. Because according to the state law, abortion is illegal unless it is to save the lives of pregnant women.

The case was appealed to the Supreme Court. At that time, it was a historic 7:2 decision, which confirmed that the U.S. Constitution protected women’s freedom of abortion. But 50 years later, everything is back to the original point.

The Supreme Court of the United States played a big joke on Americans.

But this ruling concerns the rights and interests of hundreds of millions of American women and the fate of American families. Because this means that in some parts of the United States, abortion is illegal, even if it is pregnancy caused by rape and incest.

Watching videos and pictures and knowing the results, many American women at the gate of the Supreme Court shed tears of pain and anger.


June 24 is also a day when the United States is torn apart.

Among the nine justices of the Supreme Court, six are conservatives and three are liberals. Conservatives now have a crushing advantage. In the ruling, conservative justice samuelalito believed that the argument of the “Roe v. Wade case” was weak and did not solve the problem of abortion. Instead, it provoked debate and deepened differences.

Three liberal justices strongly opposed it. In their dissenting opinions, they said that with the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case, millions of American women lost a basic constitutional protection.

The decision of the Supreme Court is final. This ruling, in fact, handed over the right to abortion to all States.

Arkansas, Ohio, Alabama and many other Republican controlled states immediately ordered abortion to be illegal in that state. The governor of Arkansas praised the Supreme Court, saying the decision was “a turning point for our country”.

On that side, 83 attorneys general of 28 states, including California, New York and Virginia, vowed not to prosecute those women who sought and performed abortion because the Supreme Court’s decision was “unreasonable”.

Enough tear.

Don’t think that this must be the result of gender differences in the United States.

You know, there are three women in the U.S. Supreme Court, and there are female justices who oppose abortion. In fact, Leslie Rutledge, the Attorney General of Arkansas, who immediately declared abortion illegal after the Supreme Court ruling, is also a woman.

It is not only the United States that is tearing apart, but also many of its allies. They are stunned to see the United States on its way back.

The French were shocked. French President macron immediately responded that “abortion is a basic right of all women”. Mei langxiong, the leader of the left wing league who is likely to be the Prime Minister of France, lamented that “this is too unfortunate”, “trump’s country can legally carry weapons on the streets, but abortion is prohibited. I hope this wind will not blow to France”.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said, “I sympathize with millions of American women… I can’t imagine the fear and anger you feel now.”

Even the British Prime Minister Johnson, who is a staunch supporter of the United States, said: “I must tell you that I think this is a big setback.”

Because it is very simple. In western society, women’s right to abortion is considered to be a manifestation of social progress. But now, the United States has regressed for 50 years, and the world is amazed.

Oh, the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, is also saddened. She believes that the US move is a huge blow to women’s human rights and gender equality. “This decision deprives millions of women in the United States of this autonomy, especially low-income women and ethnic minority women, and undermines their basic rights,” she warned

When the US Supreme Court made its decision, it happened to be the evening in Europe. People gathered in front of the US embassies in many European countries. According to the analysis, this weekend, the West will witness more large-scale rallies to protest against the historic retrogression of the United States.



Why did this happen?

People turned their attention to trump, because the ecological change of the US Supreme Court has a close relationship with trump.

An associated press report said: this ruling was unthinkable a few years ago. It was three Supreme Court judges appointed by former president trump that made this audacity possible.

It is generally believed that Trump’s greatest political legacy is not his policies – with Biden coming to power, many of his policies were kicked into the garbage can, but the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme court appointed by him.

It has to be said that trump is a “marshal”. He has appointed three of the nine justices, all of whom are young.

All justices serve for life. Trump has completely changed the ecology of the Supreme Court, and has also broken the political balance in the United States… Don’t forget that many unresolved political contradictions and election results are finally decided by the Supreme Court.

After the announcement of yesterday’s judgment, Biden and the Democratic Party gnawed their teeth, but trump was elated and praised the judgment as “the greatest life victory in a generation”.

Trump did not forget praise and self praise. He said, “I never like to attribute anything to myself.” then he said that he appointed three Supreme Court judges to make decisions


But is it over?

The verdict cannot be changed, but the struggle and tragedy have just begun.

Biden said that his government is unable to change the ruling result, so the people can only change it by voting. In other words, to change the law by changing Congress, in the final analysis, we should vote for the Democratic Party.

At such a moment, Biden thought more, or canvassing.

What happens next?

Something that is likely to happen.

1. More states prohibit abortion.

It is certain that the Supreme Court of the United States has deprived the constitutional right to abortion, and then the States will go their own way. Conservatives came to power and banned abortion; The Liberals were in power and allowed abortion. The Supreme Court does not care about women’s rights in the United States. Politicians decide.

2. More women will die.

Very simply, women who want to have an abortion have to go to other states that allow abortion, which means greater expenses. Some poor women can only look for black clinics, which means that some people are likely to die. Biden warned that the health and lives of women in this country are now in danger.

3. The United States has become an alien.

Now, the western world is shocked, the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights has criticized, and the French are even more amazed. This wind must not blow to France. The United States has become an alien. How can the United States talk about human rights protection and women’s rights? Of course, if you are thick skinned enough, others will be embarrassed.

4. Violence, terrible violence.

The result of tearing is violence. The Supreme Court is unreasonable. What should Americans do? Remember, 300million Americans have more than 300million guns. The US intelligence department has issued a warning that many judges and officials must be vigilant against the “risk of violence”.

It should also have been anticipated. Biden also shouted loudly yesterday: “I call on all people, no matter how much they care about this decision, to maintain peace in all protests – peace, peace, peace. Do not intimidate. Violence is absolutely unacceptable. Threats and terror are not freedom of speech…”

But can this be done in the United States?

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