The American version of “Changjin Lake” is different from the expectations of some people!

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Author: liumenglong

Americans finally made a Korean war movie, “loyalty”. In the past, before China took pictures of Changjin lake, Americans took pictures of Changjin lake, which is something that many Chinese military enthusiasts will never forget. Now, China can finally film the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. It’s not meaningful to expect Americans to play a marginal game, especially when American war movies are getting worse and worse.

What’s really interesting about this matter is that some people are excited. It seems that China shot Changjin lake, and Americans should shoot it equally. In fact, knowing this story, you will know that Americans are obviously not benchmarking Chinese movies. In the final analysis, the United States is seriously self-centered and arrogant in foreign affairs, especially in the ideological field. Therefore, it is not the Americans who want to take pictures of Changjin lake, but after the Chinese took pictures of Changjin lake, some Chinese people need an American version of Changjin lake more than Americans.


What is it called? I call it soul calling. This is the case with soul calling. Some people are stimulated and lose their souls. They can’t call themselves. It’s up to others to call back the souls wandering outside, so as not to lose their souls.

What exactly is the story of loyalty?

The movie loyalty has a historical prototype, the story of the first black pilot of the U.S. Navy who died in the war in North Korea. It is thought-provoking that the story prototype in history may not be so loyal, and even a little loyal black humor.

In short, after the baptism of World War II, although the apartheid system is still very strict, African Americans have more or less proved their loyalty to the country. As a result, the U.S. Navy symbolically began to recruit black pilots, one of the protagonists of the film, Jesse brown. During the battle of Changjin lake, Jesse Brown was suspected to have been shot down by our ground fire. His white brother hadena desperately rescued him. Finally, with tears in his eyes, he blasted his body and the plane into the sky with incendiary bombs.


Yes, in history, in order to prevent Jesse Brown from falling into the hands of the Chinese, the U.S. military carried out a special bombing after the rescue failed, reading the Bible while burning everything with napalm.

The conspiracy argument says that there is only one side to how Jesse’s plane fell or how to rescue him. When Jesse died in the battle, he didn’t catch the volunteer army at all, and the plane fell down in confusion. Another blind operation, no one, and even a congressional medal. This plot, to put it bluntly, is a funeral.

How did black Jesse die. In real history, Jesse didn’t find our army at all, and our army probably didn’t know that such a person fell down. Of course, there is no movie trailer in the head of a hail of bullets to save a bunch of extra drama.


The more real situation is probably due to extreme fear of the rapid advance and night attack of the volunteer army. The Navy helicopter rescued hadena who deliberately made a forced landing to save people, leaving Jesse who was unable to move. Poor Jesse soon froze to death. As for why we can’t even leave the body, of course, it’s because this is a black pilot of No1. It’s OK to die, but it can’t be disrespectful, like the unlucky black company in the army, that’s unclear.

Anyway, my good brother hadena later wrote a novel to commemorate this period of war condensation, beyond racial loyalty and friendship, and won the Congressional Medal. The dead Brown was also honored as the first black Navy pilot to ascend to heaven in various senses. Unlike the army, the Navy suffered such humiliation as the surrender of the 24th black regiment. You see, this is not an accident, but a hero. Two at a time make a big face. Therefore, everyone is happy and has a bright future.

Therefore, the story of Americans is not a benchmark of Changjin lake. It is a very American story, in which the meaning of confrontation is not strong. China or the Korean War is just a background. You don’t have to change anything if you put this story in Afghanistan in the 21st century. This is a typical case of funeral. A few decades ago, he consumed the dead and created the black-and-white couple with the Congressional Medal. Decades later, focusing on the theme of African Americans breaking social barriers, based on contemporary political correctness, they spent again, won twice, and won a win-win situation.


This is indeed a classic American theme story. However, now the audience, especially those from the third world countries, will feel the strength of the US military and will not give up. Not to mention the ancient Saigon iron fist, the Afghanistan reprint just staged is much more vivid than the film. It’s better to be a military dog than a second devil. There’s a better chance to get on the plane. In a similar situation, it’s like watching top gun was an American conscription movie in those days. Now watching top gun 2 is simply a movie selling popcorn. Neither the shock of imperial high-tech, nor the plot is so retarded that it is not worth discussing.

In real history, even if you are an American soldier, it is not so good. During the early collapse of the Korean War, the U.S. troops often simply disposed of the immobile heavy casualties and threw them to the volunteer army. As a result, the volunteer army could not deal with these seriously injured people because of the lack of field medical treatment. The death rate of prisoners of war who were attacked by the U.S. military was high, which was a standard hell joke. In fact, in view of the frequent contradictions between officers and soldiers within the U.S. military, it has always been like this, but it is rarely at the end of its tether. The image of the U.S. military we are used to is distorted by Asymmetric Wars and film and television works.

Today, with the development of the times, Americans are trying to move themselves, even if they can’t. What can really be moved by this thing is actually a group of people who urgently need the support of American theme.

Contemporary soul calling

Led by the United States, the West monopolizes the world’s cultural market through cultural products, which is something we have been used to for decades. Over time, this monopoly has formed some very abnormal situations. For example, in the big screen, Americans are used to beating anyone, but Americans are not used to being beaten. We must make some tragic heroes and beautify the ugly appearance of Americans.

Like the U.S. military saluting the ice sculptures in the film Changjin lake, the angry and afraid Americans in history have destroyed them heartily. Even at this stage of the confrontation between China and the United States, Americans have exposed so many bottomless misdeeds in the continued global chaos caused by Americans. Most of us are still not used to the unbridled and bottomless appearance of Americans in the real world. Objectively speaking, it’s bad for both sides to imagine the other side too well. This is not a kind-hearted nature, but the result of decades of imperceptible ideological shaping by Europe and the United States to position themselves as civilized people.


In the past, we complained about the limitations of domestic films. In fact, literary and artistic forms such as war films, which are obviously ideological positions, are mainly monopolized by Europe and the United States, and are typical blockbusters. Only they can make such big productions and make profits by dumping them on the world. Our similar themes are more propaganda, often lack commercial value, and naturally cannot shake the dominance of European and American films.

This situation, for the third world countries, is actually a kind of unbridled bullying of cultural sovereignty. It will eventually form the de commercialization of the third world literary circle. In the final analysis, it is that the business has been dumped by Europe and the United States, and there is no future, so we can only engage in art, and the dominant power of art is in the hands of the old European and American countries. Finally, an ungrounded literary and art circle was created, which was infiltrated in a mess and was in a position of rank.

The current situation is that European and American cultural products have problems for various reasons. The United States is no longer good at making war films. The audience doesn’t care, the effort is thankless, and the ideology is also lax. In short, people are scattered, and the team is hard to lead. And our country can gradually produce some qualified cultural products, and gradually dare to talk about the independence of the cultural market with the West. But this kind of situation makes many people unaccustomed.

In the past, whether supporting Americans or not, the grand scene of historical themes, or even the main melody in the vision of mass culture, was mainly set by the West. Even patriotic military fans can only count on Western blockbusters for the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea. In order to have a look at his hero, it is a sad thing to wait for him to become a villain. As for our own people, incompetence and introspection are the norm in the third world literary circle. It’s OK not to let him touch it, either perfunctory, or self vilification, so it’s not as good as the opponent’s shot.


Some people are used to Western narration. When China launches a different version, even if the beautified West fails, he is still not used to it. He can’t wait for the west to give a successful version to maintain his subconscious worldview. This kind of discomfort is the discomfort of breaking the old world outlook, but get used to it, because the old world is really over.

Others are used to the West providing a better version. But now the world is like this. It is difficult for the west to suppress China on one-to-one industrialized products, including films. This is actually a change of the times. Don’t expect a guide.

Objectively speaking, expecting the United States to respond to China’s every move, especially in the field of literature and art, is essentially a kind of self indulgence. When the United States was strong, it was careless. Now when the United States is in chaos, it is even more careless.

Whether we regard the United States as a salvation or a competitor, paying too much attention to it is actually another kind of self-confidence. Nowadays, the United States will not play a special game against the Chinese in order to teach them a lesson. There are arrogant disdain and realistic impossibility.

The fact is that it is increasingly difficult for some people to regard the United States as a reference for China. The United States is the United States, and China is China.


But the wonderful thing is that there is no United States, or an imaginary foreign country to compare China, which makes many people uncomfortable and uneasy, and they have to be appeased by calling souls.

Divided world and narration

With the differences between China and the United States, including the decline of the west, the world is moving towards pluralism. In fact, the biggest problem between China and the United States has never been with each other, but internally, it is the same with all major countries. The peace under the rule of the United States has been so long that too many people are used to attributing all the problems to how the United States places good standards outside and hands them over to others.

In the future, outside the United States, especially China, it is necessary to own the power to write history. It is a matter of course in contemporary society to tell their own stories and respect each other. This situation actually helps the East and the West better understand each other. This will also happen more and more in our cognitive field until the world is freed from its attachment to the West.

The essence of dependence is weakness, both material weakness and spiritual immaturity. Independent narration is actually a sign of maturity and self-confidence, which will eventually lead to self-improvement and self-reliance. Everyone should get used to it. Every soul is unique. It doesn’t need others to call. Every country has its own story and does not need to rely on others to write it.

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