The ancient female immortals in Fengshen are hated by the beginning and liked by the whole world, but the end is not turning over!

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The ancient female immortals in Fengshen are hated by the beginning and liked by the whole world, but the end is not turning over! The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

The so-called: different ways do not conspire with each other. The meaning of the Analects of Wei linggong is obvious. If we do not follow the same path, we will not conspire with each other. This viewpoint can be used to describe the relationship between Yuanshi Tianzun, a disciple of Hongjun Taoist priest, and the leader of Tongtian sect in the romance of gods.


In Mr. Xu Zhonglin’s novel of the apotheosis, the founder of the hermeneutics and the founder of the apotheosis and the founder of the apotheosis, one of them wants to “measure all the people to produce positive results, and to cultivate the right path is silent.”; The other is that “the six roots of tranquility can eliminate troubles, and few people know the mysterious magic.”. Therefore, there was a situation in which there were only a few dozen disciples from all over the world.

This is the result of the different Tao between the original Tianzun and the Tongtian leader.

Since the Tao is different, it is natural to have different attitudes towards various events and people. Among them, there is an ancient female immortal who likes her all the time, but hates her at the beginning. After being granted a God, the female immortal became a victim and ended up being imprisoned forever.


Cangjie coining

As for this female immortal, the original text of the romance of Fengshen said about her origin, saying that “Cangjie’s calligraphy must be completed, and the divination prophet accompanied Fu Xi.” she said that her cultivation was “the Yan Emperor’s cultivation of thoroughfare, and the chest contains all kinds of wonders.”.

The female immortal is not the only one. She is the mother of turtle spirit, one of the four disciples of the leader of Tongtian sect! It can be seen from the poem praise of the goddess of GUI Ling that she built the road during the period of Emperor Yan. She also helped Cangjie to create characters and Fuxi to divinate divination, which can be regarded as making her own contribution to future generations.

Therefore, from this perspective, there is a comparison between the goddess of the turtle spirit and the immortal Huanglong who helped Dayu to control the floods under the gate of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. However, the immortal Huanglong was accepted as an apprentice by Yuanshi, and the virgin turtle spirit was hated and rejected by Yuanshi Tianzun. So, how much did Yuanshi hate her?



As we all know, the story of the canonization is the story of various alchemists on the canonization list, and the main force on the canonization list is mainly the truncated disciples. Among them, the fire spirit virgin, a Taoist disciple of Duobao, came to biyou palace after being killed by the elucidation teacher Shu guangchengzi and returned the magic treasure of the fire spirit virgin, jinxiaguan.

The most difficult thing for guangchengzi to accept and do is the virgin of the turtle spirit. It’s just outrageous. You killed our martial nephew, the fire spirit virgin, and even dared to swagger to the biyou palace to return the magic treasure Jin Xiaguan. You can’t tell how to laugh at us. Hum! If we don’t take guangchengzi today, won’t we say that there is no one in our sect.

“That’s outrageous! He killed the goddess of fire spirit and also came to pay Jin Xiaguan! I’ll take guangchengzi to vent our hatred!”


Yuanshi Tianzun

Guangchengzi has a magic weapon named fan Tianyin, which is so powerful that he dare not fight it himself. He and the goddess of the tortoise spirit made a ball, and before they could make a number of combinations, they sacrificed the seal of the heaven and threw it down. Seeing this, the goddess of the tortoise spirit had no choice but to turn into a prototype, that is, a big turtle, and carry the seal of the heaven.

Apart from the virgin turtle spirit, there are also Taoists who have become Taobao Tathagata. Therefore, the cultivation of their brothers and sisters is also the same. When she arrived at the immortal array, the goddess of turtle spirit wanted to kill guangchengzi to avenge her humiliation. As a result, she was ridiculed by hongguoguo, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

“Two Taoist brothers, it’s really funny how such things can achieve good results.”

The goddess of the turtle spirit, who has made great contributions to human development, has become “such a thing” in the mouth of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. It is full of disgust and disgust. Even after the mother of the turtle spirit was wiped clean by the mosquito Taoist and died, she was not made a God.


Tongtian leader

However, no matter how much the original Tianzun hated her, the leader of Tongtian cult liked her very much. How much do you like it?

At that time, in the biyou palace, after the virgin of Guiling was knocked out of her original form by guangchengzi, the leader of Tongtian sect had seen that her fate was very bad, so he “expelled her from the school” and hoped that she would escape from this disaster as far as the virgin of Wudang. However, the goddess of GUI Ling thinks that it’s not important to be expelled from the school by heaven. She is always a disciple of the sect, and she is only a disciple of the sect.

Therefore, the virgin turtle spirit who was originally expelled from the school still appeared in the immortal array. At that time, the virgin of GUI Ling was dressed in the red eight trigrams and held a sword. It was gorgeous and dazzling. The leader of Tongtian sect could only feel more happy when he saw this. As expected, there was no white sect.


In the immortal array, the goddess of GUI Ling called on Guang Chengzi to fight, which showed that she had found a way to deal with fan Tianyin. There was no doubt that Guang Chengzi would be defeated in the battle. Therefore, she was afraid of leaving the sun to go out and fight with the goddess of GUI Ling.

Three or five rounds of the battle between the mother of the tortoise spirit and the fear of liusun, the moves were fierce and fierce, forcing the fear of liusun to parry with all his strength. He could not even make a string of immortals, and was beaten by the sun and moon beads offered by the mother of the tortoise spirit. He fled to the West. At the sight of the leader of Tongtian cult, he ordered the virgin of turtle spirit to chase down the frightened sun and capture him alive.

In the immortal array, Laozi, Yuanshi Tianzun, Jieyin Taoist and zhunti Taoist are very relaxed to deal with the leader of Tongtian sect together. Therefore, after seeing the mother of the tortoise spirit who chased away for fear of leaving her grandchildren, the Taoist priest also took the opportunity to leave the array and cut her off.

However, the virgin of the turtle spirit recognizes that she was a truncated person when she was born and a ghost when she died. She is extremely disgusted with the solicitation of the guide, and even scolds others for misleading the public.


Mother of the tortoise spirit: return to the three religions after death

“You are the West. When you are in your den, how can you put the nonsense here to confuse me?”

The original text of the canonization of the goddess of the turtle spirit explains that it is because of the root line, but Waiwai believes that this is the true nature of the “people wearing fur and armor!”! It is the kind of true feelings that remain unchanged despite living for thousands of years; Even after being expelled from the school, he still follows the true nature of the master; However, the true nature of the goddess of the turtle spirit hurt her. After she was taken out of the original form and captured alive:

It is said that the white lotus boy opened the package and released the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes smelled blood, and all of them stung on the head and feet of the mother of the turtle spirit. When they were driven to fight, how could they be scattered? If they had not been driven here, how could they rest? Not for a moment, I ate the virgin turtle into an empty shell.

The virgin of turtle spirit died in this way, but after her death, the original emperor did not allow her to be listed as a God, so she was not canonized; The virgin of the tortoise spirit, who has left an empty shell, ended up in an eternal prison under the monument of the three religions and could not turn over. The so-called:

He was born a brave Dragon King and was lucky. After his death, he also carried the three religions monument. If you want to know the name of this thing, it is the mother tortoise of the Yan Emperor. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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