The ancient folk story of Lishan laomu, how did the title of Lishan laomu come from?

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Lishan’s mother, the third princess of the Jade Emperor, is the most beautiful and kind-hearted of all the daughters of the Jade Emperor, so she is deeply loved by all immortals. Originally, the three princesses had been living in the heavenly palace carefree. Later, because there were three dragons in the sky running to the earth to harm the people, the three princesses took the initiative to ask to go to the earth to catch the evil dragon. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

In this way, the three princesses came to the ground. One day, she chased the dragon to the foot of Taoshan mountain and met Yang Tianyou, a scholar who was practicing Taoism in Taoshan at this time. Yang Tianyou fell in love with the third princess at first sight, and the third princess was also moved by Yang Tianyou. Soon the two were married. The matter soon spread to the sky, and the Jade Emperor flew into a rage. Seeing it, he would send heavenly soldiers and generals to the earth to catch the three princesses and ask for guilt. Nanhai Guanyin couldn’t bear to die, so she went to the world to persuade the three princesses. However, at this time, the three princesses had given birth to a son named Yang Jian for Yang Tianyou. The three members of the family lived a happy life. Seeing that the world was so happy, Guan Shiyin was also very moved, so she called the three princesses aside and said to her, “your father has known, and he is very angry, and will come to catch you. You’d better go back to heaven, or Tianyou and Xiao Yang Jian will suffer disasters.” After listening to Avalokitesvara’s persuasion, the three princesses had nothing to say, so they had to give up their love and bid farewell to their relatives.


The third princess was finally pressed by the Jade Emperor at the foot of the peach mountain because she violated the heaven.

Later, Yang Jian grew up, and worshipped the immortal Yuding of Yuquan mountain as a teacher, and learned all kinds of magic skills. When he learned that his mother was under pressure at the foot of Taoshan, he said goodbye to his master and went to Taoshan to save his mother. Yang Jian’s filial piety moved the Jade Emperor. The jade emperor also loved this little nephew, so he issued a special decree to forgive the three princesses and reunite their families. From then on, the three members of Yang Tianyou’s family went to heaven.

Later, Qinshihuang unified the world. In order to show his merits, he enlisted all the people in the sky to build a palace for him in Lishan. Qinshihuang sent a large number of supervisors to supervise the people to build for him day and night, and soon many people died of fatigue. The people also complain: after fighting for so long, the people are still restless.

The anger of the heavenly mother rushed into the sky and was seen by the three princesses who were meditating in the heavenly palace. She immediately pulled out the fog and saw a sea of people on Mount Li below the heaven, and many people were building palaces. The third princess saw that all the working people were bent down by the shoulder pole, and their steps were difficult and miserable, so she moved her heart of compassion. So he took out a handful of small red thread, cast a spell on it, and then sprinkled it down. The red line floated and fell on the shoulder pole of the common people one by one. Immediately, the burden of the people became very light. In this way, the people work easily, and they are all happy.

But this matter was accidentally known by Qinshihuang. When he knew that these tiny red lines could have such magical functions. Unexpectedly, a decree was issued to collect all the red lines, and these small red lines were twisted together one by one to form a thick whip. This divine whip is extremely powerful. As long as it is whipped, it can split a mountain in two.

Qin Shihuang was very happy to get this whip. Because there are two mountains next to Li mountain, where he built the palace, which prevent him from building a larger palace. So he took the whip and drove the two mountains to the East Sea.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea knew this and was very worried about the destruction of his dragon palace. Hurry to the Jade Emperor for help. The Jade Emperor listened to the report of the Dragon King, so he sent the three princesses to deal with this matter, because Lishan was also the place where the three princesses practiced. The third princess is a very clever person with infinite magic power. Although Qinshihuang had the divine whip, his power was infinite. But the three princesses still want to subdue him with their own wisdom. She then became a fairy like a flower. The first emperor of Qin Dynasty saw the fairy in the sky come down to earth, and immediately lost his soul, and was immediately attracted by the beauty of the three princesses. The third princess took the opportunity to take away the divine whip, turned into a gust of wind and flew to the sky, which also solved the siege of the East Sea Dragon King.

Besides, the first emperor of Qin disappeared the magnificent and magnificent three princesses. Missing Cheng Ji, he went all over the mountains and rivers to find the three princesses and searched all the beauties in the country. From then on, the emperor had three palaces and six courtyards, and three thousand beauties. In this way, many people can’t get a wife, and some people blame the third princess. In this way, when the three princesses appear in the world again, they will not turn into beautiful young women, but only into old women.


Later, the three princesses often turned into an old woman. She practiced magic near Lishan Mountain to guide the people passing by. People called her “Lishan mother”.

In the Jin Dynasty, there was a scholar named Li Jia who loved the way of immortals. Once he got a “Yellow Emperor Yin Fu” in the Hukou rock of Mount Song. He recited it every day, but he didn’t understand the implication, so his Taoist practice also made slow progress. In this way, he took the “Yellow Emperor Yin Fu” to travel around the world’s famous mountains and rivers, in order to meet the gods and ask for guidance. One day, when he came to Shaanxi, at the foot of Mount Li, he was reciting the Yellow Emperor Yin Fu. At this time, I met an old mother, dressed in rags and leaning on crutches, with a very unusual expression. When she heard Li Zhe’s recitation, she casually said, “fire grows out of wood, and disaster will be overcome.” Li Zhe was very surprised at the old woman’s words. He felt that the old woman must be an extraordinary person, so he immediately bowed down and asked for instruction.

The old woman said, “I have been reciting the Yellow Emperor Yin Fu for 1080 years. But young people, where did you get the Yellow Emperor Yin Fu?”

Li Zhe hurriedly checked his head and told the old woman the details of Defu. Li Shan’s mother looked at Li Jia carefully, and felt that Li Jia had an immortal name and should be listed in the immortal book. Moreover, his bone appearance had an immortal spirit, so she enlightened Li Jia. Later, Li Shan’s mother gave Li Jia a ladle containing half a liter of rice. Li Zhe ate the rice in the ladle and never ate anything and never felt hungry.

Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, once met an old woman who kept grinding a big iron pestle on a stone by the stream before she studied hard. This is also why Li Shan’s mother specially came to guide Li Bai. To the later historical drama “Xue Dingshan sanxiu fan Lihua”, fan Lihua has excellent martial arts and wins every battle. If he sacrifices magic, he can call the wind and rain and move mountains and seas. Fan Lihua has this magic power because she was taught by her master Lishan’s mother.

In short, the mother of Lishan is a fairy goddess who saves the people from suffering and enlightens the spiritual people with fairy fate. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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