The ancient folk story of Wu Gang cutting Guangxi. How did Wu Gang go to Guanghan palace to cut Guangxi?

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Wu Gang, also known as Wu Quan, was a native of Hexi in the Western Han Dynasty. This is a very vulgar person who does nothing all day and idles around. However, sometimes, because I eat, drink and have fun every day, I also feel very bored and uncomfortable at leisure, so I often fantasize. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

One day, when he came back from fooling around outside, he suddenly shut himself up in a room alone. He didn’t want to eat and drink. When he was tired, he fell into bed and slept. The family didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he tied the door from the inside again. He couldn’t get in, so he had to let him go. On the third day, Wu Gang suddenly rushed out of the room, carrying a packed bag. He said goodbye to his wife and said, “I’m going to find a teacher to learn Taoism.” With such a simple sentence, he stepped on horseback and walked away.

After Wu Gang left home, he visited many famous mountains and rivers and went everywhere to seek senior scholars and monks. But because he was lazy and used to it, he didn’t want to follow too many rites. As a result, every time he went there, he left after three or five days of learning and found another place. Some eminent monks simply refused to accept him as an apprentice. In this way, Wu Gang wandered outside for three years, but he still achieved nothing. Then, he missed his wife again, so he went home regardless of the long journey.

However, Wu Gang’s wife Yuanfu, who had been waiting at home for so many years, had never brought home a message from Wu Gang. Realizing that Wu Gang had no hope, she fell in love with Boling in the village. The two married, lived together, and gave birth to three sons when Wu Gang went out to study immortality. A family of five lives happily together. Wu Gang came back at this time, which was completely superfluous for the family.


When Wu just opened his door, he was stunned by everything in front of him, and immediately felt extremely indignant and deeply insulted. Three children were chirping in the yard playing games. Whose child is this? When he was still wondering, he saw his wife weaving in front of the loom under the eaves. Just as he was about to go over and say hello to his wife, he suddenly saw a strange man chopping firewood under the grape trellis not far away. He took a closer look. It turned out to be his hometown Boling. Wu Gang understood everything. He knew that his wife married Boling and had several children after he left!

Wu Gang was furious. An unknown force supported him and made him run to the back of Boling recklessly. He picked up a big wooden stick with a thick bowl mouth and punched the back of Boling’s head. Until Boling fell to the ground and couldn’t get up again. Wu Gang still refused to stop, took out all his usual ruffian temperament, lifted his feet and kicked Boling’s head, kicking and scolding. The wife Yuanfu, who was beside, was stunned and had already stopped the loom in her hand. But she also felt that she had done something wrong to her husband, and did not dare to come forward to persuade her. She did not call her neighbors, but stood there shivering. Three children, seeing such a rude “beggar” rushing into the house, beat their father and immediately burst into tears.

The child’s crying startled the villagers in the neighborhood, and Wu Gang’s house was immediately surrounded by people. However, for this matter, everyone has different opinions. The public says that the public is reasonable, and the women say that the women are reasonable. Everyone talks about it one after another.

The chaotic scene soon made noise in the ears of Yan Di, who had become immortal, and Yan Di couldn’t help it anymore. It turned out that Boling was a descendant of Emperor Yan. Wu Gang killed his descendants. Of course, Emperor Yan will punish Wu Gang. Later, when he learned that his grandson Boling had made unforgivable mistakes, he reduced the punishment on Wu Gang. Doesn’t Wu Gang want to become an immortal? Then let him go to the lonely moon. So Emperor Yan rushed Wu Gang to the cold and desolate Moon Palace.

It was really cold on the moon. As soon as Wu got up, he immediately felt the chill to the bone. Beside him was a cinnamon tree with a height of 500 feet. The trunk was so big that a hundred people couldn’t hold it together. The tree is full of countless small and small flowers. Although the flowers are small, they are fragrant and especially rich. This osmanthus tree is unique in the sky, and later there was osmanthus tree on the earth. It was stolen from heaven by Wu Gang.

Wu Gang was still intoxicated and smelling the fragrance of the flowers. Suddenly, he saw a palace not far away with the words “Guanghan Palace”. The palace was beautifully built, but it was cold, as if the cold on the moon had burst out from there. There is also an unusually beautiful Chang’e in the palace. Wu Gang was about to go close to see Chang’e, when a god flew over – Xin, the God sent by the Yan Emperor to supervise him. Xin said to him, “Wu Gang, I was sent by the Yan Emperor to supervise you. Here is an axe for you. If you cut down the osmanthus tree, you can return to your wife, otherwise you will never return.” With that, he threw down an axe and Wu Gang cut cinnamon seeds to him.


“How can I cut down such a thick trunk?” Wu Gang only complained about the injustice of Yan Emperor. Ignoring the God’s words, he kicked the axe aside and found a place to sleep.

Wu Gang slept for seven days. When he woke up, he felt that he had endless strength. He was full of strength, but he had nothing to do. Later, he thought: when can I go home like this? Although this tree is extremely thick, as long as I cut a little every day, it will still have a bright future. But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as the osmanthus tree was cut open, it immediately closed again. No matter how hard he cuts, the trunk can return to its original shape at one stroke. But Wu Gang did not give up. He vented all his dissatisfaction with the Yan Emperor on this tree. He cut endlessly day by day, month by month and year by year, and the sawdust he cut down piled up several mountains.

Yuanfu, Wu Gang’s wife on the ground, was also deeply guilty, so she called her three sons: drum, Yan and Yu. When they were a little older, they were asked to accompany Wu Gang on the moon. It was also said that the eldest son drum became a toad, the second son became a rabbit, and another one did not know what it had become. Others said that he made arrow targets, but drum and Yan were particularly interested in musical instruments, and developed musical instruments such as bells and chimes by themselves. They also created movements and often played in the Moon Palace, so sometimes, when we listen quietly under the moon, we can still hear fairy music floating. When he arrived at Guanghan palace, where Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty roamed the Moon Palace later, he heard their music, so he wrote it down. When he returned to the ground, he asked people to compose it again, which became the origin of the well-known “Ni Shang Yu Yi Qu” in history. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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