The ancient love story of Liu Yi and the Dragon Girl: Qingqing Liu, is there a hero in the past

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. So today’s China story net Xiaobian will bring you a love story about Liu Yi and the Dragon Girl. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

During the Yifeng period of the Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar named Liu Yi who lived by the Xiangshui river. He is not only kind, but also very loyal.


This year, Liu Yi went to Chang’an to take the exam at the recommendation of the prefecture. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the top of the list. I had no choice but to pack up and leave Chang’an depressed and embark on my way home.

When Liu Yi passed Jingyang, he met a beautiful girl shepherding sheep. Although the girl was born very beautiful, her clothes were badly worn. Her eyebrows were locked, her tears were shining, and her face was sad. Liu Yi, a warm-hearted man, jumped down from his horse, walked up to him and asked, “girl, what are your pains and why are you so sad?”

Before the shepherd girl met, there stood a kind scholar, He said to him: “To tell you the truth, I was the youngest daughter of the Dragon King of Dongting. My parents married me to the second son of the Dragon King of Sichuan. But he was dissolute. He was fascinated by his maidservants and concubines, and treated me worse day by day. I was humiliated by him, so I told his parents about it. But they spoiled their son and never disciplined him. I said it many times, and annoyed my parents in law, so they sent him to the desolate River to shepherd.” He couldn’t help crying.

Why don’t the princess go back to the Dragon Palace in Dongting? Liu Yi said sympathetically and angrily.

The dragon lady sighed and said, “I don’t know how far away the Dongting is from here. People and gods block it. It’s difficult to get through. Who is willing to help me, a woman in distress?”

Liu Yi listened, Some said excitedly, “my family lives by the Dongting River and the Xiangshui river. If the princess can trust me, please give me the letter! Although I am a scholar, I am also a bloody and righteous person. After hearing your misfortune, I would like to avenge you immediately. What else would I say? Your dragon palace is under the water. I am a mortal. How can I enter the Dragon Palace to deliver a letter to you?”

The Dragon girl listened to Liu Yi and was very grateful to him, He said to him: “Thank you for accepting my request. If I can get my parents’ reply, I will not forget your great kindness even if I die. As for the road to Dongting Dragon Palace, I will tell you now that there is a big orange tree on the South Bank of Dongting Lake, and there is a well under the tree. When my husband goes there, please tie this ribbon to the tree, and then knock the orange tree three times, and someone will come out of the well and lead you into the Dragon Palace ?”

Liu Yi took the letter and ribbon from the Dragon Girl’s hand and carefully put them into her arms. Then, he asked casually, what is the use of your sheep? The Dragon girl said, “this is not a sheep, it is a rain worker.” “What is a Rainmaker,” said the Dragon woman, “is thunder and lightning.”

When Liu Yi set out to leave, he said to the Dragon Girl, “I’ll deliver a letter for you. I hope you don’t hide from me when you see me later.” The Dragon girl said, “how could that happen? I want to treat you like my relatives.”

In order to get the Dragon girl out of the misery as soon as possible, Liu Yi did not dare to delay. He went to Dongting Lake in the shortest time.

He did as the Dragon girl said. Sure enough, a warrior took him to the Dragon Palace. Liu Yi came to the main hall and saw an old man wearing a Purple Dragon Robe and a flat crown sitting behind the Dragon table. He thought that this must be the Dragon King of Dongting, so he came forward to give a deep gift and handed the letter that the Dragon Girl asked him to bring to his parents. After reading his daughter’s letter, the Dragon King burst into tears and said sadly, “it’s all my fault as a father. I have suffered so much pain and misfortune by marrying a weak girl to a distant place. You are a passer-by, but you are in a hurry to meet people’s difficulties. How dare I live up to your kindness.” With that, the Dragon King of Dongting ordered someone to send the letter to the harem.

The time was not long, and there was a cry in the harem. The Dragon King of Dongting ordered someone to tell his wife not to cry. I’m afraid that the fierce Qiantang Dragon King would make trouble after he knew that his niece was suffering.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the palace, and a purple cloud filled the inside and outside of the palace. After a while, I saw a red dragon more than a thousand feet long, flashing electricity in its eyes, spraying fire in its mouth, pulling away the clouds and flying away into the distance. Liu Yi was shocked.

The Dragon King of Dongting said to Liu Yi, “don’t be afraid. This fire dragon is my brother Qiantang Dragon King. He just learned that his niece is suffering. He must have saved her.”

Liu Yi felt that his mission of delivering books had been completed, so he took leave of the Dragon King of Dongting and asked for someone to send him to the shore. But the Dragon King of Dongting said, “you are our benefactor. How can you go like this? Please rest assured to live here!”


He was about to refuse. The Dragon King of Dongting hurried forward to take his hand and pointed it out to him. He saw the majestic Dragon King of Qiantang coming back with the Dragon Girl.

Seeing his daughter back, the Dragon King of Dongting was both sad and happy. His excitement was beyond words. The next day, he gave a banquet to Liu Yi in the Ningbi palace. All the relatives and friends of the Dragon King came. Musical instruments play wonderful music, and there are a variety of delicious food and wine.

The banquet gradually reached a climax. There was a sound of drum music in the hall. Dozens of beautiful girls came to the banquet, stretched their waist and danced in front of the banquet. One of the girls was even more beautiful and beautiful. She was covered with glittering pearls. Her silk dress moved with the music. The girls surrounded her like a crowd of stars and the moon. When the woman danced in front of Liu Yi, Liu Yi looked at her intently. It turned out that she was the Dragon girl who entrusted Liu Yi to deliver the book. She looked very happy, but when she looked carefully, it seemed a little sad. Her eyes looked at Liu Yi with crystal tears. After a while, the red smoke curled up on her left, and the purple smoke curled up on her right. She slowly returned to the palace in the fragrance.

At the banquet, people drank and sang happily. After the banquet, Liu Yi went back to his bedroom to have a rest.

The Dragon King of Dongting was very grateful to Liu Yi. On the third day, he entertained him in Qingguang Pavilion. During the banquet, the Dragon King of Qiantang said to Liu Yi, “I have a few words in my heart that I want to tell you. I don’t know what to say.”

Liu Yi hurriedly said, “please go ahead.” The Dragon King of Qiantang said through drinking: “I know my niece very well and like her very much. She is a smart, virtuous, beautiful and kind-hearted girl. Family relatives do not fail to praise her. Unfortunately, she married a bastard and was bullied by bad people. Now I have killed that ruthless and unjust guy. I think you are noble and righteous. You are going to marry your niece. What do you think?”

Hearing this, Liu Yi hurriedly said, “I am a scholar. I am just trying to sympathize with the princess and do what an honest person should do. I have no other desire. If I promise this marriage, I will be greedy for other people’s reward and tarnish my personality. Besides, I am just a poor scholar on earth. How can I deserve the princess of the Dragon King of Dongting!”

After listening to Liu Yi’s words, the Dragon King of Qiantang felt that he was a true righteous man who did not try to repay his kindness, and it was inconvenient to force him to do so. The two drank to their heart’s content and became friends.

Liu Yi is going back. On the day of his departure, the wife of the Dragon King of Dongting bid him farewell in Qianjing hall. Madam asked the Dragon girl to propose a toast to Liu Yi and express her gratitude again. The dragon lady took a cup of wine in her hands and handed it to Liu Yi affectionately. She said with anger and resentment: “I will never forget the great kindness and virtue of Mr. Liu. I hope Mr. Liu will take care of it. I don’t know when I will see you again today.” The Dragon girl couldn’t help crying.

Liu Yi saw that the dragon lady was wearing a gauze skirt and a jade hairpin. Her eyebrows looked like a distant mountain and her eyes contained autumn water. It reminded her of the legendary blue wave fairy. Yesterday, he refused the marriage proposed by the Dragon King of Qiantang with a moment of righteousness. Today, facing the affection of the Dragon King’s wife and the Dragon Girl, he could not help feeling regret.

Liu Yi took the wine cup handed over by the Dragon Girl with both hands and said with infinite affection: “thank you for your kindness. It’s nothing to worry about. May the princess take care of it. I think we’ll see you later.” With that, he looked at the Dragon Girl and couldn’t help tears in his eyes. He raised his glass and drank the wine that the Dragon girl had given him. The Dragon girl standing aside saw the tears in Liu Yi’s eyes, so she covered her face and ran away.

Liu Yi left the Dragon Palace and returned to his hometown, but there was always a dragon girl in front of him. In particular, her sad eyes seemed to tell him that she loved him deeply, not just out of gratitude. However, people and gods are separated, and they have no red ribbon in their hands, so they can’t enter the dragon palace again. They have to miss the Dragon girl all day, sullen and sighing.

Besides, the Dragon Girl, since Liu Yi left, she didn’t think about food and tea. She often cried quietly behind her parents’ back and secretly complained that Liu Yi didn’t understand her true feelings. The Dragon King and his wife were so anxious that they didn’t know what to do with their daughter as she was losing weight.

Winter has gone and spring has come. Half a year has passed. One day, someone suddenly came to Liu Yi to match him. Liu Yi was silent. He just shook his head and said no, because he only had a dragon girl in his heart.


The matchmaker said, “don’t be silly, Mr. Liu. This girl, whose surname is long, came from the Dongting Lake. She is not only charming and charming, but also versatile. She is good at poetry and painting. She said that she has a painting and a word. Whoever can understand it is her good husband.”

Liu Yi was full of energy when he heard that the girl’s surname was long and she came from the Dongting Lake. He hurried to take the picture in the hand of the matchmaker and saw that a beautiful girl was shepherding sheep. Next to it was written a word: qingqingliu, qingqingliu, are you here now? Even though the willow tree looks like an old pendant, it is afraid that it will be red and crisp.

When Liu Yi saw the picture, it was the Dragon girl he had been longing for. At this time, he was so excited that he thought: affectionate Dragon Girl, you have finally come! He immediately agreed to the marriage, and soon the wedding was done with enthusiasm.

On the wedding night, Liu Yi took off the red veil on his wife’s head and saw that it was indeed a dragon girl. They looked at each other and smiled, filled with happiness. Later, they both went to the Dragon Palace to meet the Dragon King. Since then, as a mortal, Liu Yi has also lived a fairy life. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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