The beautiful bride in Guangxi entered the wrong marriage room late at night and took the initiative to make out with the groom and the best man

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There are four happy events in life, the long drought meets the rain, the old friend meets in a foreign land, the bridal chamber is full of candles, and the golden list is inscribed. Among the 4 happy events, the bridal room is the most exciting, which means a change in a person’s identity. They have changed from sons and daughters in the family to leaders in their own small family, and then become fathers and mothers.

Therefore, from ancient times to the present, marriage is of great significance and is a grand event for a family and even a family.

However, a lot of accidents can happen when getting married, and some even destroy the marriage. In 2013, there was a case in Guangxi where the bride entered the wrong bridal room and discussed her life with the best man.

The bride goes the wrong way

In 2013, the bride Qi Xi (a pseudonym, the characters in the text are all pseudonyms) and the groom Li Xin finally ended their years of love marathon. Under the arrangement of their elders, they held a grand wedding on June 30. The bride and groom on this day are all shining, one is young and beautiful, the other is handsome, and they are married in free love, which makes people envious.

After a busy day, the two of them could finally have a wedding night, and they were all excited. However, they could not have imagined that because there were too many rooms in the house and the bride was unfamiliar, they went to the wrong room and wasted a moment of spring night. How did this happen? Let’s take a look at it today.

The matter has to start with the layout of the home. The marriage was held at the bridegroom Li Xin’s house. Their home is in a rural area in Guangxi and has a very large mansion. In order to marry Qi Xi, the family also built a few floors of the house, so there are only 10 or 20 rooms in the house. On the day of the wedding, many relatives and friends came from afar. They all stayed at the groom’s house, and everyone was assigned to a different room. It was also the first time that the bride Qi Xi came to this courtyard. He was not familiar with the groom’s house at all.

Discuss life with best man

After finishing her work, Qi Xi went back to the room to rest. Before going to bed, she suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, so she walked out of the room and went to the bathroom to go to the toilet. It is worth mentioning that most of the toilets in rural areas are public toilets, and they are all outdoors. Poor Qi Xi couldn’t find his room after returning from the toilet.

According to her memory, she entered a room and got directly into the quilt. There was already a man in the quilt. Qi Xi thought it was her husband and kept scratching. The lights were not turned on in the room, and under Qi Xi’s actions, the two discussed life in this way.

However, early the next morning, when the two opened their eyes, they were frightened by the other. The opposite sex in the quilt is not Qi Xi’s husband, but the best man Wang Yong! It turned out that he was very drunk last night and was helped by everyone to rest in the room. He was unconscious and didn’t even realize that a woman had entered his room. He also thought that what happened yesterday was a dream, he just wanted to be a guest in the dream and greedy for a while.

This kind of thing happened by accident between the two of them. The poor groom, Li Xin, looked for his wife all night. The next day, he found his wife beside his brother. He thought that his wife was hurt, so he beat his best man Wang Yong severely.

to the police station

However, since things have happened, there must be a solution. Faced with such a bad situation, Li Xin didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, there was an old man at home, and the old man decided not to tell the story, it would ruin the face of the two families. They asked Wang Yong to pay 20,000 yuan in compensation, and this matter was forgotten.

Facing this kind of request, Wang Yong was reluctant. He felt that the responsibility for what happened last night was not on him at all, but on the bride. Why should he be taken advantage of. To put it horribly, he still feels that he has been hurt! The two sides couldn’t communicate, so they went to the police station. Li Xin’s family believed that Wang Yong had been suspected of rape and should be punished by law. However, after accepting the case, the police said that Wang Yong’s behavior did not constitute a crime of rape, and the case would not be filed.


Judging from the above case, Wang Yong did not use violent coercion or other means, nor did he violate Qi Xi’s intention. On the contrary, in this relationship, Qi Xi is the dominant party, she did not show any reluctance, and even took the initiative to discuss her life with him. There is indeed a misunderstanding between the two, but legally it is just a game of your own accord, and there is no legal issue at all.

The Li Xin family was very dissatisfied with this result. It was clearly Wang Yong who defiled his new daughter-in-law, how could he leave after patting his butt? Leaving a huge estrangement between newlyweds difficult to eradicate.

However, in many cases ethics and law are not the same thing. There is an ethical support behind the law, but it is not exactly the same as ethics, and violating ethics does not mean violating the law. It’s just that the relationship between the newlyweds has to be slowly repaired by the parties themselves.

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