The beautiful premier, who is anti China and anti Russia and said that “although oil and gas are expensive, freedom is priceless”, resigned!

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After the British Prime Minister Johnson announced his resignation, Zelensky lost another European politician who supported him most. She was the Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Karas. She announced her resignation on the 8th.


Kaya Karas, 45, came to power on January 26 last year and has been in power for less than a year and a half.

When she first came to power, she was also touted by some marketing numbers, saying that Europe has produced another beautiful prime minister, who is intellectually elegant, young and promising.

But since taking office. Her only merit is to fully cooperate with the United States against Russia, and she is also known as Ukraine’s number one “supporter”.

However, Estonia’s inflation rate is now in the most serious situation in Europe (14.8%, second only to Lithuania’s 15.6%), and it is also facing a serious shortage of oil and natural gas. The price of natural gas has soared to twice the average level of the euro zone, which has reached an uncontrollable level.


Karas resigned, complaining that she would be criticized for appointing any new minister, and that her “reform party” was split from other parties in the coalition government.

But the root of the political conflict was on June 3, when she dismissed seven ministers at one go, because these ministers from the “Central Party” and the “conservative Democratic Party” opposed her education reform plan – primary education can only be in Estonian.

The population of Estonia is mainly composed of Estonians, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, and Russian has been widely used.

Her education reform plan will eventually move towards the “ban on Russian” bill introduced by Zelensky. What does this mean? Everyone has seen the terrible situation of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, so she stopped her plan.

Kaya Karas should solve her own economic problems and energy crisis, but she has been on the front line of anti Russia. In April, when oil and gas prices soared (she took the initiative to cut off Russian energy), she also said, “although oil and gas are expensive, freedom is priceless”!

She also accused European powers of not completely cutting off energy trade with Russia. Her attitude is deeply liked by the United States and Britain, but the question is whether Estonia can shoulder the anti Russian flag?

Estonia, with an area of 45200 square kilometers, a population of about 1.3 million and an army of 6600, is smaller than Lithuania at the county level, but it has to fight against Russia.

When macron kept talking with Putin on the phone, Kaya Karas asked European politicians not to call Putin, “let Putin be like a bad student in school, and no one answers him”.

The extreme attitude of the three fools in the Baltic Sea has indeed brought some pressure to European powers, but the cost still needs to be borne by Estonia itself.

Soaring oil and gas prices coupled with inflation have led the opposition to demand social subsidies from the government, but Estonia’s fiscal deficit reached 240million euros last year. Where is the money? You can only borrow it from the European Union.

But the European Union is already a “mud Bodhisattva crossing the river – you can’t protect yourself”, how can you spare money?

Some people in Estonia now regret that the situation might not be so bad if Lithuania’s president nowseda did not announce on April 1 that he would completely give up importing Russian natural gas.

But what’s the use of regret? Estonia has been kidnapped by “values”, and it is not a year or two to blindly follow the United States.

Before the epidemic, Estonia’s per capita monthly income was 1448 euros, and its childhood was quite moist.

But they don’t say that after independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, all foreign debts were borne by Russia, and all assets left by the Soviet Union were inherited by Estonia.

Then, it was completely privatized and sold all the old capital of the Soviet Union (mainly to Sweden and Finland). The Swedish bank is the largest bank in Estonia, and the Swedish bank Ruida group controls almost all the financial industry in the country.

A small country with few people has no sense of existence. Is it not fragrant to live a good life? However, when Kaya Karas and other politicians grew up, they felt that they were capable of being involved in the battlefield of the great power game.

In a country with a population of more than 1.3 million, there are dozens of politicians, and a dozen of them have entered Parliament. Kaya Karas’ father founded the “reform party” in 1994, and then became the prime minister (the majority formed a cabinet). In 2010, Kaya Karas joined the “reform party”. In 2013, her father let her daughter serve as the vice chairman of the party. In 2014, she became a member of the European Parliament, became the chairman of the “reform party” in 2018, and became the parliamentary majority again in 2019. However, other parties allied and established a coalition government, and she lost the opportunity to form a cabinet.

In 2020, former Prime Minister ratas was forced to resign because of a major corruption case (corruption in financial real estate transactions of more than 50 million euros). Kaya Karas was appointed prime minister by the president in January 2021, but ratas was not sentenced, but became the speaker of the Estonian Parliament.

The so-called “democracy” in Estonia is just a deal, and it is precisely because the main politicians have corrupt practices, they are all controlled by the United States.

Otherwise, how can a normal government sacrifice the interests of its own people to serve the United States, and “freedom is priceless”? Is it necessary to cultivate immortals all over the country without oil, gas, electricity and food?

The other side of Estonia’s anti Russia is mindless Anti China.

Eastern European countries have historical grudges with Russia. What are their grudges with China? never. But in the past two years, which time did Estonia not participate in the Anti China statements related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang concocted by the west?

In order to please the United States, Estonia even gambled on its future economic lifeblood.


Since the 1990s, successive Estonian governments have been eager to build an undersea railway tunnel to connect Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, with Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and then build a “twin city” – tarsinki, and then realize the high-speed railway connection between Estonia and Western Europe, finally forming a “Eastern Europe Baltic sea northern Europe” railway economic circle.

As a “crossroads”, Estonia will gain rich and long-term benefits and avoid the risk of unsustainable economic development.

However, it is difficult to achieve the underwater railway tunnel because Estonia can never achieve it with its own capital and technology, while Russia, the United States and the European Union do not help it. It is not until the emergence of Chinese power that we see hope here.

In 2008, the two countries formally discussed the plan of the undersea tunnel. In 2016, the two sides decided to build an undersea railway tunnel with a length of 92 kilometers, which was later increased to 103 kilometers. The sea route of more than two hours will become a 30 minute drive.

The ideal is very plump, but the reality is very skinny. The project budget is at least 12.6 billion euros. Where does the money come from?

The EU is not interested in infrastructure. They like “values” and only say that they can invest 5billion euros, but when to approve the investment is unknown.

By 2018, only the ARJ holding LLC fund in Dubai is willing to invest 100million euros.

In this way, the Finnish Estonian Bay Area Development Co., Ltd. (the Finnish Bay Company) found a Chinese enterprise responsible for the tunnel project.

On July 9, 2019, westbaca, the head of the Gulf of Finland company, announced the intention to cooperate with China Railway Group and other enterprises.

Westbaca is a Finnish (he is the game developer of angry birds), and he also excitedly declared that “our partner is the strongest enterprise in the world in the professional field”.

When the rain comes, the financial and technical problems will be solved, and the prospect will suddenly become better.

But the United States is not happy. On August 15, 2019, Bloomberg said that the Baltic undersea tunnel will be linked with the construction of the “the Belt and Road”, warning Estonia not to ask for trouble.

The big basket of “national security” came. On October 30, Estonian Prime Minister LATAs signed a 5g network security agreement with the United States in Washington, D.C., and the subsea tunnel also had “national security issues”.


On December 15, Sanna Marin, 34, became the new Prime Minister of Finland. She basically took office at the mercy of the United States.

By 2020, the Estonian government jumped out against the plan of the “Gulf of Finland company”.

On February 12, 2020, the Estonian intelligence agency even released the report “international security and Estonia 2020”, which included China in the list of “threatening countries”.

The Chinese Embassy in Estonia issued a statement saying that the Estonian authorities should bear the consequences for their ignorance and hostile acts.

On July 24, the United States announced that it would give Estonia 92 javelin anti tank missiles (this is the javelin missiles that Estonia is now donating to Ukraine).

The Gulf of Finland company provided a 1500 page document hoping that the Estonian and Finnish governments would support the project, but the prime ministers of the two countries said that an alternative was needed.

Finally, the Estonian government also said hypocritically: out of concern for security, we rejected Chinese investment.

This is purely self indulgent. The eight characters have not been left alone. It is just a cooperation intention, and the Chinese media have not even reported it.

China will quietly watch them perform. What are these things? Estonia has ruined its national credibility by making up stories.

After the former Prime Minister “changed his profession” due to corruption, when Kaya Karas came up, he also proposed to build an undersea tunnel, but that was just a big cake painted by the voters. With inflation and rising raw material prices, the contract of 12.6 billion euros is going to rise to much. With this virtue, their undersea tunnels won’t be built in a hundred years.

Kaya Karas patted her ass and left, leaving a pile of mess. The Estonian people don’t know how to live next, but she will have a good future. It is said that she is expected to take over after the end of the term of office of the Secretary General of NATO on September 30.

Then let her lead NATO, bring a bright future to Europe and cultivate immortality for everyone.

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