The Beijing News commented on why “the health code of Henan rural bank depositors was forcibly assigned a red code” must be taken seriously

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For a society that trusts and relies on the rule of law, the issues involved are very important and must be warned by all parties.

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?The public is showing the health code to the staff. Photo by Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin

Beijing News commentator Ma Xiaolong edited / Chi Daohua proofreading / Li Lijun

The issue of “Henan Rural Bank depositors’ health codes are forcibly assigned red codes”, which has previously attracted continuous attention, has ushered in new progress. (Related reports: Zhengzhou notified some village bank depositors of the investigation and accountability of the red code issue)

On the afternoon of June 22, according to the official WeChat account of Qingfeng Zhengzhou, after investigation, Feng Xianbin, executive deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, director of the Social Control and Guidance Department of the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Secretary of the Youth League Municipal Committee, and the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Commander. Zhang Linlin, deputy director of the Social Control and Guidance Department of the Ministry of Finance, arbitrarily decided to give red codes to some village bank depositors, and arranged for relevant personnel to give red codes to depositors who scanned the codes in Zheng. At present, the local government has decided to impose corresponding party and government disciplinary sanctions on those involved.

The reason why this matter has attracted attention is that in the current context, the health code is too important for every public. It involves the basic life of the public, including daily travel and so on. In the context of normalized epidemic prevention, once the health code is affected, the parties may be unable to do anything, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on production and life, and this is also related to whether the basic rights of the public are guaranteed. Therefore, when people learn that the health code can be arbitrarily “red” for things other than epidemic prevention, they undoubtedly feel that their basic rights are violated.

At present, the local authorities have been punished. From some of the details disclosed in this bulletin, we may be able to get a glimpse of the scope of the “Zhengzhou Red Code” incident. According to the report, a total of 1,317 village and town bank depositors were assigned red codes, of which 446 were assigned red codes for entering the Zhengzhou site code, and 871 people were assigned the red code for scanning the Zhengzhou site code sent by others who were not in Zheng. This data is quite astonishing. Just imagine, the “unauthorized decision” of a very few officials, without any legal support, can restrict the personal freedom of more than 1,000 people, and most of them are not yet in Zhengzhou. The arbitrary abuse of power can be imagined.

From this perspective, even if the relevant responsible persons have been held accountable locally, the randomness of the “coding mechanism” involved in the incident still needs to be paid attention by relevant parties. For a society that trusts and relies on the rule of law, the issues involved are very important and must be warned by all parties.

The local accountability of the relevant personnel this time is undoubtedly a reminder – the health code can only be used for epidemic prevention, and this basic principle cannot be reiterated at any time. At this time, how to use the health code undoubtedly represents whether an epidemic prevention operation mechanism is complete and smooth. Once the health code is abused by individuals beyond the scope of epidemic prevention, it will obviously cause extremely bad social impact.

As stated in the notification, assigning red codes to those who do not meet the coding conditions without authorization seriously undermines the seriousness of the regulations on the management and use of health codes, and causes serious adverse social impacts. It is a typical disorderly act. Such chaotic actions will ultimately lead to the loss of social trust, and will also bring great harm to the local legal environment and business environment.

In the final analysis, in the context of the rule of law society, the health code not only exists as a “new thing”, but also represents the emergence of a new social management and service mechanism. Therefore, the health code must be used within the scope stipulated by the law rather than unauthorized use. If it exceeds the boundary, it will cause widespread concern and cause bad social impact. Under this circumstance, only by promptly holding relevant personnel to serious accountability according to laws and regulations can we truly protect the health code from being abused and maintain the seriousness and legitimacy of the health code.

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