The big three of Europe went to Ukraine. Ten meaningful details!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


When I wake up, the most important event in the world, no doubt, is that the three European giants have gone to Ukraine.

A world-renowned but belated visit. After all, British Prime Minister Johnson went long ago, the first lady of the United States also went around, and the leaders of Poland and other countries went many times.

Supporters believe that this shows the unity of Europe. Don’t be afraid of Ukraine. Germany, France and Italy are coming; Critics worry that this is the new Munich agreement. The big three are coming and Ukraine will be sold.

What is the situation?

There is an English proverb that the devil is hidden in the details. At least ten meaningful details.

Detail 1: the train leaves at midnight.

According to the disclosed information, on June 15, the three European giants – French President macron, German Chancellor Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Draghi secretly arrived at the Polish border in the middle of the night, and then took the train quietly.

Take the train to Kiev, which is also the main way for foreign leaders to swipe their cards in Ukraine recently.

Looking at the pictures sent out, on the train dining car, makron white shirt, Scholz black short sleeves, Draghi may be afraid of the cold at night, and a thin coat is added to the shirt.

The three seemed very happy about the joint trip. They drank all the water in their glasses.

It was revealed that although it was late in the night, the three discussed a lot in the dining car of the train

In addition, seeing that Scholz was wearing jeans and carrying a bag, he was a neighbor uncle. It was not like going to the war zone, but on vacation.


Detail 2: the alarm goes to Kiev.

Just after arriving in Kiev, the air raid alarm suddenly sounded.

CNN reported that there was a very meaningful sentence, which said: “it seems to remind them that they are visiting a country frightened by unprovoked attacks. Shortly after the three leaders arrived at the hotel in the center of Kiev, the air raid alarm sounded.”

But on that day, Russia should have no air strikes on Kiev. In fact, although makron and others have taken bulletproof vests and formulated detailed risk avoidance plans, Russia should also have mastered their itinerary, but the Russian army has not taken any action on this train.

Then why are there alarms?

The Ukrainian thought carefully, perhaps, you know.

Detail 3: new Munich agreement?

Many people have speculated that the big three are only now going to Ukraine, ostensibly supporting Zelensky, but actually putting pressure on Ukraine to cede land in exchange for a Russian ceasefire.

In other words, this may be the new Munich agreement.

Anyway, Ukraine must be worried. Previously, the Italian peace proposal made Ukraine full of vigilance; Macron’s statement that “we should not humiliate Russia” was bitterly criticized by ZELINSKY.

For Germany, France and Italy, no war is the best choice. Will Ukraine be pressured during this meeting? We don’t know.

At least on the surface, macron didn’t. After arriving at Kiev railway station, he said: “this is an important moment. We send a message of unity to the Ukrainians.”

He declared that “France has been on the Ukrainian side since the first day”. French diplomats even said they hoped to see Ukraine “take back” Crimea as part of its “military victory” over Russia.

But is that what the French really think? We don’t know.

Detail 4: the biggest gift.

You can’t go to Kiev empty handed, can you?

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany has previously reminded: Ukrainians hope you don’t come empty handed

The greatest gift is to make a statement. Macron said that Germany, France and Italy, together with Romania, unanimously support Ukraine to become a candidate member of the EU immediately.

Because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has become impossible for Ukraine to join NATO. As an alternative, Ukraine hopes to join the EU immediately. Zelensky said that the best way to show “our common and strong position” is to support Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

The Eastern European states agreed, but the Western European states had reservations. Germany, France and Italy in charge seem to have set the tone: Ukraine cannot join the EU immediately, but it can become a candidate first.

Will Ukraine be satisfied with this gift?


Detail 5: a slightly awkward hug.

The words are very warm, but the body is a little cold.

Looking at the photos, ZELINSKY shook hands with Scholz politely. Although he was an actor, ZELINSKY’s expression did not seem as happy as macron’s welcome to Scholz on the departing train.

Also, in front of the reporters, ZELINSKY and macron hugged each other, but you can take a closer look at their body language. Macron leaned forward and smiled; ZELINSKY looked into the distance, his eyes said everything.

Well, the rich body language of politicians.



Detail 6: weapons, weapons, weapons.

The weapon of criticism cannot replace the criticism of weapons.

What Ukraine needs most urgently now is weapons.

Before the visit of the big three, Zelinski said, “I struggle for the weapons and equipment needed by Ukraine for the war of resistance every day.”

In the face of the big three, Zelinski said: “we thank our partners for their support. We look forward to new deliveries, mainly heavy weapons, rockets and anti missile systems… The stronger the weapons we acquire, the faster we can liberate our people and our land.”

But ZELINSKY is expected to be disappointed again.

Macron announced that France will provide Ukraine with another six “Caesar” vehicle mounted howitzers. Germany also said earlier that it would provide Ukraine with three sets of rocket launchers. It is said that it was originally 4 sets, but later it was reduced to 3 sets.

anything else? Maybe, but I don’t know when it will arrive.

Makron reminded Zelensky: we help Ukraine defend itself, but we will not participate in the war against Russia. Therefore, certain weapons, such as aircraft or tanks, will not be provided

Detail 7: American first hand chess.

It has to be said that the United States has taken another initiative.

Just the day before the big three visited Ukraine, Biden and Zelensky talked by telephone. Then Biden announced that he would provide another $1billion in military assistance to Ukraine.

This is also the 12th and largest batch of US military assistance, including 18 high-power mobile long-range howitzers, 36000 shells, 18 tactical vehicles towing these howitzers, and more ammunition and other equipment.

Obviously, the United States knows the itinerary of the three European giants. At this time, the military aid to Ukraine was announced.

What does the United States want to say?

Germany, France and Italy must be clear in mind.


Detail 8: extraneous branches of Romania.

This time, in addition to the three European giants, Romanian President Johannes also went to Ukraine.

Romania naturally supports Ukraine as a candidate member of the EU. But Johannes also said that Moldova and Georgia should also become EU candidate countries.

These three countries all have fierce conflicts with Russia. There are also Russian troops stationed in Moldova and Georgia. Georgia is farther away in Asia.

The EU is expanding, but if it is expanding in this way of confrontation with Russia, where are the EU principles?

It is estimated that the big three also have a headache.

Detail 9: Criticism and ridicule from the outside world.

There will certainly be no shortage of criticism. Some people in France have criticized that France will immediately conduct legislative elections, and macron chose to go to Ukraine at this time. It was entirely acting and serving the election.

There is no lack of cynicism in Russia.

Recently, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev joked that connoisseurs of frogs, livers and macaroni (respectively referring to France, Germany and Italy) like to visit Kiev, but the income is zero. “Ukraine is not closer to peace. The clock is ticking…”

Detail 10: who is the first brother in Europe?

In the past, Angela Merkel was the German Chancellor, the undisputed elder sister of Europe. Many things are led by Aunt mo.

But this time, we saw that brother Ma was at the forefront. Scholz and Draghi followed macron’s schedule to Ukraine.

In particular, although Scholz is the leader of Europe’s largest economic power, this time in Ukraine, macron is C, and Scholz seems dispensable.

Although France is the rotating presidency of the European Union, the political structure of Europe is indeed changing.

It used to be Germany and France, but now it is more France and Germany. Different styles of leaders lead to different patterns.


Finally, what do you think?

Make it three simple.

First, this is indeed a turning point.

On the eastern Ukrainian battlefield, the Ukrainian army is in a bitter battle. The Russian army, which once pulled the crotch, is now changing its tactics and constantly attacking cities and territories. At this critical time, the joint visit of the three giants to Ukraine is not only encouraging Ukraine, but also discussing the next step. What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

Second, it also exposes the tearing of the West.

The tear between the EU and the United States and Britain, the tear within the EU. Very simply, the big three have not finally gone to Ukraine until now, which shows a lot of problems. The old hooligans outside can set up a rice seedling, the little brothers in the family can shout to copy the guys, but the head of the family must consider daily necessities. Germany, France and Italy are not easy.

Third, alas, poor Ukraine.

In any case, it is a total tragedy for a country where wars are raging, people are fleeing, and people die every day. It is no longer possible to join NATO; To join the EU, the candidate is actually declined; Asking for weapons is a drop in the bucket. Kiev has become a clock in place, but the country is losing a little bit.

If the world cannot stand on its own, it will inevitably become a pawn of another country. A pawn will never change the fate of a pawn.

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