The China that American and Western robbers expect will not come back, but will only appear in Mo Yan’s works!

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Why Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize has been made very clear in the award speech given by the chairman of the organizing committee.

The original text is long, and the excerpts are as follows:

Mo Yan is a poet who tore apart the eight part propaganda slogan and pushed ordinary people to the front stage one by one. He attacked poverty and political hypocrisy, history and its falsification with cynicism. With undisguised joy, he jokingly revealed the darkest aspects of the world, and almost inadvertently found the characters with strong symbolic significance. The Northeast township of Gaomi County embodies Chinese folk stories and history

China’s barbarism in the 20th century may have never been so naked as he described in the stories of heroes, lovers, thugs, robbers, especially the strong and fearless mother. He showed us a world without truth, common sense or compassion, in which all living beings seemed reckless, helpless and absurd.


The past years described by Mo Yan are different from the happy history in the form of posters. He uses exaggeration and parody, as well as the content of myths and folk stories to make credible and rigorous amendments to the propaganda in the past 50 years.

So Mo Yan wants to resist all unjust acts in order to protect despised individuals – from the Japanese invasion of China to the tyranny of the Mao era and today’s production fanaticism.

After boasting, the Swedish Academy said:

In Mo Yan’s works, world literature has made many contemporary people admire. Congratulations from the Swedish Academy of Arts. Please accept the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature from his Majesty the king.

After hearing all this, Mo Yan wore a tuxedo and gladly received the award.

Mo Yan’s books are very rare overseas, and foreigners don’t like to read them. Especially before he won the Nobel Prize, it can be said that few people knew him.

Why did he win the Nobel Prize? I can say simply that the Swedish Academy of Arts thinks the reasons are very clear:

Scolding China is the best, criticizing China is the best.

Mo Yan’s novels describe China from the 49th to the early 80s in great length and describe the era of Mao Zedong in great colors.

Not to mention that in the Mao Zedong era, we defeated the 16 nation coalition forces to achieve more than 70 years of peace, so that China, which has been plagued by war, has no longer been harassed and slaughtered by foreign powers. Not to mention that the Mao Zedong era laid the foundation for heavy industry, LED the emergence of a series of major powers and heavy weapons, and created the most solid conditions for today’s national prosperity.

Let’s say that for ordinary people, not to mention the improvement of living standards in science, education, culture and health, nor to mention the fact that, compared with the period of the Republic of China, there were starving people everywhere, long-term wars and chaos, and people were displaced. That is to say, from 1949 to 1976, China’s life expectancy increased from 35 to 65 years old, from 540million to 937million, and the people’s living conditions have been fundamentally changed

But none of this seems to exist, but after reading Mo Yan’s novels, the western world has come to the conclusion that this period of time is

Tyranny of the times


Of course, Mo Yan may be right, because some people just like to pick a bone in an egg. Just like the Anglo American media, more than 20 people died in the Texas shooting in the United States. In 2022, there were 267 shooting cases in the United States, killing more than 20000 people. Maybe it’s more than Ukraine, but the Anglo American media can’t see it.

Two people in China were injured, which immediately made the western media climax and described them in full.

The Nobel Prize organizing committee said very well: push ordinary people to the front desk one by one

Don’t write about big times, write about small people.

The key is how to find small people. Mo Yan is very good at choosing. The people he chooses are the most favorite in the western world.

Instead of writing about the torrent of the times and the great changes in China over the past 70 years, we should look for the most unfortunate and distorted people to represent the current situation of the Chinese people.

The standard of living of the Chinese people has been improved qualitatively. If he doesn’t write, he must find someone who hasn’t been improved and find them with a lantern.

Well, Mo Yan, at least it’s more reliable than the Western description. The West doesn’t make rumors and drafts. When Xinjiang is engaged in mechanized harvesting, the Anglo American media spread rumors that it is forced labor

Many Chinese writers like to look for China’s shortcomings with lanterns. In their works, China is dark and always “reveals the darkest aspects of the world”.

In the 73 years from 1949 to today, from a poor and weak agricultural country, from a people’s precarious purgatory to today’s world’s second largest economy, the second largest military power, the world’s only industrial overlord and the world’s largest trading country, they can’t see any trace in their works. It seems as if nothing has happened, but they can only see “China’s barbarism in the 20th century”

What is the difference between famous literary works and popular novels, that is, they can truly record the changes of the times and the growth rings of history. However, is Mo Yan’s novels true? Here you can read about backwardness, ignorance and barbarism.

Is this a real China?

Is this our country?

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether China is real or not, because it is the favorite China in the western world.

Therefore, Mo Yan said that literature can never be used to praise, but to expose the darkness.

If it were not for Mo Yan’s affectionate praise of Japan in his article “people of Hokkaido”, I would really believe it. He wrote:

Their smiling faces and their enthusiasm are integrated with the natural scenery of Hokkaido and stored in our minds. We met most of them by chance, and it is rare to see them again in this life. But the impression they left us and our gratitude to them will accompany us all our lives.

Speaking of “Hokkaido people”, we should mention one person.

Liulianren is from Caopo village, jinggou Town, Gaomi County, Shandong Province. In 1944, he was captured by the Japanese aggressors to work as a laborer and was subjected to inhuman treatment. Later, he was lucky to escape from the devil’s cave. From 1945 to 1958, he lived in deep mountain caves for 13 years and lived a bitter life of isolation from the world. On april15,1958, the savage liulianren who had been living in the cave for 13 years finally returned to the motherland after being rescued by patriotic overseas Chinese and five Japanese groups.

Japan has caused 35million military and civilian casualties in China and abducted tens of millions of laborers. By 1944, 3million laborers had been forcibly recruited in Northeast China alone, of which 29% were tortured and killed. In North China, from 1937 to 1942, 5.29 million workers were captured by the Japanese invaders to leave the customs.

The Chinese laborers forcibly recruited by the Japanese army had almost no rest time, poor working conditions and no personal freedom. It was lucky to survive working under bayonets and whips. In particular, the workers engaged in military engineering are often killed for the sake of confidentiality once the project is completed.

At the same time, according to the official data disclosed by Japan alone, 38117 workers were abducted from China and transported to Japan.

Liulianren is one of them, but many people are more unfortunate than him. Among them, 6830 laborers were tortured to death in Japan.

According to liulianren’s memory:

Small mines in Japan have very poor mining conditions. In the dark mine cave, the ventilation is poor and the air is thin. People can’t breathe when they go down. Some people faint and never wake up. The roof of the mine is supported by some sticks. It is shaky and may collapse at any time. Roof fall, wall breaking, water flooding, gas explosion and other accidents often occur, and the mine has become a death well.

The Japanese invaders carried out an inhumane “human flesh mining” policy of asking for coal instead of people and exchanging people for coal, and regarded the lives of the vast number of workers as straw mustard. They forced Chinese workers to complete a certain quota every day, and they were lucky to work 16 hours a day to complete this output by hand. Liulianren and his colleagues became robots after they left the mine. They couldn’t stop for a moment. If they couldn’t complete the required quantity, they would be severely beaten by the Japanese supervisor.

The Japanese authorities also used the excuse of preventing workers from fleeing as an excuse to not pay a penny at all. In the eyes of the Japanese, Chinese workers are like a thing on their hands. They can be slaughtered at will. Killing a worker is like stepping on an ant. Chinese laborers are often beaten to pieces by the Japanese, and they still have to do the same with their blood flowing.

Heavy hard labor, poor food, cruel torture, and the cold climate make the workers all skinny and sick. The Japanese side not only did not give treatment, but also took the patients as pretending to be ill and escorted them to the construction site, forcing them to work with excessive intensity and desperately squeezing the sweat and blood of the workers. The workers’ illness changed from mild to severe, and finally died.

Until 1958, liulianren was discovered by a hunter named kuatian Qingzhi. Kuatian Qingzhi immediately chose to call the police. The next day, liulianren was finally led down the mountain by several policemen.

Therefore, Mo Yan expressed his gratitude to Kiyoshi kwata. He wrote:

When the car was about to start, the old man’s face was against the window glass and looked at us. I got out of the car and shouted across the glass: salomonala, salomonala… That’s what I said, but I know that I will never see the old man again.

Mo Yan thinks that Hokkaido is so beautiful and the people in Hokkaido are so kind that he feels grateful.

I just want to say that the first 800 workers of liulianren group were tortured and killed by the Japanese in a few months, leaving less than 70.

I wonder if liulianren thinks Hokkaido is beautiful! Do you think people in Hokkaido are very kind!

I try to see Japan from Mo Yan’s point of view. I suddenly feel grateful to Japan. Yes, they didn’t kill us all after all

35million military and civilian casualties, the tragic experience of millions of workers, and the humiliating history of comfort women Let’s not talk about the past, but say that now, dumping nuclear sewage, clamoring to help defend Taiwan, and colluding with the United States to contain China None of these can be seen. He found a kuatian Qingzhi with a lantern!

You are so good!

Similarly, China has been developing at a high speed for 73 years, and he is good for nothing. The Nobel organizing committee said that in his works, we can only see a world without truth, common sense or compassion, in which all living beings appear reckless, helpless and absurd.

For China, it is to hold a magnifying glass to find fault;

For Japan, it is holding lanterns to find advantages;

There are too many such people. Their sense of smell is different and they can always see things from different perspectives.

You see, although more than 20000 people were shot dead in the United States this year, more than 300million people have not died. You see, in China, two women were injured, so China should learn from the United States;

You see, although 1million people died from the epidemic in the United States, most of them are still alive and kicking. In China, Xi’an actually has a pregnant woman who has miscarried, so we should learn from the United States

In China, 99 people are living well. When one person encounters misfortune, writers write about that person and use him to represent China.

In Japan, one of the 10000 Japanese aggressors was humane. He put down his butcher’s knife and wrote about that person, using him to represent the Japanese

Literature is not what he said he could only attack and not praise. Is it that he can only attack his own country and praise the western world?

Of course, I am not qualified to evaluate Mo Yan, because people are different. Some people like to be harsh to their own countrymen and flatter foreigners. There are many such people

His literary view, that is, attacking China and praising the west, is highly consistent with the Nobel Committee.

In fact, western literature or art has basically become a set pattern. For European and American works, it is bound to show warm humanity and strong mentality, while for Oriental works of art, the requirements are:

Ugly social background;

Distorted or even abnormal human nature;

Numb and stupid beings;

A poor and wild world;


It doesn’t matter what the real world is like. What matters is that Mo Yan’s novels perfectly conform to the artistic standards of the western world.

Some people are just like this. They are harsh to their own country and tolerant to Japan who has committed numerous crimes. Even I read from the lines that love comes from the bottom of my heart

China has done 1000 things right and one wrong. He will always remember which one he did wrong.

Japan is full of crimes. He can forget all the crimes of Japan when he sees a Kiyoshi kwata

I don’t comment on this because I have no literary accomplishment.

I just want to say that many people think that winning the Nobel Prize as a writer is to win glory for the country.

Hearing this, I was almost stupid to cry.

Russia should also be proud, because the United States also gave them the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gorbachev won honor for Russia?

You think Russia took it, and they sent it back to the big monk. The big monk won honor for China?


It is the first time I have heard of such a stupid view that being recognized or rewarded by the western world is actually regarded as winning glory for the country.

Shouldn’t it be yuchunmao who wins honor for the country now? He is highly recognized by the United States. He is the chief adviser on China policy and planning in the White House. He is highly praised by trump and pompeio. Is he still a proud ancestor?

Besides writing, Zhang Jiadun’s theory of China’s collapse has long been on the New York Times bestseller list. His books are extremely popular and have been translated into Japanese, French, German and other languages and distributed in many countries. Some media and universities in western countries have invited Zhang Jiadun to give interviews and lectures.

Zhang Jiadun’s achievements must be more famous abroad than Mo Yan’s, and the western world loves to read. Has he won honor for his country?

When it comes to winning the prize, Fang Fang was also awarded by the Anglo because he handed over the knife. This is also called glory?

How cheap it is to hope to be recognized by the western world and take the award from the western world as the highest standard.

Japan has built Chiang Kai Shek’s Chiang Kai Shek shrine and dedicated it to him for a long time. Has Chiang Kai Shek won glory for his country?

What the great powers like most is the Great Qing Dynasty. Would it be good to have a great Qing Dynasty?

What should we do if we want the United States and the western world to appreciate and recognize it? The most direct way is to be a traitor. Of course, you must have the ability. After all, not everyone can be a traitor.

The United States and the western world, especially the United States, regard China as an opponent, which is the consensus of both parties. Containment and containment of China will be a long-term national policy. It is really strange that some people in our cultural circles should take the appreciation of the West as the standard.

It’s like we have started a war with Japan. We still ask Japan whether we are playing well, for fear that the imperial army is not happy, for fear that Taijun is not satisfied

For example, more than 80 years ago, Japan launched the war of aggression against China, and the Chinese Army rose up to fight back. However, whether the Chinese Army played well, whether it was internationally recognized, and whether it was an international tactic, it was up to the Japanese the final say.

Whether China’s generals can be recognized by the world depends on the KPI assessment of Japan.

Heyingqin ran to Ningci Okamura and said:

Tai Jun, are you satisfied with our fight?

Gangcun Ningci praised:

Yes, yes, you have done a good job in the Henan Hunan Guangxi campaign, especially in the central Henan campaign. You lost 38 cities in 37 days, which has reached a high level. We give you a KPI score of a, but you still have a lot of room to improve. I hope you can get an s next time.

You should move closer to the United Kingdom and be more in line with international standards. Look at the United Kingdom. In the Philippines, 130000 British people did not run away from 7000 of us. The reorganized system surrendered with guns. This is the real internationalization. Do you understand?

Heyingqin said: well said by Tai Jun, we will continue to work hard

Isn’t that ridiculous?

Isn’t that what many people in the literary and art circles are like? The United States should try its best to contain and contain China. They also think about how to satisfy the appetite of foreign people, how to write works to make them happy, and how to meet their requirements.

The Nobel organizing committee has made it very clear why the award is given because it truthfully describes the tyranny of the times.

What tyranny?

It’s the gunfire on purple quartz! It is a startling counter attack on the 38th parallel! It was born in 1964 on the Gobi Desert

This is what the Western imperialists in the United States think of as tyranny! Because they can no longer bully China!

The Chinese people have finally stood up. This is what the United States and the West think of as tyranny!

What they understand as benevolent government is the opium of Britain and the United States, the butcher’s knife of the Eight Power Allied forces, and the ten thousand baby’s Hall of the Christian Church in China!

Let them rob, let them kill and set fire, and let them invade without defense. This is the benevolent policy that the United States and the West hope for!

Finally, I want to say that China is so big, with a population of 1.4 billion, there are always people who want to kneel and lick the western world. I can’t help them.

Maybe Mo Yan is not wrong, because he just remembers the bad ones. Other achievements can’t get into his eyes

However, it would be ridiculous to regard the recognition or awards of foreign adults as our standard or goal.

How cheap!

If the United States and the western world want to recognize it, it is very simple to scrap nuclear weapons, cancel the financial firewall, and buy US debt on a large scale Then the western world will be so happy that they won’t close their mouths and will get cramps in their hands!

It is a pity that China, which the western world likes, will never come back, because it will eventually return to the top of the world!

The China they like can only exist in Mo Yan’s works to make foreigners lusty and sigh!

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