The cloud of G20 summit is treacherous

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019

On the 10th, the G20 foreign ministers’ summit ended, and the quarrel ran through almost every meeting. There was not only no meeting announcement, but also an extremely rare family photo.

However, no one will despise this smoke filled summit. The struggle under the negotiation table is far more wonderful than that on the negotiation table.

During the summit, the Japanese Prime Minister was assassinated, the British Prime Minister resigned, the Secretary General of OPEC passed away, Biden “declared war” on the supreme law, NATO launched the accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance, Erdogan extradited the Gulen elements, Putin closed the pipeline of oil and gas in the Caspian sea of Central Asia, and Sri Lankans on the side of modi’s bed rushed into the presidential palace…

Everyone didn’t grudge. Almost all the cards were played in this week.

Don’t underestimate those foreign ministers.

After all, big bosses like Biden are often mascots in the diplomatic field, and they can’t remember hundreds of pages of diplomatic documents even if they are condensed into a piece of paper. In real diplomatic transactions, professional diplomats often finish what they should talk about, and finally let the boss sign and seal.

Therefore, the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting and efforts will determine what can be traded during the next series of summit meetings and the meeting of the world’s 20 most powerful heads of state in November.

Moreover, the purpose of this G20 is to “kill people and kill their hearts”. Generally speaking, it is playing werewolf killing, killing people with eyes closed in the dark, and voting to do people at dawn.

Britain and the United States have been trying to refuse Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to attend the summit in an attempt to prevent him from “defending himself” so as to persuade other players to drive Russia away from the trading table and turn it into meat on the table.


What is more noteworthy is that this is the first constructive meeting between Chinese and American foreign ministers since the Biden administration took office, which also means that after a year and a half of confrontation, the transaction between China and the United States will finally enter a substantive stage.

In Alaska last March, Antony Blinken was scolded for being bloody. In Rome last October, Antony Blinken could only enter through the back door. In Bali this July, the foreign ministers of the world’s two most powerful countries met for the first time after an eight month silence and talked for five hours.

Even comparing the official announcements of the three foreign ministers’ meetings, we can see that things are changing.




The core appeal of the U.S. State Department has been on the lips every day, and has become a clear card. It will not be carried out here.

As for the “Democrats”, “Taiwan card” and “human rights card” commonly used in the United States, there is no difference in essence from the “ghost worship card” we played in yesterday’s article. They are all “white whoring” means by which powerful countries obtain benefits based on strength.

This time, the Antony Blinken meeting will no longer mention “from the perspective of strength”, and we will not oppose this sentence, which means that the United States is no longer prepared to rely on its status to “whore for nothing”, but to exchange its core interests for each other as it treats Turkey.

The four lists put forward by China this time are naturally a counter-offer against the asking price of the United States. Compared with the two lists put forward last July, it is obvious that the blood of the eldest brother and our assistance have not been wasted.

The five hour “constructive” talks also mean that both sides are carefully considering the conditions and chips given by the other side.

This negotiation is not expected to have a decisive outcome in the short term, but the two sides continue to test and yield to each other. After all, the real meeting will wait until the G20 summit in November this year.

Moreover, for the United States and Antony Blinken, the breakthrough point at this stage is Saudi Arabia. Whether it can kill Russia in energy and curb global inflation depends on whether it can deal with the Salman family, which has the ability to increase production on a large scale.

And just three days after the G20 foreign ministers gathered in Bali for a meeting, Saudi Arabia’s top hand in oil diplomacy, the largest overseas investor and the largest oil consumer, was removed one by one.

Whether this is a coincidence or not, it doesn’t matter whether there is premeditation. In the process of sleeping King’s vague preparation for his visit to Saudi Arabia next week, Salman and his son, who decided the direction of the war between Russia and Ukraine, think about understanding king and sleeping king, and their mentality must be like walking on thin ice…

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