The colony can’t stand up!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On the 15th of last month, two US troops stationed in South Korea beat up a South Korean man in a nightclub. A passer-by came forward to dissuade him and was severely beaten. The two US troops were not detained, and the police directly transferred them to the US Army.

This year, the US soldiers stationed in South Korea were particularly agitated. On April 11, a US soldier broke the glass outside his gate and raped him because his girlfriend proposed to break up; At the end of April, a US military stationed in South Korea was taken away by Longshan police due to a traffic accident caused by drunk driving in a residential area. On May 1, two more American soldiers were investigated for trying to sexually assault a South Korean woman who drank together (one of them sexually assaulted the woman and the other tried to sexually assault); On May 14, an American soldier who took part in the exercise was found to break into the civil buildings in Kwangju after being drunk and slept in them; On May 19, on the eve of Biden’s visit to South Korea, an American agent who arrived in Seoul as an advance team was accused of beating a 20-year-old South Korean man after getting drunk All these US troops, without exception, have not been tried or punished and are “handed over to the US military for its own disposal”.

According to the agreement on the status of U.S. forces in South Korea, the judicial organs of South Korea cannot exercise judicial power over the criminal U.S. forces, but can only be tried by the U.S. forces themselves

South Korea regards the US military as an “ally”, and the US military only regards South Korea as a colony.

When the colonists treated the colonies, they could do whatever they wanted?

You have let the United States garrison, and the entire armed forces of South Korea are under the command of the U.S. military. Then the U.S. military naturally thinks that they are the father of South Korea. What does it mean for the U.S. military to beat a few South Koreans and harass a few South Korean women? In the 21st century, the US military in East Asia is still living the life of a colonial master.

China can sentence American foreign garbage teachers to death, but South Korea can’t try any American soldiers who commit crimes.

Do you think the people of South Korea must hate the US troops stationed in South Korea who commit all kinds of evil deeds? In fact, almost every year, South Korean uncles and aunts send flowers and gifts to the US military and cry bitterly to persuade “Wang Shi” not to leave. It has become a traditional program in South Korea.




South Koreans are also playing “Lee Shun Chen” on the Internet. They are also playing with nationalism on the Internet. They are showing their teeth at China in the stadium, entertainment circle and cultural circles, posing as loyal ministers and filial sons, and boasting of the origin of the universe. In fact, they are indeed “filial” and “filial” to imperialism. Yin Xiyue reported to Biden the first time he was elected “President”. When talking with Biden, Yin Xiyue even saluted the American flag with her hands on her chest Is this the president of South Korea? Or the American governor in Korea?



In fact, the most important symbol of a country is “independence”. It is that the internal affairs, diplomacy, military affairs, economy and justice are all in its own hands, and that it is its own destiny. In this sense, North Korea, Iran, Serbia and the Philippines Are more like a “country” than South Korea.

So it’s funny that the puppet regime in South Korea is pursuing “nationalism” on the Internet. The more it lacks something, the more it needs to pay attention to something. The more it gets the country wrong, the more it wants to engage in “big ceremony discussion” and “big debate”. The more it treats imperialism as a dog, the more it wants to show its teeth to its neighbors and show that it is “not easy to provoke” It’s like a eunuch trying to prove that he still has “heroic spirit”.

You know, during World War II, the “two Korean devils” in the Japanese army were more ferocious than the devils. Today’s South Korean regime actually came from the “Korean traitors” who took refuge in the Japanese army. The entire Lee Seung Wan government was built by the two South Korean devils; They either took refuge in the Japanese or the Americans. During the Vietnam War, the “two devils” of South Korea massacred women and children in Vietnam. They were even more proactive than the American devils


The regime of South Korea is actually similar to the “Republic of China”.

Many people have the impression that the US military is a “Wang division”, a “liberator” and a “friendly force” of the Chinese people.

This view is rigid, one-sided and not realistic enough.

They have forgotten the essence of the US military as an “imperialist” army.

Let’s start with the Anti Japanese war. At this time, we were still nominally “allies” and “friendly forces”. Our common enemy was fascism. However, at this time, the US military actually used the lives of Chinese people to test their “new methods of warfare”.

At the end of the Second World War, Li Mei, commander of the US air force, prepared to bomb major cities in Japan, but was unable to verify the effect of his low altitude incendiary bombs on dense houses. Therefore, she applied to the Kuomintang to “practice” in Wuhan, a Japanese occupied area at that time, and used the lives of Chinese people to verify the method of fire attack, but Chiang Kai Shek and the national government actually “agreed”.


“In December of 1944, 92 B-29 bombers, 33 B-24 bombers and 149 escort fighter planes of the 14th Air Force of the US Army dropped 500 tons of incendiary bombs on Hankou. Then there were flames and lamentations. The fire burned for three days and nights, and nearly half of Hankou was destroyed. At the end of the month, B-29 bombers once again came over Hankou and dropped incendiary bombs, causing the fire in Hankou’s shanty towns to spread for five kilometers.”

“On december18,1944, 200 US warplanes and bombers attacked Wuhan back and forth, dropping a large number of bombs between Yiyuan road and Wuma road in Hankou, and from the riverside all the way to the railway. The bombed area was about 15 square kilometers, 3×5 rectangular, forming a sea of flames, and the buildings along the way turned into rubble. On the 21st, the 14th US Air Force bomber group dropped 1000 tons of explosives in Hankou, igniting the sheds around the port, and the fire spread for 5 kilometers.”

“During the Anti Japanese War, there were 151607 casualties among Wuhan residents. Among them, 96557 died, 22389 were seriously injured and 32661 were slightly injured. According to the statistics of Hankou in 1946, a total of 20000 people died in the air raid in December of 44. 7515 buildings were damaged during the Japanese occupation, 554 were damaged in the 38 year offensive and defensive war, 6951 were damaged later, and 92% were damaged by the US bombing. Compared with Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and Qingdao, Wuhan suffered particularly.”



The Wuhan survivor recalled: “my uncle just escaped from the house and kept muttering: can’t stop the Japanese from bombing their own people, or is he not human. He looked back and saw that the house had collapsed. I didn’t know where to get a pair of scissors to cut the bed bandage and save my aunt. My aunt was crushed to death by the house. At that time, I was still young, and I didn’t know what was happening. I just saw fire everywhere, and people kept shouting… “

Chiang Kai Shek also mentioned in his diary that the American bombing in Wuhan caused 40000 deaths

According to the “friendly forces”, the people of Wuhan are not human, but mice and ants.

The “fourteenth air force” of the US military, which carried out the bombing mission of Hankou, was formerly called the “Flying Tigers” and its commander was Chennault.

In the past, well-known people liked to boast about the “Flying Tigers” of the United States. In fact, the Flying Tigers were just a mercenary hired by songmeiling at a high price to work with money, not to support China’s “volunteer army”. The aircraft of the Flying Tigers were also purchased by the national government from the United States at a high price. In 1942, China’s foreign exchange reserves did not exceed US $160million. In 1942, the national government spent nearly 20% of the country’s foreign exchange on the daily expenses of the American “Flying Tigers”, including the purchase of aircraft.

The “flying tiger team” is not a regular army at all. This team is basically a US Army ruffian and adventurer. 80% of them don’t even have the basic skills to fly fighter planes. They came to China because songmeiling gave them a lot of money, so they “wanted to be rich and rich”.


When Chennault served in the United States, his monthly salary was only 110 dollars. Songmeiling gave him a monthly salary of 1000 dollars. 1000 dollars was net income, and all other expenses were borne by the national government. The monthly salary of the American pilots of the flying tigers is $600, the team leader is $650, and the squadron leader is $700, which is 3-4 times that of the active pilots of land airlines, while the monthly salary of the highest paid active pilots of land airlines in the same period is only $347. The monthly salary of American pilots of the flying tigers is 20 times that of Chinese pilots.

In addition, each pilot of the “Flying Tigers” has a single room with independent bathroom; Every 50 people will also be provided with a game room, with game tables, table tennis tables, card tables and other facilities. What’s more, there will be Chinese migrant workers to help these American pilots wash their clothes and cars.


Taking into account the dietary habits of American pilots, the national government provided them with the following food standards:

Each person will provide 550G meat (beef, pig or chicken), 4 eggs, 620g vegetables, 310G potatoes, 60g dried vegetables, 380g flour, 60g lard, 180g sugar, 15g salt, 340g fruit, 30g peanuts, 12g tea and other spices every day.

In order to make authentic western food, the national government also added western cooking stoves, bread stoves and other equipment for the US Army in the barracks. According to the memoirs written by the pilot in the future, including the reports of the US media on the army at that time, we can learn that milk, ham, coffee and bread… These foods are standard.

What’s more, the Flying Tigers asked songmeiling to arrange women for them to have fun!!! Chiang Kai Shek’s national government is satisfied!!!

When the US time weekly interviewed the US volunteer team, Chennault frankly said: “my brothel worries me. Soldiers always have women. If they can’t get clean ones, they can also get dirty ones.”

Stilwell also said in a top secret letter to Marshall: “today, a transport plane took 13 women to Kunming… I have ordered inspectors to go there and investigate immediately.”

Where are they coming to fight against Japanese fascists? They have come to China to be masters. In contrast, the Soviet air force to help China without paying a penny is the real internationalist fighter.

In addition to the Hankou bombing, the 14th Air Force after the reorganization of the flying tigers also launched a “six strongholds bombing”, which killed all Chinese people. On november25,1944, US warplanes suddenly appeared over Liuzhai, Guangxi, killing and injuring tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians. During the Anti Japanese War, the national revolutionary army was killed by the flying tigers, including one lieutenant general, two major generals, eight colonels and more than 1000 non commissioned officers. KMT general zhangfakui was almost killed by the bombing.

The US military killed five times as many Chinese as the Japanese in China.

Not to mention ordinary people, national leaders are like grass mustard in front of the US military. On May 12, 1943, in Chongqing, the president of the government of the Republic of China, Lin Sen, was seriously injured by a US military truck, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and died three months later. The national government did not dare to mention the US military from beginning to end, but just published an obituary saying that President Lin Sen had died. The president of a country was killed by a foreign garrison, and the perpetrators went unpunished without any accountability.


Since october1,1945, the US Marines have landed in Qingdao. Since then, 27000 US troops have landed in Qingdao. The US military has turned Qingdao into their military base, and the seventh fleet has also stationed in Qingdao.

From August 1945 to November 1946, 3800 US military atrocities occurred in Shanghai, Nanjing, Peiping, Tianjin and Qingdao alone, killing and injuring more than 3300 compatriots_ In fact, more than 300 women were abused. In Shanghai, the number of atrocities committed by the U.S. military is “inevitable”. Only from September 1945 to January 1946, there were 495 incidents in which U.S. military vehicles killed and injured Chinese people. From August to December 1946, there were more than 800 incidents. None of the US military personnel has been criminally prosecuted for these crimes. The U.S. military even stipulated that if a Chinese was run over by a car, it would pay 100000 yuan, while if a donkey was run over, it would pay 1.35 million yuan.

On September 3, 1946, at Beiping West dispatching station, three U.S. Marines selected Chinese worker wangendi as a target for gun training because of their match shooting skills, and killed wangendi who was directing the train into the station on the spot. Cao Guiming, a student of the high school attached to Peiping Fu Jen University, was shot by the US military police just because he was wearing a pair of US Army khaki pants.

On Christmas Eve in 1946, Shen Chong, a girl from Peking University, was kidnapped by two US Marines and raped in the Dongdan playground.

On november14,1945, a Chinese ferry was sunk by a US warship on the Huangpu River. The US warship refused to rescue it, resulting in the drowning of more than 20 Chinese people on the ferry.

On March 26th, 1946, American soldiers forcibly kidnapped Chinese young woman tangqiaozhen on Broadway Road in Shanghai and attempted to rape her. Because of Tang’s resistance, Tang Qiaozhen was thrown from a fast-moving car and killed.

On June 28th, 1946, four US troops in Chongqing directly broke into the women’s bathroom of the hotel in Huixian mansion, insulting the women in the shower in every way. Since then, more than 20 US troops destroyed the hotel.

On july30,1946, American soldiers in Shanghai hired a car. The coachman was a little slow because he didn’t know English. The American soldiers immediately drew a knife and cut off five fingers of the coachman.

On September 22nd, 1946, American sailors killed the rickshaw driver at the gate of the Shanghai ballroom because they refused to pay the fare to the rickshaw driver.

On november3,1947, a US military convoy crushed the legs of a young woman liuyumei on a highway bridge near dahongmen, Peiping, and seriously injured another young woman liuyuhua. After the accident, the US military refused to treat her and directly fled the scene.

On August 2, 1947, in Nanjing, four US military gendarmes provoked an unprovoked quarrel near the Zhonghe bridge, throwing two Chinese people enjoying the cool into the river and drowning. The national government explained that “the US military did not know that the Chinese people could not swim, which was a joke that caused an accident…”

In 1947, in Qingdao, US soldiers killed the coachman sumingcheng with a knife because of a dispute over the fare. Jet Li’s film “Chinese hero” was adapted accordingly.


On August 7, 1948, more than 20 Air Force personnel in the United States invited the wives, aunts and daughters of local Kuomintang officials and celebrities in the three towns of Wuhan in the name of a dance. As a result, they were gang raped by the United States Army. The Kuomintang authorities did not dare to investigate the responsibility of the US military. Instead, they sentenced five Chinese female victims to be “indecent and for profit”


On february21,1948, songzhenzhong, a worker of Sifang power plant, was killed by American soldiers at Cangkou; On march8,1948, the US army truck drove to the pedestrian road, which killed residents zhangpeisheng and Huasheng furnace technician Yu Shoutang. American cars ran across the road and killed seven people in one day. On april28,1948, the fishing boat of fisherman yangxiaoshuo was sunk by a US military motor boat off the sea of Xiaoqingdao.

Many people may want more “evidence”. There is too much evidence. If you open China’s old newspapers and the local chronicles of China’s major cities, you can’t miss the news reports of “US troops raping and killing people”.







Why is the US military so unscrupulous in China? Because the so-called “Republic of China” is a semi colony, and the Kuomintang regime is a “court of foreigners”.

The US Army and the Japanese army are both imperialist armies, and there is no essential difference.

In addition, the United States was not “anti fascist” from the beginning. On the contrary, they were once friends and mentors of fascists. German Japanese fascists, it can be said, were trained by American capitalists. From the September 18th Incident in 1931 to the Pearl Harbor Incident in 1941, the United States has been providing various war materials for Japan’s invasion of China for a full 10 years

From 1932 to 1939, 70.5% of the resources imported by Japan came from the United States, 90% of the oil and its products came from the United States, and 70% of the steel (better known as scrap steel) came from the United States. In 1931, the president of the United States publicly supported Japan’s invasion of the three northeastern provinces of China, and provided 181million US dollars in arms sales to Japan one year after the 918 incident. Only in 1937, 92% of Japan’s military strategic material consumption came from American exports to Japan. In 1938, the United States put forward a moral embargo against Japan, but gave Japan a loan of US $125million to buy strategic materials. Between 1939 and 1940, the United States exported 380million US dollars of strategic goods to Japan, accounting for 85% of its total exports to Japan

On May 4, 1938, the conscientious American congressman Scott delivered a speech in New York Square: “for every 1million people killed in China in the Sino Japanese War, 544000 people were killed by Americans…”

It was in the late period of the war of liberation that the US Army finally rolled out of China.

On april27,1948, Weixian County, more than 100 kilometers away from Qingdao, was liberated, and the connection between Qingdao and Jinan was completely cut off. On september24,1948, the people’s Liberation Army captured Jinan, and the whole territory of Shandong except Qingdao has been basically liberated. Qingdao has completely become an isolated island.

On april21,1949, the PLA launched the river crossing campaign, which marked the beginning of the liberation of China. On May 3, the PLA launched the Qingyi campaign to liberate Qingdao. On May 25, the people’s Liberation Army could be heard rumbling in the downtown area of Qingdao. Although the U.S. military had been looking for a way of “decent withdrawal”, it finally withdrew from Qingdao in disgrace amid the gunfire of the people’s Liberation Army. After the liberation of Qingdao, all US military forces withdrew from Chinese Mainland.


Do you think they left by themselves? “The dust will not run away without the broom”!

If you want to stand up and be a man, you have to drive away the colonists who are riding on their heads.

Do you know why the task of China’s modern revolution was to fight against imperialism and feudalism? Because imperialism is the general backstage of domestic feudal forces, and feudal forces are the general lackeys of all imperialism. In modern colonial and semi colonial countries, the remaining evils of feudalism and imperialism have always been in deep collusion to jointly oppress their own people. No anti imperialist, no anti feudal; Without anti feudalism, the soil for the birth of imperialist stooges and traitorous compradors cannot be eradicated.

The reality of South Korea just proves this point. In South Korean society, all the feudal residues, the superiority and inferiority of the upper and lower levels, gender oppression, family ethics, workplace bullying It all comes from their unjust acquisition of the country, their subservience to imperialism and their cruel oppression of their own people. A comprador puppet regime born in a colony will certainly retain all the characteristics of feudal forces and imperialist lackeys.

Such a country and people cannot stand up.

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