The consequences of bickering with Putin are particularly serious this time!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

The consequences of bickering with Putin are really serious this time.

At the recent G7 and NATO summits, there is no doubt that British Prime Minister Johnson made the headlines most. At the G7 summit, he didn’t surprise himself. He publicly called on leaders to take off their coats and compete with Putin on chest muscles.

Putin, aren’t you just showing your arms? You are alone, and our G7 leaders are together.

You know, one of Putin’s most famous outdoor photos is that in 2009, he was naked and galloping in the mountains of Siberia.


Presumably, this picture showing Putin’s tough side gave Johnson great stimulation. So Johnson said, we should also show our chest muscles and appear tougher than Putin.

But if you’re tough, show your chest muscles? European Commission President von delaine exclaimed at that time: riding is the best

Don’t discuss whether to take off your clothes, just ride a horse. Seeing some foreign media commented that as the only woman at the G7 conference, von delaine did not comment on the clothing issue.

How does Putin respond to Johnson’s ridicule and ridicule?

It is not Putin’s style to scold back without increasing firepower. Moreover, the scolding is more unique.

Putin, who was attending the Caspian Sea summit in Turkmenistan, replied in front of reporters:

I don’t know how they want to take it off, to the waist, or below the waist, but I think either way, this is a disgusting scene.

Please pay attention to Putin’s expression. It’s really damaging to have a little smile on the corners of his mouth.

Johnson proposed to show his chest muscles, but when it came to Putin’s mouth, it became: I don’t know how they want to take it off, to the waist or below the waist

Moreover, add a conclusion: no matter how you take it off, this is a disgusting scene.

A typical pun.


But it’s not over yet. Putin has something else to give Johnson. He continued:

I remembered that Pushkin once said, “to be a capable person, you should pay attention to the beauty of your nails.” I quite agree. Everything a person has should develop harmoniously, both body and soul. In order to make everything develop harmoniously, we must give up excessive drinking and other bad habits, take exercise and engage in a sport.

There is something in the story.

1. Citing the classics and the famous words of Pushkin, the great Russian poet, this is Putin’s impromptu speech, which is really meaningful with a little exposure.

2. There is also pungent irony, advising Johnson that everything should develop harmoniously, both body and soul. Johnson, do you have any?

3. We must give up excessive drinking and other bad habits, which is even more a direct slap on Johnson’s face. Because it is very simple, the potbellied Johnson has recently encountered a major crisis, that is, he took the lead in violating the quarantine regulations by drinking and having dinner in the prime minister’s residence; Moreover, he has also launched a series of “weight loss campaigns”, what to ride a bike, what to call on everyone to lose weight and fight the epidemic

But what about the effect?

On western social media, many people silently published a comparison chart of Putin and Johnson being bare handed


Why is Johnson the one who hypes the topic?

This may be related to Johnson’s embarrassing situation. After the brexit of Britain, the European Union is very unpopular. In the G7, the protagonists are the United States and the European Union. Without some amazing words, how does the world know there is another Britain?

Moreover, diplomacy is the continuation of internal affairs. Now Britain is in a mess. Johnson himself is at risk of stepping down because of various problems such as lying and violating regulations. If he doesn’t take the opportunity to grab international headlines and divert domestic attention, he can’t mix it up after returning home

Therefore, Johnson’s thunder words have been particularly numerous recently. For example, he also lamented that if Putin was a woman, the war in Ukraine would not happen.


Johnson explained: “if Putin is a woman, of course he is not, but if he is, I really don’t think he will launch a crazy, male chauvinist, aggressive and violent war…”

This is very serious international politics, but it has become a problem of confrontation between men and women. Even if Putin is not a woman, Johnson is indeed wilting enough.

However, the villains have their own shortcomings, and Putin’s counterattack soon arrived. He said:

I just want to remind him (Johnson) of the events in modern history that Margaret Thatcher decided to launch military operations against Argentina in the Falkland Islands. This is a military action decided by a woman. Where is the Falkland Islands? Where is Britain? This is entirely driven by imperial ambition

what do you mean?

1. What about women? Don’t forget, it was your British Margaret Thatcher who launched the Falklands war. Take Britain’s own example. Putin taught Johnson a lesson.

2. Putin still has something to say. Where is Falklands? Where is Britain? You can see from the map that the Falklands is next to Argentina. It is you, Britain, who have imperial ambitions, who launched the war.

Johnson originally wanted to ridicule Putin, but Putin gave it back, and he also had to give Johnson a profound lesson in international politics.

Of course, after all, it is the president of a country. Although he also said some words with rich connotation of “taking off below the waist”, some words are not easy to say after all.

It doesn’t matter. It’s inconvenient for Putin to say. The Russian Foreign Ministry will come next.

I think the most outstanding international bickering is the counterattack of the Russian Embassy in China.

In addition to Putin’s verbal rebuttal, a cartoon was also attached.


In the cartoon, the top English reminds that this is this year’s G7 summit. The picture on the wall should be Putin with bare arms riding a horse (grassland beast). Below, Western leaders are eager to imitate Putin’s actions.

If my eyes are right, in this Russian cartoon:

The one who rode the ostrich naked should be von delaine, the female president of the European Commission;

At the bottom, riding upside down on a pig, is German Chancellor Scholz;

With money in one hand and wine bottle in the other, it is Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada;

The one who didn’t ride anything, but took the initiative to lift his clothes and expose his chest hair, was French President macron;

The fat yellow haired guy who only sees naked buttocks but can’t climb on the horse’s back is undoubtedly British Prime Minister Johnson;

Oh, there is another one lying under the bike. If it’s fake, it must be Biden, the president of the United States who fell on his bike not long ago

If I guessed right, it was pure coincidence. Anyway, this is all done by Russian cartoonists, which has nothing to do with me.

But the biggest feature of all the people in the painting is not just the problem of showing their arms, but the fact that they are completely naked. Johnson, in particular, is fat, with obvious yellow hair, deep grooves, and high feet, but he can’t climb the horse’s back. It’s really amazing.

The final comment of the Russian embassy was the same sentence that Putin mocked: what a disgusting scene.

The retaliation of the Russians is really cruel and characteristic!

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