The construction of the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway has ushered in three major benefits for China!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

In an interview on May 30, Kyrgyz President zaparov said that after he explained the Kyrgyz demand for the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway to Putin at the Ji’an Summit on May 17, the Russian side said that it would no longer oppose the project.

So far, the railway, which has been discussed for 25 years, has finally ushered in the dawn and will be started in 2023.

First of all, why did Russia oppose it earlier?

The reason is very simple, 3 points:

After the construction of the Southern Railway, there will be no need to transit through Russia. There will be no tolls and an economic loss;

Once the railway is connected to Iran, the Middle East, Turkey and other places, with competitors, it will weaken the bargaining power of Russian energy;

Once the south is connected to the Middle East, Turkey and other places, Russia’s importance will decline and it will be easily marginalized.

Why does Russia agree now?

The reason is also obvious. Russia is breaking away from the West and can only turn to non West. At the same time, in the face of Western encirclement, Russia may also place its hopes on the “regional integration of China, Russia and Iran” mentioned below. The railway plays an important role in achieving this goal, which is naturally important to Russia.

There may also be people who resent Russia’s opposition to the construction of the railway. In fact, it is unnecessary. It is normal for any country to consider its own national interests. Central Asia is Russia’s traditional sphere of influence, and it is necessary to respect Russia’s views.

Next, the construction of the railway will bring four benefits to China:

1. Conducive to China’s trade

It is obvious that Chinese goods can easily lead to Central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe through the railway, and even further connect Turkey, Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

2. It is conducive to cracking sea power and strengthening its own transportation security

In today’s world, the United States dominates the sea power. With its 11 super aircraft carriers, it is difficult for anyone to play sea power with the United States.

Therefore, strengthening the construction of land rights and the construction of land transportation such as the China Europe train and the Asia Europe continental bridge plays an important role in cracking the US sea power.

The center of the world lies in the “World Island”, and the world island is located in the Eurasian continent. Although sea transportation has the advantages of sea transportation, land transportation also has the advantages of land transportation. Once everyone is less dependent on sea transportation, the sea power and maritime hegemony of the United States will be less important.

3. It is conducive to the construction of regional integration

The Western containment and sanctions against China and Russia are strengthening, and the new cold war and decoupling are emerging.

One of the ways to deal with it is to build a “regional integration between China, Russia and Iran” to form an internal cycle.

In the article “once China, Russia and Iran join hands, let’s see this potential”, the author explained that once China, Russia and Iran join hands, the territory will be very large, and the entire Eurasian continent will be almost occupied, leaving only the leftovers of Western Europe and the bits and pieces of Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and India. Under such a territory, it can be said that resources, industries and markets can form a broad internal cycle.


? drawing jointly by China, Russia and Iran: flower planting City

Once it is done, everyone will have a good time internally, and they will not be afraid of external sanctions. In the end, they will isolate themselves.

To form such integration and such internal circulation, you need traffic to circulate and circulate. Therefore, it is of obvious significance to build a railway like China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan.

In addition, it is reported that the three railway lines in Mongolia will be completed before the end of the year to help connect China and Russia; The first cross-border railway between China and Russia will also be completed in August. All these have played an important role in strengthening the connectivity between China and Russia and realizing the “regional integration between China, Russia and Iran”.

4. It is of great significance to China’s energy security

The China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway does not mean that it is only built to Uzbekistan. If it can extend to Iran, the Middle East, Turkey and other places through Turkmenistan, will we have another energy transportation line?


? land energy transportation drawing: flower planting City

At that time, our land energy transmission will have Russian oil and gas sources in the north, the “Middle East – China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan” railway in the west, and the “China Pakistan corridor” and so on. We will certainly develop other lines. Once multiple lines are developed at the same time, our energy security at sea will not be threatened.

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