The core competition between the United States and Russia, the United States began to lose!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

As introduced in the currency strategy, one of the core competitions between the United States and Russia in this round of competition is energy. Russia is trying to reform the dollar with energy. The United States is also trying to block Russia and kick it out of the world energy supply system. If the United States succeeds, Russia’s economic artery will be cut off, and Russia is likely to follow Iran’s example, just like Iran in the past, because energy cannot be sold out and become moribund.

It should be said that the United States was relatively successful in blocking Iran earlier, but only once against Russia


? video screenshot of Biden and Putin

Look at some phenomena:

Poland has begun to stop providing free fuel to Ukraine. Although no specific reason has been given, it is estimated that it is also because of the energy shortage in Europe, and Poland is tight, so it will not provide free fuel to Ukraine;

The Times reported on May 30 that 6million British families are facing the risk of power failure this winter, lasting for three months. Hundreds of families have received power failure warnings. As for the reason, it is possible that Russia will die.

The European Union is also very interesting. It has been in a state of wrangling internally. The sixth round of sanctions against Russia has been unable to come out. Finally, an agreement was reached on May 30. The original Russian oil embargo plan was changed to ban only 2/3 of the Russian oil embargo and only sea transportation. It can not help pipeline transportation… This is very funny.

What is reflected behind this is the dilemma that the United States wants to block Russian energy. It is hard to say what the future of this round of competition will be. However, at present, the United States is at a disadvantage.

The United States has successfully defeated Iraq and Libya, has also successfully disrupted Syria, and even successfully blocked Iran’s energy. This time, it also wants to do the same, kicking Russian energy out of the world supply system, so that Russia has no market for goods.

However, the United States has forgotten that this time the situation is very different from the past.

The United States’ success in fighting Iraq and Libya was only due to the fact that other major powers gave the United States face and did not intervene behind its back. Otherwise, it would be so easy to fight. A typical example is that when the United States hits Syria, once there is interference from other major powers, it will not move immediately.

Banning Iran is still the face of the United States given by other major powers, as long as they do not overtly overthrow Iran by force. But as the United States gradually fell out with other big countries, Iran’s oil exports became better and better. For example, China, the United States has publicly threatened to impose sanctions on countries importing Iranian oil, but China’s response is to maintain normal China Iran cooperation, which is China’s right, and other countries have no right to interfere. Later, the two countries also signed a 25 year long-term cooperation contract. Now Iranian oil is basically not worried about selling.

Now it’s the same in Russia. China and Russia are interdependent. Needless to say, even India will not sit by and watch Russia fall. With China and Russia in the lead, the United States will not aim its firepower at India, but will also win over India. Otherwise, if China and Russia cannot carry it, India will be next.

India is now the craziest importer of Russian oil. Since February, more than 34 million barrels of Russian oil have been received, 10 times that of the same period last year, and another 28 million barrels will be received in June. In addition to some of the oil for their own use, many of it has been sold to Europe.

Besides, there is another point. Today is the industrial age, playing with “energy + industry”. Russia, as a major energy supplier in the world, the United States wants to kick it out of the energy supply system. It is possible for other countries to fully cooperate, just like Iran. However, the problem is that today’s US hegemony is already “addicted to drugs”, dragging its festering body to make enemies everywhere, and openly tearing face with some big powers. The US plan will not succeed.

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