The crazy mouth shape and dubbing don’t match. It was forced to wash the white for Meng Dehai

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The storm is about to end, and the villains in the play are also gradually emerging. However, after the latest two episodes of Crazy Wind went online, many netizens roast that Crazy Wind’s mouth shape and dubbing didn’t match. Why is this problem? After studying, netizens found that this is basically washing Meng Dehai. What exactly is it? The editor will introduce it today.

The crazy mouth shape and dubbing don’t match

Now you can see that Meng Dehai is a good man. Through inquiry, you know the illegal behavior of his son-in-law Yang Jian. Meng Dehai said that it was lucky that Yang Jian had no life on his hands. He hoped that he could turn himself in so that he could save their family. There is also a dialogue between Meng Dehai and An Changlin, and the accent and dubbing are also completely incorrect. The meaning of the play is that Meng Dehai told An Changlin about the mistakes made by his son-in-law and gave Yang Jian the chance to surrender himself, but he was unwilling to do so, so he had to report Yang Jian to the Discipline Inspection Commission in person.

The conversation between Meng Dehai and his daughter, Meng Yu, is also out of tune with the voice. After carefully studying Meng Dehai’s mouth shape, we found that the play was forced to whiten Meng Dehai. In fact, Meng Dehai has also been blackened. For so many years, Yang Jian has done so many bad things, and has also had various dealings with Gao Qiqiang. How could Meng Dehai not know the truth? He definitely has various ways to shield his son-in-law.

Meng Dehai forced to wash white

And Meng Yu is willing to poison Anxin, not only for her husband Yang Jian, but also for her father. Meng Dehai asked An Xin to accompany him to the Discipline Inspection Commission, not only to report his son-in-law Yang Jian, but also to confess his mistakes to the organization. This is why in the preview, there will be many people pleading with the organization for Meng Dehai. If Meng Dehuai was not blackened, how could he possibly be disposed of? However, the audience really disliked this kind of forced whitewashing method, and it was also very uncomfortable for the audience because the mouth shape and dubbing did not match.

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