The deepest change has come!

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The following article is from Shi Kelang, author s Shu

Today I want to talk about three things, all related to the railway.


The first thing is: Recently, the US Foreign Policy magazine “suddenly found” an event: Mongolia is building three “strategic railway lines”, which will help strengthen the logistics links between China and Russia.

Why should I put quotation marks on the four words “suddenly found”?

It was announced in February this year.

However, at that time, there was no war between Russia and Ukraine, but the relationship was tense. The United States was desperately fighting, and they wanted to fight quickly, so they might not have noticed much. Later, the United States and Europe probably wanted to overthrow Russia with fierce sanctions.

It didn’t work out.

So I noticed it.

The Americans said angrily that there was already a Siberian railway between China and Russia. Later, they built a natural gas pipeline called “West Iberian power”. Now the railways being built in Mongolia have opened another channel for China and Russia. In addition, Russia also has a natural gas pipeline passing through Mongolia!

In short, this means that the economic ties between China and Russia will be closer.


I said before: why does the United States want to arch fire between Russia and Ukraine?

There are two reasons:

One reason is that since the 2008 financial crisis, its economy has fallen into a serious disease, but it has not been able to recover. On the contrary, the economy is almost terminally ill because of trade wars and epidemics. Therefore, it is necessary to find a large economy to suck it up and recover.

China can’t chew it. Europe is more suitable.

Another reason is that, after all, Russia is the world’s largest resource country, with a strong military, a large number of nuclear weapons, advanced industries in Europe, and a competitor to the United States. If the two countries start to cooperate, the United States will be miserable. Therefore, the possibility of the two countries’ alliance must be broken up.

For these two purposes alone, it is very necessary to stir up fire and start a war in Europe. From this point of view, the United States has achieved some of its two goals.

However, Germany, a defeated country in the Second World War, took the opportunity to tear off the seal and rushed out to expand its army; There are also a large number of medium-sized powers that have been under the pressure of the United States. Now that the United States has been dragged, it has taken the opportunity to jump out and make flames of war everywhere. This kind of thing is completely unexpected to the United States.

Hehe, in the future, the United States will have to be busy killing hamsters.

Let’s wait and see.

However, the United States has also brought about another consequence: as a large resource country, Russia has to find a way out! Since the west is not bright, it can only be bright in the East.

Therefore, the arch fire of the United States will also bring another result: the combination between the world’s largest resource country and the world’s largest industrial country.

This combination is strategic. Although it may not appear immediately, the United States is bound to suffer.

The second thing is also related to the railway.

It is reported in our news that on May 30, Kyrgyz President zaparov said in an interview that the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway is finally going to be built. This railway has been planned for at least 25 years.

He also gave a detail.

As we all know, on May 17, the collective security organization held a summit. This organization is composed of some republics of the former Soviet Union. Its main members are Russia, Belarus and Armenia, plus the five Central Asian countries.

Zaparov said this: this railway is very important. We Kyrgyz people have always wanted to build it for more than 20 years. However, tnnd, in the past so long, no one has been able to explain to the Russian side why it is so important.

Then he said: I did what previous presidents failed to do! This time, I talked with Putin for half an hour. I told him that Kyrgyzstan needs the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway, just as it needs “air and water”. Putin said: the Russian side has no objection to this. If Kyrgyzstan needs it, it can be built.

After the news came, someone on the Internet said: look, the Russians are still hiding behind us. Just one railway has stuck us for more than 20 years.

Is that right?

In fact, it is neither right nor wrong.

Why do you say that?

After knowing what kind of country Kyrgyzstan is, we can understand why this railway has been planned for 25 years, but has not been built.

This country is very interesting.


It is mainly divided into two parts:

The northern part borders Kazakhstan and belongs to the Chu River Basin. In Central Asia, the natural conditions of the Chu River Basin are very good. Many rivers formed by melting snow wash down from the hillside. The hillside can be grazed and the area below can be farmed.

By the way, as we all know, Li Bai was born in broken Leaf City, which is located in the Chu River Basin.

There is also a large slope in the south. There are also many rivers melted by snow and water flowing down the hillside. In the middle, there are some places with flat terrain, which can be used for grazing and farming.

Further down from this large slope, there is the most fertile Fergana basin in Central Asia, with tens of thousands of square kilometers of fertile fields, which can be regarded as the “land of abundance” in Central Asia.

We ancient Chinese have also been there.

During the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, there was a Dawan kingdom. When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty heard that the local land was a bloody BMW, he sent envoys with generous gifts to beg for it. As a result, Dawan people not only refused to give it, but also killed the envoys and robbed the gifts. In a rage, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent a large army over the Pamir Plateau and destroyed Dawan.

Unfortunately, in such a good place as Fergana basin, Kyrgyzstan has only a little edge, but only a little edge. It has been able to feed many people in this country.

Speaking of this, someone has to ask: what about the middle?

Sorry, there are Tianshan Mountains in the middle. The mountains are so steep that few people live there.


The mountains in the middle of Kyrgyzstan

In the Soviet Union, perhaps because the so-called joining Republic was equivalent to a province anyway, the Soviets didn’t think much about it at that time, and only considered convenience when building railways.

It connects Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan in the South and Kazakhstan in the north. Only oneortwo low-grade highways have been built in the middle.

There was no problem in the Soviet Union, but as soon as it became independent, the problem came.

The north and the south are separated.

A large mountain range separates the country into two parts, so Kyrgyzstan is in trouble:

First, the people in the South and the people in the north are not convinced of each other, and the political situation of the country is a little turbulent; Second, the Fergana basin in the south is close to Uzbekistan, and most of it belongs to Uzbekistan. This country is still a little ambitious, so Kyrgyz people always worry that it will swallow the small piece in the south.

Once we have made it clear about Kyrgyzstan, we can say that the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway.

Let’s start with the construction of such a railway. Are Kyrgyz happy or not. Of course I am happy! In fact, the truth that “to be rich, build roads first” is not only understood by the Chinese people.

The problem is how to fix it.

China is willing to build this railway in order to cross Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and finally Europe. The straighter the road is built, the better it will be for us.

Uzbeks don’t care, because the roads in their territory are short, and they always have to cross it anyway.

The main problem lies with the Kyrgyz themselves.

They think a little too much about things:

First, it has only a population of more than 6 million. Its domestic economy is very difficult. Its GDP is only a few billion dollars, and its per capita is not even as good as India. As for the technical ability to build railways, not to mention that, we must find a rich, skilled and willing boss to repair them;

Second, if the railway is built too straight, it will be disadvantageous to it. Because the straightest route is from China to the south, then to Uzbekistan and into the Fergana basin.

This has two consequences:

First, the northerners are unhappy because it is not good for them;

Second, it will further deepen the ties between southerners and Uzbeks. As I said earlier, Kyrgyzstan has been worried that its south will be targeted by Uzbekistan.

Third, as a poor country, it has limited opportunities to make money. It also wants to get some benefits from this railway as much as possible.

So if we do this, things will be troublesome.

They put forward many conditions. The general position is as follows:

First, they very much hope to build such a railway;

Second, the railway can not be built directly to Uzbekistan. Instead, it must take a big turn, cross the Tianshan Mountains, and connect my North and south sides. Only in this way can the country be more stable;

Third, I have no money to build railways. Although I have a lot of minerals, don’t expect me to use minerals as collateral, because people will accuse me of selling the country and borrowing money from China. Don’t think too much about it. Building railways costs too much money and I can’t afford it;

Fourth, I want to make money, so I can’t use China’s 1453mm standard railway track width, but use the Soviet Union’s wide gauge. In this way, when the narrow gauge train from China arrives in China, it has to unload the goods and load them on the wide gauge train. Although it’s a waste of time, it can create a lot of employment opportunities for me.


The red line is the route we originally wanted to build, and the green line is the route that the Kyrgyz people wanted to build. They simply want to use our efforts to reorganize the domestic railway lines.

When you see this, you will think: if you have such a good abacus, you will get everything. Who will do it for you!

At this point, we all know why this railway has been planned for 25 years and still can not be built.

In fact, the main reason is that as a small country, Kyrgyzstan is still isolated from the rest of the world. It is rare for a large country to come to build railways. It must make full use of it.

Speaking of this, someone would like to ask: speaking of now, why is there no shadow of Russia?

Of course the Russians are here. After all, Russia has always regarded the five Central Asian countries as “backyards”.

However, as some we media said after the news came out: in Central Asia, the influence of Russians is very, very big. This railway is clearly wanted by Kyrgyz people and Uzbeks, but it has been blocked for more than 20 years, which is too much.

Because if this is the case, the Russians will certainly not be able to oppose it all the time, because the outcome of persisting in opposing it is likely to be seen through by the two countries that it is intended to hinder everyone’s development, and from then on it will completely fall to us.

But Russia is not without calculation. After all, Central Asia is its backyard. It has to prevent us from getting too many benefits in Central Asia by building railways.

What about Kyrgyzstan?

After all, it is a small country, and its demands are very high. It knows that it is difficult to bid with us on its own strength. Only a big country stands behind us can it increase its confidence in bidding.

So Kyrgyzstan asked Russia to be the investor of the project.

Why not take the initiative to send people to the door and increase their influence? So around 2016, the Russians joined in.

So in the final analysis, the main reason why this railway has been delayed for so long is not the Russians, but the Kyrgyz.

But why can it be repaired suddenly?

It has something to do with the Russians.

Because the situation has changed, now Russia and the West have fallen out. It also very much hopes that the West will not shine and the East will shine. It hopes to further strengthen cooperation with us.

At this time, knowing that Kyrgyz people are thinking carefully, they give it a platform and let it pretend to be a tiger, which is not so suitable for the situation.

As for the Kyrgyz people, they should also know that under the current situation, the balance of power can no longer be played, and it is of little significance to shout high prices.

In addition, Afghanistan is no longer in the hands of the Americans. If we make a detour and choose the railway from Afghanistan, wouldn’t it be a waste of nothing?

In addition, 25 years ago, this railway was not so valuable to us. The Kyrgyz bid too much, and we certainly would not accept it.

But after so many years, this railway has become more and more important to us in terms of strategic value and economic value. For example, our trade volume with Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe is growing.

Therefore, there is room for mutual concessions.

Judging from the current situation, the date of commencement of this railway is not far away.

However, the Kyrgyz president is also very interesting. It is obviously their country that has brought the Russians in to balance the great powers and increase the bargaining chips against us.

However, in order to impress himself and prove that he was the only one who could not do it, he took advantage of Putin’s war to blame him for the fact that the railway had not been completed for 25 years. It was fun to say that the Russians could not do it without nodding their heads.

Putin came to power only 2000 years ago. At that time, the construction of the railway had been discussed for three years.

However, as a small country, it is helpless on the edge of the vast world, and the world gives it little opportunity. Suddenly, a big country said that it was going to make a big investment. It tried hard to be more stingy. This mentality can also be understood.

Alas, it is not easy to make money in this world after all.

Let’s talk about the third thing: Recently, Iran promised Afghanistan that it would build the haft herat railway between the two countries, and then the railway would cross Afghanistan and eventually extend to China, with an estimated total length of 2000 kilometers.

This railway is also a railway that has been talked about for many years.

We usually call it “five nation railway corridor”.

In 2007, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China discussed the construction of this railway. At that time, it was said that in addition to connecting these five countries, this railway would further extend to Turkey and Europe.


But the Americans were in Afghanistan!

If we had such a railway, wouldn’t it be easy for us to go to the Middle East?

You have shown your patience by reading this article. So, I can point out the benefits mentioned above.

What are the benefits?

It is suggested that in the future, we should pay special attention to this city: Kashgar.

The railway mentioned earlier has nothing to do with it, but the two railways mentioned later have something to do with it – the starting point of the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway is in Kashgar; The terminal of the five nation railway corridor that Iran plans to build is also in Kashgar.

These two railways are amazing. They connect Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East, with a population of 300million or 400million. It is hard to say how these two railways will develop if so many people and goods flow to this city.

Besides, the China Pakistan railway under planning also starts from Kashgar.

The population of Pakistan has exceeded 200million.


You might as well think about it. If a city is the intersection of several important international railways and connects a total of 500million or 600million people, the future of the city should be unimaginable.

Besides, do you still remember?

A few months ago, I suggested that you pay attention to another city, Kunming. The Pan Asian Railway planned by China, which connects Southeast Asia, basically starts from Kunming. Southeast Asia also has hundreds of millions of people.

What is this concept?


Attention: the starting point of the trans Asian railway connecting China and Southeast Asia is Kunming, Yunnan.

We’d better pay more attention to the future development of these two cities.

As I said before, the whole world is changing rapidly. According to the current situation, sooner or later, it will be connected from many islands in Southeast Asia to the Baltic Sea, from the Arctic Ocean to the South China Sea.

There are great opportunities in this. Some cities will gather a lot of resources because of this connection, so they will rise from the ordinary.

Where the railway goes, where the power goes.

The most profound changes have already begun.

Another door of the world has been opened to us. You should not only watch the fun, but also see the excitement and opportunities when you see what I write.

As for whether we can seize the opportunity, it depends on our respective abilities.

Finally, this picture is used to illustrate the text.

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