The defense ministers of China and the United States met face to face for the first time. The Chinese side put down this sentence!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

There is no doubt that this is a meeting attracting worldwide attention and a direct and fierce confrontation.

In all, this is the first face-to-face meeting between Chinese and US defense ministers since Biden took office more than a year ago.

The last face-to-face meeting was during the trump administration, that is, on November 18, 2019, Chinese State Councilor and defense minister weifenghe met with esper in Thailand. It was two and a half years ago.

Austin has succeeded esper for more than a year. Although the defense ministers of China and the United States had a telephone call in April, it was the first time that they really sat down and talked.

It is obviously not normal to meet for the first time during the Shangri La dialogue in Singapore for more than two years. Alas, if the United States did not toss and turn, it would not be so late now.

Looking at the photo, there is a long table. Everyone is wearing masks. The Chinese side is wearing white masks, while the US side is almost exclusively wearing black masks.

The meeting was seriously overtime. It was originally scheduled to last for half an hour. In the end, it lasted nearly an hour.

Obviously, this is not an easy meeting.

Just before Austin’s trip, the United States announced another $120million in arms sales to Taiwan. This is certainly not a friendly move, seriously damaging China’s sovereignty and security interests, Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

The United States came to an end in person. Its intention to “use Taiwan to control China” is very obvious.

In addition, the Australian and Canadian military aircraft approached for reconnaissance, and then the villains complained first, accusing the Chinese military aircraft of “posing a threat” to them.

Everyone knows who is behind Australia and Canada? What is the peace of mind when you travel thousands of miles around China?

But this is the general background of the meeting.

According to the Chinese press release, during the face-to-face talks, Wei Fenghe talked a lot about the principle of staying firm and raised a lot of hope for the United States.

But the most interesting and important thing is his personal point of view. He put down a sentence, which is unequivocal and unquestionable.

This statement was disclosed by Wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense.

At the press conference at the Shangri La dialogue site, Wu Qian said:

At the meeting, defense minister weifenghe stressed that if anyone dares to split Taiwan, the Chinese army will resolutely smash any separatist attempt of “Taiwan independence” and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity at all costs.

what do you mean?

The meaning is very clear:

1. If anyone dares to split Taiwan, the Chinese army will not hesitate to fight a war. Do not have any illusions. The result must be war;

2. China will not hesitate to fight a war, but also at any cost. This is China’s red line issue. China has no room for compromise, no matter how much it costs;

3. The result is also very clear. Separatist schemes must be resolutely smashed, and China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be safeguarded.

Obviously, the two do not hesitate, but also mean something. We do not have to avoid it, that is, the practice of playing with fire by some people in the United States.


During a video call with Biden in March this year, Chinese leaders said very frankly:

At present, China US relations have not yet come out of the dilemma created by the last US government, but have encountered more and more challenges. In particular, it is very dangerous for some people in the United States to send wrong signals to the “Taiwan independence” forces. If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a subversive impact on bilateral relations. It is hoped that the US side will pay enough attention to it.

The direct reason for the current situation in China US relations is that some people on the US side have not implemented the important consensus reached by the two of us, nor have they implemented Mr. President’s positive statements. The US side misread and misjudged China’s strategic intentions.

Please note: error signal,

Disruptive impact.

Who are some people in the United States sending wrong signals to the “Taiwan independence” forces?

Among them, Pelosi must be included.

As the third most important person in the United States, the speaker of the house of Representatives, old lady Pelosi once hinted that she would visit Taiwan. This triggered a strong backlash from the Chinese side, warning that it would be a malicious provocation against China’s sovereignty and would have extremely serious consequences.

In the end, I don’t know whether it is true or not. Pelosi was diagnosed with a new crown, and the trip to Taiwan came to naught.

However, some US Congressmen still went to Taiwan, and we were not polite. We immediately organized multi services and arms joint combat readiness police patrols in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island.

Is there Austin among “some Americans”? Is there Biden?

I don’t know, but Austin also announced not long ago that the United States will gradually expand arms sales to Taiwan, help train its military strength, and enable Taiwan to cope with “external threats”. This has obviously seriously damaged peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Therefore, Wei Fenghe put down this sentence and told Austin:

Taiwan is China’s Taiwan. It is impossible to succeed in “using Taiwan to control China”. The US arms sales to Taiwan have seriously damaged China’s sovereignty and security interests. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns them. The Chinese government and army will resolutely smash any attempt to “Taiwan independence” and resolutely safeguard the reunification of the motherland.

On the Taiwan issue, the United States, you should not have any illusions.


Of course, the nearly one hour meeting will not only talk about the Taiwan issue, but also the Ukraine issue, the South China Sea issue, and so on.

On the Ukrainian issue, weifenghe told Austin that China has always adhered to an objective and fair position and made positive efforts to promote peace and talks. As a responsible big country, China will continue to play a constructive role. However, if anyone wants to make use of the Ukrainian issue to harm China’s rights and interests, we will resolutely counter it.

On the South China Sea issue, weifenghe said that countries in the region have the will, wisdom and ability to properly handle the South China Sea issue. The biggest destabilizing factor in the South China Sea is the interference of foreign forces. The US side should take practical measures to do more things beneficial to the stability of the South China Sea, and should not blindly create contradictions, provoke disputes and exaggerate confrontation.

This is also very targeted.

Because this meeting does not rule out that the US side will threaten that China cannot assist Russia, otherwise what will happen.

As for the South China Sea issue, the US side will certainly confuse the public and continue to meddle in and undermine China

Weifenghe resolutely resisted and warned Austin that he should not use the Ukrainian issue to play on China’s problems and damage China’s rights and interests.

We don’t eat this.

Of course, you are the biggest destabilizing factor in the South China Sea. Don’t blindly create contradictions, provoke disputes and exaggerate confrontation.

We don’t eat this.

He also told Austin that the United States must rationally view China’s development and growth, do not attack and smear China, contain and suppress China, and do not interfere in China’s internal affairs and harm China’s interests. Only in this way can China US relations be improved.


Finally, what do you think?

Make it three simple.

1. This is a fierce confrontation.

We should also be able to realize the gunpowder smell in our words. The world is not peaceful. The recent actions of the United States have increased the risk of arson in the Asia Pacific region. The Chinese side has drawn a clear red line. This clear attitude of “not hesitate to fight” is, in my opinion, both a solemn declaration of our attitude and a solemn reminder to the United States.

Don’t play with fire, don’t take chances.

If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will really have disruptive consequences.

2. It is also a good start.

For the first time, there are always other meaningful things in life. It was originally scheduled to talk for half an hour. In the end, we talked for nearly an hour without lifting the table and leaving. That was a good start. Wu Qian said, “I think it is always good for both sides to talk more and exchange more.”.

Adequate communication helps to avoid misjudgment. Therefore, the US press release also said that Austin discussed the need to responsibly control competition and maintain smooth communication.

It’s better to quarrel than to fight, and it’s better to be late than never.

3. We should listen to his words and observe his deeds.

I wonder if you have noticed China’s recent criticism of the United States, and bitterly criticized the United States for “hollowing out” the one China principle.

What is virtual hollowing out?

It’s just the surface and the back. “Four no’s and one no’s” is loud, but in fact, all kinds of Yin moves and tricks continue, even beating yourself in the face.

What should I do?

We should listen to what they say and watch what they do. This is the struggle. We do not have to have illusions, but we can have confidence. To make the United States truly dare not underestimate China’s determination and ability, first of all, it must have determination, but more importantly, ability. This tests the whole game ability of.

If you dare to fight, you can stop the fight. If you fight with one fist, you won’t get a hundred. Who is afraid of who in this world?

Therefore, in this rare face-to-face meeting, China issued a clear warning of “not hesitate to fight”.

For peace, we must be calm and sober; Of course, the United States, some things must also be clear.

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