The demons danced in chaos, and Britain began to be crazy against China!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Boris finally went away. After that, whoever becomes the leader of the conservative party will become the new British Prime Minister.

In order to take this position, British politicians began a crazy contest.

Sunak is one of the hot candidates.

He is a former British Chancellor of the exchequer. Why is he a former? Because he was the first group of former cabinet members to resign and force Boris to resign, he contributed greatly to the arrival of this new situation and was supported by many conservatives.


The key problem in Britain now is the sluggish economy and high inflation. The CPI actually reached 9.4%, which is stronger than the United States

Sunak’s resume is very bright. He graduated from Oxford University with a major in finance, has a Stanford MBA, and once worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. He is a proper “global financial elite”. Together with the resume of the Minister of finance, it seems that he is a more suitable candidate for prime minister and can solve the current economic problems.

To say more, sunak is also an Indian British. If he can become British prime minister this time, it can be said that he has created history and realized India’s “reverse colonization” of Britain

In the earliest election, sunak was far ahead, significantly surpassing other candidates.

However, since July, the situation has taken a sharp turn for the worse. Trass, the British Foreign Secretary, has come from behind, and the gap with sunak has been narrowing. In the latest vote, the gap between the two people was only more than 20 votes.

Sunak admitted that he was under considerable pressure and many British people did not like him.


Indeed, sunak was caught by TRAS and was constantly attacked.

This weakness is that sunak is not anti China enough

Compared with sunak, trass, as the British Foreign Secretary, has a mission to stir up trouble and sow dissension around the world. Anti China is one of her important jobs. She is indispensable for slandering China and dealing with issues related to Xinjiang and Taiwan. She talks about the threat of China every day and doesn’t slander China every day, which seems to be tiresome.

This trass is extremely poor in knowledge. He just made a joke last month, thinking that the two Russian states are Ukrainian and asking Russia to return the two states to Ukraine.

At that time, this did not prevent her from becoming a super mouthed gun and daring to say anything.

In April this year, she said that NATO had an obligation to protect Taiwan.

On the Anti China issue, he collaborated with Boris and danced more happily than the United States.

For bitras, sunak seemed very “honest”. At least before the election, he could hardly find his anti China remarks.

Moreover, sunak also said that he would shelve disputes with China and restart Sino British trade relations.

In fact, sunak is very aggrieved. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be anti China, but that his job can’t be anti China.

Trass is the foreign secretary of Britain. What diplomacy can Britain have? It’s just to be an American charging dog. Just rush forward and bark. As long as you have a loud voice, you can bite people when you see them. You can do a good job.

And it doesn’t need to take responsibility at all. Anyway, it is to complete the tasks assigned by the United States. Tesla’s work only needs to focus on the United States. It will say whatever the United States says

The core job of the foreign minister is to blow the whistle.

However, sunak’s post is the British Chancellor of the exchequer, which requires specific work. He needs to improve the British economy and be responsible for the data. The United States will not help on this issue.

Now the British economic recession has begun, not only because of the impact of the energy crisis of the Russian Ukrainian war, but also because the brexit of Britain led to the loss of the European Union, a large economy.

Sunak said: we have left the EU. Are you sure we want to leave China, the world’s second largest economy?

Sunak didn’t dare to say that under such circumstances, if our relations with China are messed up again, we can only rely on the United States in the future. It’s equivalent to lying flat and letting the United States harvest. What we wait for will only be the sickle of the United States

As a result, sunak’s remarks immediately became evidence of his guilt.

Instigated by the Anglo American media, the Conservatives began to criticize sunak for being “weak” towards China and not daring to deal with the challenges from China.

On July 22, in response to the British election, a Chinese newspaper published an editorial, which said:

Sunak has not made any public remarks on issues related to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang. He has repeatedly expressed his hope to promote the resumption of the China UK economic dialogue.

In June and October 2020, sunak, then Chancellor of the exchequer, said that Britain needed to be “pragmatic” in dealing with relations with China, “China will become a vital role in the global economy, and this importance will only increase. It would be wrong to ignore this existence.”

At the same time, quoting the comments of the Washington observer, he wrote about the “evaluation” of the two candidates:

In terms of relations with China, trass broke through a long-standing taboo in Britain and publicly announced that she should increase her support for Taiwan. In addition to strengthening cooperation with the United States and Australia, trass also actively solicited Japan and India to jointly control China. She is also very critical of China on the issue of human rights.

Sunak is different. His China policy will pay more attention to commercial interests and may strengthen economic and trade relations with China at the expense of other concerns. If sunak takes office, the British government may open up to Chinese investment in sensitive industries.

Darling, this is amazing.

This comment was seen by trass and her team, and they were so happy that they all salivated.

Look, China scolded me. I’m loyal to Britain

As for sunak, he actually got the affirmation of the Chinese media. He is the British Prime Minister “internally determined” by China. This is not a “British traitor”. What is a “British traitor”?

Soon, these media views were wildly forwarded in the UK, and the Conservatives criticized sunak for “acting perversely and daring to be friendly to China”, which was almost as good as thinking that sunak was “China’s undercover”.

Seeing these comments, sunak was angry and anxious. I, NIMA, said that if we want to improve the economy, how can we become “British traitors”?

What about sunak?

According to our thinking, should we explain that I said these words for the sake of the British economy

Er… If sunak does this, he will lose, because the ability of Anglo man-made rumors is the best in the world. No matter how powerful you refute rumors, you are not as fast as rumors.

Remember, in 2021, Trump’s campaign team gave him a platform, including one:

If others criticize you, don’t refute. The correct way is to scold China immediately


So sunak quickly sorted out his ideas, that is, he wanted to prove that he was more active than Lars in the matter of Anti China

Thus, such a scene appeared in the TV debate in July.

Sunak said to trass: your attitude towards China is weak, and there is no effective containment of China at all.

Trass was surprised and then said: you are weak in China.

Sunak said: I don’t, you are weak in China.

Trass said: you just

Sunak started first to show you new ideas, saying that the Confucius Institute should be closed, er, it is estimated that it is to prevent China from engaging in “peaceful evolution” against Britain

Then sunak turned over the old account and said that trass said in 2016 that “China UK relations are entering a golden age” and said, do you think this is not appeasement to China?

Trass ate a kilo. He said that NIMA’s mother had said something “politically incorrect” for so many years, but you dug it out three feet. You caught it all. You’re cruel.

Trass said that you have never made statements involving Xinjiang and Taiwan, and China likes you very much.

Sunak said you’re talking nonsense. I’m the finance minister. I’m busy every day. Is it my job to involve Xinjiang and Taiwan?

Sunak said that you can rest assured that as long as I become prime minister, anti China is my first responsibility, which is absolutely more thorough than you.

Trass said that you can’t be more thorough than me. I want to suppress a series of Chinese companies such as tiktok and limit the number of technologies exported to China.

Sunakexin said that NIMA, our economy has become a piece of shit now. How else do you do it? It won’t kill China, it will only kill Britain

Of course, sunak did not dare to say this in the debate, so sunak said that we should establish a new NATO specifically for China.

After hearing this, a thousand heads of grass and mud roared in her heart, because she originally said that NATO would strengthen the containment of China, but sunak was more creative than her, saying that she would set up a new NATO to contain China, which was obviously much higher than her intention.

Then sunak began to export crazy violence, fiercely attacked China’s the Belt and Road initiative, and said that China’s holding down the RMB exchange rate was to manipulate the global economy to China’s advantage.

Other people saw that this young man had a future. What he said was messy, and the foreword didn’t match the Afterword. But the more this happened, the more he showed his anti China urgency, and he was already in a panic.

Because everyone will think that “this brother is sincerely Anti China, and he even has no basic logic and IQ.”

So the two sides began a fierce exchange of fire. Trass said that she was good at alliance and would cooperate with U.S. President Biden and other Allied leaders to build a comprehensive network to strangle China and strive to “change the ability of the west to deal with China’s threat”

As a result, sunak said:

Enough. For a long time, British and Western politicians have spread the red carpet to China, turning a blind eye to evil activities and ambitions. I will change this on my first day as prime minister!

I was dizzy after hearing sunak’s words. It turned out that the western world has not only not contained China, but also been China’s good friend

The next debate can’t be seen. Both sides desperately interrupt each other. Mad dogs generally say that they are more anti China than the other.

be similar to:

Sunak said: you are good to Chinese friends, and you like China

Tesla said: you are good to Huayou and you like China;

Sunak said: where am I good to Chinese friends and where do I like China?

Tesla said: where are you unfriendly to China and where do you dislike China?

Sunak said: even if I am friendly to China and like China, I am not as friendly to China as you are and like China.

Tesla said: I will be more friendly to China than you like China? You are the friendliest person I have ever met who likes China best

Hearing this, the chairman of the conservative party was anxious and asked the two candidates not to “destroy the brand of the Conservative Party”, to be friendly and not to lose their identity, but neither of them listened to the advice and attacked the other more fiercely

Seeing this scene, I thought of the quarrel between two children.

One said: my father is very good.

So another said: my father is also very good. He can eat shit.

One said: my father can eat more, he can eat 3 Jin;

So another said: my father can eat the most, he can eat 10 jin;

Well, that’s it

What do I think of this?

I don’t think much

Many people said Pelosi would visit Taiwan. Let me write. I really can’t write it. I’ll tell you:

I’d like her to come. Do you think she has this guts?

Don’t believe a word of Anglo Saxon politicians. They are fools who fool around and cheat votes ×?

The English version of the spirit of contract can be regarded as a model, and Boris is the best representative.


This guy told Bloomberg this morning: I’m a firm pro China faction, and I’m definitely not anti China.

At noon, they began to calculate to issue BNO passports to Hang Kang people to dig China’s corner.

Boris told Reuters at noon: I love China and I want to fully cooperate with China.

In the evening, he began to say that he was concerned about the Taiwan issue and would follow his master to the South China Sea for exercises.


Everything is profit, and what I say is bullshit, so if you want me to analyze it, I can’t analyze it at all.

Just as many friends said that the police’s analysis of Wu aping was completely logical confusion, isn’t this an insult to IQ.

Hearing this, I almost cried.

Wu aping is a psychopath. You ask the police to logically analyze the words of psychosis.

The police are almost crying. I really can’t do it.

It’s like a dog barking twice in the street. You want me to analyze why the dog barks? Who ordered it? What’s the big game behind it?

The demons dance in Britain. I have a conclusion:

The performance ability of British politicians is getting more and more introverted, and the probability of Scotland becoming an independent country is increasing

We will witness history again

Don’t worry, don’t watch them fight against China one by one. Even if they shout that they want to fight in China tomorrow, and they bark every day when they become prime minister, what should they do or what should they do at that time? They will never dare to do it again.

Because they have long lost the ability to rob China, which is fundamental.

Just like Biden, Antony Blinken is so busy every day that he cries so happily, but there is no result. In fact, doesn’t he know that what he does is useless?

Nothing can be achieved in the Middle East. Finally, a briefing will be issued saying that there are 18 achievements.

Don’t Biden know he’s lying?

Don’t all classes in the United States know that Biden is cheating?

Don’t Biden know that all walks of life in the United States know that he is cheating?

Of course I know, but he… Is an actor. He still has to do the work he should do.

British politicians talk about suppressing China every day. Don’t they know they are dreaming?

Sure, but if the performance is not good, how to be the prime minister?

Let’s talk about the Wu arping incident. Yesterday, many friends thought that I wrote wrong and that there was a strong background behind Wu arping. It must be Japan’s next big chess game

Hehe, Japan is not as powerful as you think. It wants to play a big chess game, but does it have this ability?

It can be said that Japan is indeed spending money to cultivate “Japan awareness faction”, but you should think that all the fine Japanese in China are controlled and arranged by Japan, not to mention today, even if it didn’t have this ability 80 years ago.

Not to mention today?

Just like the chaos of British politics, that is, mad dogs barking, but what impact do you have on the future?

No one can answer this question.

Because there will be no fart influence, we can only witness the great Yin empire… Running on the road of collapse.

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